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  1. Def a gear drive transmission. The bread and butter I-1026 S/N tag is gone and so is the value.
  2. Bodine Family 1066 was there and had a nice display poster of it along with family history and receipt. Pretty nice and clean original especially for the south. Suprised me it only had 1 hyd. Wedgelock cheater bar strapped to frame is always great to see.
  3. Yes and no. Had a set of 38x14 rims powder coated and 15.5x38 tires mounted. It's easier if they are fixed to tractor to mount so i anchored them to a long axle tractor and havent had time or need to pull them off.
  4. I didn't beat those knees. This front axle came all apart in just min. Someone before me got nasty with it. Center pivot pin hole was too worn for new bushings. Had it machined and its sitting off to side for reassemble. Wanted NF 1256 pics too before i put WF back on.
  5. Compare '21 RPRU to '12 RPRU same show same location the tractor count and vendors was only a fraction of what it was 9 years ago. Different world now and older collectors aged 9 years more or even passed away. The spacing of the tractors was great to walk around and get good pics of. The golf cart rental company was crap. Didnt bring any extra golf carts, all were prepaid and spoken for and if the person never showed up to get their cart the company never rented them back out to someone at the show. Why would they, they already got their $. Food vendors were pretty good.
  6. slight bit of a Pee drop came out when I saw the 1566 roll in. an awesome tractor to look over and see how and where and what original is. Great tractor to reference to get one right while fixing one up. I bet it still smells like 1975 in the cab. Yall stabbed the duals on pretty quick and even put the muffler extension back on. That 1566 helps prove time frame when IH went from USA built mufflers to the Canada built and factory installed mufflers on 66s and OTC replacement for older tractors.
  7. anyone catch owner and location of the gold 1026 hydro? forgot to snap pic of info sheet.
  8. Alan, im going and bringing youngest boy with me. It was great show there last time.
  9. Pre '69 56s do not have the flow hole. Drill 1"-1.5" hole using hole saw on bottom of the wall 1" or so above the plug holes. Youll need to have pto out to clean up shavings inside.
  10. Last time it was in there is was bone dry, dust blowing and 104*. Ill take the 80s with 50% chance of rain.
  11. Alot of hassle for 3 orings. Can get alot of areas cleaned up and buttoned up though. Also pulled out the weak hitch pump.
  12. Fresh engine oil & filter, new 9.5L15 tires, adjusted front wheel bearings, had to drill and tap 2 broken weight bracket bolts. Ordered new wire harnesses from Porch Electric. Getting ready to get stripped and scrubbed.
  13. Changed the hyd oil, hyd filter, fuel filters, installed 2 piece hyd filter cover, cleaned rats nest in air filter housing, new outter air filter, removed hood and one huge rats nest. Getting rear wheels ready to hand weights. Wire harness is just a crumbling mess. Ordered a set of 9.5L15 front tires for it.
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