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  1. Easiest Front end ive ever had to adjust. Took 2 days to break 1 rear wheel clamp bolts and clamps loose. Other side was broke loose, turned around and clamped back down and tire back on in less than 1hr. Added hyd seat, 10.00x16 8 bolt fronts. Rebuilt shifter top plate, got all the dash and instruments lights working. Wish i had a set of 34" wedgelocks again. Thought of maybe going with 15.5 or 16.9 38s.
  2. George, pm sent. Ill get your 1026 logged in.
  3. Removed loader brackets, and ROPS. Now im finally getting it cleaned up. Added front mount hyd hook ups. The check valves back one minus the junky cobbled up hyd hoses some genius put on. Im gonna have new ones made and put it back to factory breakaways. 8 bolt 10.00-16s are going on soon. Shifter plate is about to be rebuilt too
  4. Mo mule, im sure someone out there has a 2250 and wants to trade up for a 2350. Not many had factory 8 bolt hubs. 756 in the brochure and manuals had 8 bolt hubs though. Got a call early this morning thinking a telemarketer was starting early or is it late in India? Any ways, nice older man was on the line. Said he saw my local classified ad and was wondering if i bought parts as well as sold them. Said sure i do. He went on on how he use to farm cotton but sold all his land years ago and now its all built up in houses and strip malls. Said he always used IH. Mentioned he wanted to clean out his old shop and had a few parts. Said he had 2 sets of fenders off the last 2 farmalls he had. Tractors and equipment was long gone. Im thinking great clam shell fenders. Guy had no way of sending pics and i had little to do today so i road tripped it.....and yeah......
  5. Never seen one if these still work untill now.
  6. I know it, but its very rare to see a true factory 56/26 series rops w/fenders. Its alot easier to put rops fenders on brackets than it is bracket fenders on rops. They do not interchange quick and easy. Im thinking of pulling it off and put open station fenders on it.
  7. Never seen an inline fuel cut off untill now. Unplugged it to see if it works and it killed it fairly quick at 1/3 throttle.
  8. After i got it home i noticed a few things. Someone moved the 55 series loader brackets way back and mounted them to frame rail and clutch housing like the 50s should have been. It sits back farther than it normally should but i like where its at. I have some 8 bolt hubs and 10.00s ready to go. These 7.50x18 are odd duck wheels and tires. Wish they were 8 bolt, even more rare. Guy i know i already screaming at me to swap my 34s for his 38s. Kinda like how i dont have to step up on this 756 as is. Pto brakes are shot. Fender lights work. I was more amazed about that fact than the front end was tight and unwelded. Need to find a bucket for it. Think my cih 2350 bucket has the fixed mounts. Have seen some that are adjustable.
  9. Only 756 gas ive seen in TX are LPG
  10. When you can get both gold demos out for a photo shoot together.
  11. Chad Houses old 1456? Not too many 1456 gold with long axles. Think ive only seen a handful other than mine. I like the idea of one restored ine original to show and compare.
  12. EBAY and paypal had their hands too deep in the cookie jar and both took out a fee. On top of that ebay is for buyers not sellers. You get a pissy seller they can make a boohoo claim and your out of the part and $. Tractor shed is free and list stuff but its a 1 pic on place. Everyone has a love hate relationship with Craigslist. Too many scammers ran scared off the older crowd for posting their cache of hoarded parts. You can go to search settings and selected more cities to include in searches. Facebook parts are for sellers. Stuff goes fast and brings big $ on the auction groups. Red Power needed an online classifieds section years ago but its not what the owners wanted. By the time red power comes out the good stuff is long gone. Im not a fan of waiting 2 months to sell or buy something.
  13. Pm or email me @ deeredevil1@yahoo.com Looking for S/N, location, condition, details/options, gold demo? (Need proof if so)name, contact info. Most pm name and contact info. I consider 3pt, dual pto, standard steering and mech seat, 6 bolt hubs, basic stuff. Unique features like 8 bolt hubs, wedgelock wheels, longbar axles, ROPS, factory cab, HD front axle, m&w oil pan, 34" rears, 2pt fast hitch, narrow front, us gov, etc are all note worthy.
  14. Red Farmer, PM me your details and info.
  15. Ive never seen or heard of anyone steeling up to do 1026s. Nothing in the pinned post about anyone doing 1026s. People have askedabout it and no one has spoke up. Since many of my friends and myself own 1026s ill do the job.
  16. Eason, pm me your info and 1026 info. Yours and Adams is pretty close
  17. ^ Adam im not sure if i believe you. Pics or it doesnt exist. Whats your dad's?
  18. Post Pics And Details of I-1026s and F-1026s. Pm me personal contact/owner info.
  19. Original IH factory Cabed tractors will be worth more soon and in high demand.
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