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  1. Easiest cab on an IH to get in and out of
  2. Open station, 36-38" for in furrow plowing with 145 plow and leave it on there, 20 weight bracket up front, 2 more cricles of weights per wheel.
  3. 7 10 N = July 10 1967 M=1966 N=1967 O=1968 and so on.
  4. My 1206, Butch's 1206 and one that use to be local all 3 had wedgelocks and longbar 118" axles. 30", 32", 34" and 38" wedgelocks were introduced in June of '67. Casting codes on ours are July of '67. Tractors were made in August.
  5. Mark did you put the 34" wedgelocks on there after you bought it or where they on the 1206 when you got it? Be interesting to see if they are legit original 34" 1206 wedgelocks with an August '67 casting code.
  6. Waiting on new turbo decals and hay to get off the meadow to get it out for some good photo shoot pics. Swapped out a few parts too. If anyone has any IH stamped mufflers let me know im needing a few more.
  7. Cab was probably added. Door decals dont match 786 tri stripe decals.
  8. This pile of crap at brinkleys auction in OK wasnt worthy of a pic but heres the S/N.
  9. I have a nice set of Firestone 151s 15.5x38s, powdercoated rims and wedgelock wheels i want to try out on this 756. Want to see how those look with the 11L15s and 10.00-16s. Also thinking of 3 sets of split wheel weights painted white.
  10. Had a 400 series filter base, which i think is same for Germans. Had to buy all the cut offs and fittings. Based plumbing routing on granddads 686 w/D-310. Still havent found an IH stamped muffler for it yet. Also added a bottle of wix coolant conditioner so its 2x covered.
  11. New clutch, IPTO gear and seal kit, throw out bearing & carrier kit, installed coolant filter, added large frame mount toobox, 2 piece hyd filter cover, original battery covers, powdercoated shifter plate, spin on fuel filters and lots of washing.
  12. One is a friends 856 and hes in prison for a while, other is Adams 1256 and last is my 1456 that slammed into the pecan tree.
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