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  1. Pm or email me @ deeredevil1@yahoo.com Looking for S/N, location, condition, details/options, gold demo? (Need proof if so)name, contact info. Most pm name and contact info. I consider 3pt, dual pto, standard steering and mech seat, 6 bolt hubs, basic stuff. Unique features like 8 bolt hubs, wedgelock wheels, longbar axles, ROPS, factory cab, HD front axle, m&w oil pan, 34" rears, 2pt fast hitch, narrow front, us gov, etc are all note worthy.
  2. Red Farmer, PM me your details and info.
  3. Ive never seen or heard of anyone steeling up to do 1026s. Nothing in the pinned post about anyone doing 1026s. People have askedabout it and no one has spoke up. Since many of my friends and myself own 1026s ill do the job.
  4. Eason, pm me your info and 1026 info. Yours and Adams is pretty close
  5. ^ Adam im not sure if i believe you. Pics or it doesnt exist. Whats your dad's?
  6. Post Pics And Details of I-1026s and F-1026s. Pm me personal contact/owner info.
  7. Original IH factory Cabed tractors will be worth more soon and in high demand.
  8. Tony, im getting excited to see the IH 806 LPG finished. It would be neat to see a set restored 706, 806, 756 and 856 LPGs all lined up. I think the 11L15s up front will give it a tougher look and stance. I assume they're 6 bolt hubs though. Always liked 11L15s on 8 bolt hubs.
  9. Update from Jim- Got block and crankshaft back from machine shop. Sleeves have been removed from block, just needs to be cleaned for new sleeves. Bearings are on order it still takes standard rods and mains.
  10. This is how it sits today and probly will stay until its time comes to fully restore it.
  11. This IH 826 Gold Demo was bought in Chico TX and sold new in the Area. I first came upon it by going to a guys place who was parting out a 1066 black stripe. He had an 826 sitting out side and I checked it over and it was a regular 826, he had another in the shop he was rebuilding the front axle on. I walked past the steering colum and saw it was black and then noticed the DEMONSTRATOR sticker still on the hood. I asked him if he would consider selling it and after a few minutes I walked out the owner of that 826 gold demo. It had a junked out Diamond cab but he also had a set of Fenders for it, one was the original gold fender. At first it had 11L16 6bolt wheels, 18.4-38 wedgelock rears, 3pt, Mechanical Seat, Standard Steering, and T/A. Ive changed out and added a few things and this is how I have it set up now. I would like to find a coolant conditioner kit for the D358 too. T/A 18.4-38 on wedgelock wheels 10.00-16 8 Bolt fronts 10 IH 75lbs Suitcase Weights 2 sets of Wheel Weights preside 3pt 2 SCVs w/ front mount Aux Hook ups Oval Muffler Open Station Tilt Steering 540/1000 PTO Mechanical Seat
  12. Glad there's over 1400 in the 1206 registry. Unfortunately i think its only 120 +/- in the 1456 registry.
  13. I do know that S/N 13313 and 13314 are consecutive gold demos.
  14. Why not save all the trouble and use 2 12v 3EE batteries, no hammering battery trays flat, no cutting, no welding. 2 3EE looks stock, fits stock and cranks well. The fab work looks clean though. The extra effort to make a battery cover look and fit well is a bonus.
  15. Never even saw the cab. I was just told thats how it sold new. Id like to have a nice diamond cab but they are all junked out here.
  16. It will go back gold once its all mechanicaly 100%. Transmission and brakes need to be rebuilt. I need to pull the pan and check the bearings too. I think the lifters need adjusting as well. The 3pt leaks down and probly needs o-rings every where. Its just a matter of having the time and $ to do it. Ive had a few ask about the belly tank being painted gold to match. No, the belly tank will be solid red when its painted. Im not going to paint the backside of the sheet metal. Im going to leave it as as to preserve the original gold and proff that its a legit gold demo. I still havent decided on repainting the dash black or leave it the original black. Ive been looking at some Firestone 23* radial R1W deep treads and they look sharp. Wish BFGs were still available.
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