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  1. Made a parts run today. Got some 3.5" 9 bolt dual hubs for this 1456 and some weights for the 1066 i put up for sale to jazz it up a bit more. Anyone have any if the hood brackets that go under the Air filter housing? I have 2 in a row now with that bracket missing.
  2. Speaking of '69 1456. Friend bought S/N 10015 last week. Take note of the D stamped after 1456.
  3. Any thoughts or ideas on how to set this one up?
  4. Brian, i dont have the funds to 100% restore every IH I drag home. I figured that out on the 1st 1456 i bought and restored. No way was going to afford what i had planned. Saw that time was running out to find and collect what I wanted. I have to sell a few I fix up to keep the ball rolling. CIH is hitting older parts with beyond ridiculous prices these days. Hardest part on restoring a tractor is finding one, and second is paying for it and whats to come. Guys always knock tire condition on a 40yr old tractor. The fact you can but new tires but you cant buy a new 1456 doesnt register with some. I have from now on to fully restore what i have in my collection. I like going through them and getting them mechanically 99% and leave them unpainted. Alot easier to use and continue to fix up. Too many half ass restorations with new paint and rubber on a worn out leaky tractor.
  5. Even found some lizard eggs under there or i hope they were lizard eggs. As for tilt vs non tilt and mechanical vs hydraulic suspension it was all options that could be any combination of.
  6. These '71 56s have a few differences Im finding. The bolt on ether plate makes it easier to change hand pumps and carried over into 66s. They had a 1 piece plate though. Local friend has a '69 model. Only one i know of locally.
  7. Nate it came from South TX. Its a '71 model. Only 351 built after this one. Still don't have a '69 model.
  8. Cant rip it off too quick but i can see in my mind hauling it across the scale. Such a hard to find axle too. More than likely it was the rare narrow tread center tube and they just destroyed it. Ive only seen 2-3 in person. My ant filled tach shows 4199hrs and i believe it. Alot of the wear spots are still tight. Clutch pedal, brake pedals shifters, hyd levers still fairly tight. Have it field stripped to hot wash tomorrow. Is this key cable factory or some add on to keep the steering wheel holders from loosing it?
  9. I didn't, he took it off before i bought it. Glad he did. Hauled better with it off.
  10. Johnny Cuttn Torch and Jimmy the welder fixed her up good! That damn thing comes apart and narrows in to a super narrow front end.
  11. Winter Project was put up for sale. Got held up by some mexican bandits. The short lil pepper shot everything but himself! Gettn rough in Texas....
  12. Sharp 1466, don't forget alternator belt shield. Also 26501 isnt the S/N. Thats the build code. All 1466 start with 26501U#####. the the SN is after the U
  13. I was medically retired from the Marines back in 2010. Served 8 years, 4 combat tours. Was going to enlist for 3rd time but my body was all used up and previous injuries when i was younger started taking it toll and setting in. Navy doc said "marine, your like a double AA battery thats all used up, heres your paper work, enjoy early retirement." And i am. Feel like im 20 years too late in the tractor game though. Looking back i should have been buying trucks and tractors back then but instead i drank enough beer state side to float a battleship. I spent most of my military career over seas and i partied all over the world in true Marine Corp fashion. Came home, sobbered up, got married, had kids, starting buying bigger and bigger toys and cattle here and there.
  14. It will have a 2350 loader on it some. 4 sets of weights is only 600 per wheel, 1200lbs total vs 100gal 800+ lbs per wheel of liquid balast. The way i mount them i can remove 1or2or3 sets of weights eaisly. I originaly made the mounting bolts for only 3 sets but forgot the clamp on centers are narrower than wedgelocks so i had enough thread to mount 4th set. I have to haul a tractor to maintain my grandmothers land up on the red river and i needed a smaller, lighter and shorter loader tractor. Its nothing but sugar sand up there and no rear weights=no traction at all. Even the Lawn mower has **** with traction. Lots of trees and narrow trails and the 1026 is just too big to get around out there. Im on blackland. When its dry its like concrete and tires wont grab. When its wet its sticky and you have to dig in to pull through. If i was haying my tractors i would pull the weights but as little as i use them theyre fine. Im also going to be using the 756 to pull a 3yd pan scrapper cleaning out pools and it takes the wheel weights to pull and front weights (12-75lbs) to keep the front end down. Draft control does most of that though.
  15. The 1066 white panel is going to France.
  16. I wont give more than .75lbs for ih stamped suitcase weights and $30-50 a circle for wheel weights depending on part #. If they are aftermarket, scrap metal value. Most of the aftermarket weights i have came on a tractor i bought. Friend is coming down from IA this fall and hes taking back some weights and parts to sell up around Des Moines. They dont sell down here. Hauled in some hay yesterday with the 756.
  17. Pallets and pallets of weights. Getting shorter though. Turned my old hay barn into a parts shop.
  18. The front tires are just a set I had laying around the shop the rear tires are the ones that came on it. There's a tire shop just right down the road that does front tractor tires and for the rears call a Mobile Tire guy.
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