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  1. Alot of hassle for 3 orings. Can get alot of areas cleaned up and buttoned up though. Also pulled out the weak hitch pump.
  2. Fresh engine oil & filter, new 9.5L15 tires, adjusted front wheel bearings, had to drill and tap 2 broken weight bracket bolts. Ordered new wire harnesses from Porch Electric. Getting ready to get stripped and scrubbed.
  3. Changed the hyd oil, hyd filter, fuel filters, installed 2 piece hyd filter cover, cleaned rats nest in air filter housing, new outter air filter, removed hood and one huge rats nest. Getting rear wheels ready to hand weights. Wire harness is just a crumbling mess. Ordered a set of 9.5L15 front tires for it.
  4. Pulling dozer blade off my 856 and putting it back the way it was. This 826 will be on dozer duty from now on.
  5. Bought another 826. Needs some attention but decent and honest 826. Hrs seem right for what tach shows. Im looking for an 826 grille and screen and another original IH stamped muffler for it. Part # 530 888R1-R4 18.4x34 clamp-on rear wheels 7.50-16 6 bolt front wheels Tach shows 4760hrs Mech seat Factory open station TA 2 Hyd
  6. Id like to see a Simultaneous Lift Option.
  7. Internal down pressure spring and solid rod vs adjustment rod. When it locks down it stays locked down. Even if it catches a tooth and tractor rolls a bit it will snap down and its parked. No adjustments needed. One spring is heavy to pull up other is lighter.
  8. 1256s that are not mine but are local or were at auctions.
  9. @Redpower1256 Eddy, any info at that sale if it sold new at a deareship around us or if it was bought at SouthWest Auction prior?
  10. 1256s I own or have owned some are the same 1256 set up different
  11. Anyone have or ever seen a late syle 10 weight bracket with the smaller bolt holes for L bracket?
  12. 34" and 38" wedgelocks were factory option but i dont for sure know if 18.4x38s were option or if 16.9x38s were the largest 38s listed for 826. I need to get it running. Says it hadnt ran in 6-7 years and probably means 10+. Once I get it goin ill swap out for correct platform and cowling, narrow to 30", add front mount hyd, power beyond block, and 2 more circles of weights per side. Think im going to leave it mech seat.
  13. SuperIH its s K&M drawbar support strap. You can still get them but theyve been around for a while. 1st ive seen on a tractor. Alan this 826 was factory 2pt, has the 2 side mounting brackets on rear end and the mounting brackets on the front drawbar support. Was also a factory cab tractor. Has diamond cab platform and cowling holes for all the wire harnesses.
  14. Just another boring run of the mill avg 826 gear drive......
  15. Only a handfull in the registry. 4-5 logged in.
  16. We have the 118" ling bar axles here. Have yet to see a set of the HD 114" axles in person. Both of my 2 current 1206s have 118" axles. My previous '65 had 100". Is odd to me to see one with reg 100" axles here.
  17. 1206/1256 share same part # which is different from 806/856 due to bull gear width. have not checked 1206/1256 vs 1026 or 1066.
  18. Guy was there buying the baler. He had a few more. Said this was not same as IH built ones. Cant remember if he said this was earlier or later than the IH ones.
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