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  1. Hyd winch welded on weight bracket. Had to grind and cut it off and take winch back to him. Guy said he'll just torch it off on the spot. I told Johnny cuttn torch **** no i do it at my shop with my tools since it was now my weight bracket.
  2. Guy i bought it from got it from Frogville, OK so it could have kept making it way south. It has an old faded dealer decal but cant make it out.
  3. Apparently Firestone 7.50-16 are out of stock nation wide. Might have to drop down to the 15" rims i have.
  4. The new starter they sold you is for a d358. I can tell by looking at it. Just salvaged a 686 w/d310 and 826 and had starters side by side. Youd think they would be the same but are not. New starter might be also for a D310 but it would have to be for a 756. Have not compared my 756 starters to 826s yet.
  5. Local find. '72 IH 666. Factory TA delete. Has 18.4x38 rears but rims look like 15" wide for 16.9x38 from the factory. I have a nice set of 15.5x38 firestones to put on it but not sure on what size fronts. Thinking 6.50-15, 7.50x16 9.5-15. The D312 runs like a sewing machine. Rest needs alot of clean up and fix up. Even has original IH muffler on it thats primo. Ill get more walk around pics before i tear it apart. Straight hood sheetmetal. Fenders have been crinkled. As far as set up im thinking 2 sets of wheel weights per side, rack of 10 75lbers, buggy top canopy,
  6. Like the mail is being delivered these days anyways.....
  7. Hit up few bone yards. Loaded seed drill full of parts. Maybe if i plant them itll grow a tractor.
  8. Been looking for 2 years for a clean decent 510/5100 drill to come up gor sale/auction. Nothing but over priced junk thats never seen a shed. Expanded my search and it got me up into KS in old stomping grounds. Found a nice IH 510 2 owner 12' grain drill. Sold new @ American Farm Supply IH dealership in McPherson KS. Single disc openers, row markers and pack wheels. Pack wheels and row markers stood out to me. Also had been looking for a 315/415 cultimulcher. Hoping id find a 415 1st. Just wasn't many if any in my area. Only remember a 315 when i was a kid. 415 is '13 working width, c tines, rear hitch and hyd hook ups. Plan is to use both in tandem in spring/fall for seeding forage grasses and winter cover crop. Asked around to local farmers and ranchers about using a cultimulcher with drill and most had no clue on what i was talking about. Knew then i was on my own to try it out.
  9. 756 and 826 have same style radiator casting but they are NOT exact same. 826 with the D358 block being taller than a 310 needed more clearance under the fuel tank so the taller 856 steering column towers were used along with same hoods, main side skirts and radiator side panels as 856. Left rear corner hood skirt is different on 826 for the kill cable mount. The 826 used same middle hood as 756 and 856 custom w/37 gal fuel tank. Fuel tank fill spout hole is centered on 37gal fuel tank tractors vs off centered on 42gal fuel tank tractors. 826s are about 2" taller from frame rails to top of hood. 706-756 are same height. 826-1456 are same hood height. No need to google here. All 3 models sit in my shop. I can throw down P/Ns and pics if more clarification and proof is needed.
  10. When you flip it you have to do it quick enough to where the plow flips slightly over center so when you extend cyl it pushes to keep it going over to other side.
  11. My uncle ran them when i was a kid. Turned over cotton, milo stalks and rolled up terraces with them. Ive always been fascinated by them. They will burry what ever lies ahead of them. Have to get use to hyd to get the trick down to make them roll over while turning all in one motion. I always wanted one and found a 145 4btm right down the road. Out west on the high plains they are still popular and bring big $. Id like to find a 3btm flip for my <100hp tractors.
  12. Heavy duty aftermarket sway limiter. When new the rollers worked well. Old timers liked the set up. 6rw-8rw wide toolbar equipment and 3pt chisel plows destroyed the factory sway limiters. Hay guys have started buying them up and the IH HD cam style sway limiter set up. Pain to have on there and hook on CAT 2 equipment or smaller.
  13. Its a legit factory 1566 black stripe. Black stripes started rolling off the line in Nov of '75. All the '75 black stripes had S/N on bell housing. S/N Moved to RH rear end housing for all if '76. Bet the 15 rear end housing has plate for upcoming S/N tag relocation. S/N is only true way to tell. That 1566 was factory cab but for one reason or another cab was swapped out. Only 1566 #1 had white cab from factory. #2 till end of production had Red deluxe cabs from factory. heres the fact production list 766 - B.S. 16541 and up 966 - B.S. 31263 and up 1066 - B.S. 55425 and up 1466 - B.S. 28897 and up 1566 - B.S. 11929 and up 1568 - B.S. 7945 and up Hydro 100 - B.S. 12235 and up For comparison here's the beginning of the 1976 serial numbers. 766 - 16840 966 - 31772 1066 - 56672 1466 - 29516 1566 - 12589 1568 - 7975 Hydro 100 - 12434
  14. Im parting out an 826 w/d358 blown motor.
  15. Walk around video of 1256 how in condition we found it in. Strip down and clean up to follow.
  16. Very easily with out even seeing the S/N tag with "CU" on it. It has the smaller 37gal fuel tank, the 856 emblems dont say FARMALL. It had a decal on 856 emblem that said CUSTOM when it left the factory. Time and weather removed it. It still has the original battery hold downs vs battery covers. Sheet metal pieces that most ih are missing and small accessories customs never had. 2nd hyd and 2nd fender light was added to your 856 like most added to 756/856 customs.
  17. 856s have DT407s "Diesel Tractor" 1256s, 1026s and 1456s have TT407. "Turbo Tractor" Clean straight 856 Custom. Lots of potential.
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