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  1. Rebuilt and installed a clutch assist and found a nice PTO shield. Stripped all the old wiring and dash panels. Ordered all new wire harnesses and electrical components. Rewiring a tractor makes a world of difference.
  2. Big rubber does nothing for me. I pull them off and sell em and send them north. Sold a set of 23.1x34 Firestones mounted on rims and wheel centers for decent $ few years ago. Helps buy new parts and get a project going. I like how 11.00-16 look on 16x10 rims and 11L-15 look on 15x10 rims. Has that deep dish rim look. Variety is nice but Colemans are too expensive to buy into and rebuild. Bigger rubber cost bigger $. Everyone I drag home has junky longbar/shortbars and its hard to find decent 18.4x38s as it is.
  3. None of mine have parklock updates. Im on flatground blackland prairie. Most come in with ends bent in a little. Some were froze up from lack of use. This one needs to be replaced. This came from gulf coastal bend and they are flat ground too. They welded the ends up making it nonajustable. Once i have them adjusted right they work fine for me with no issues. Ive already pulled the top cover off and rebuilt bottom end of shifters so i see no need to go back in. I do want to see a tractor with parklock update and tell if i like it or not.
  4. Ill add some weight emblems next week. Those grille emblems make the blank weights tolerable. IH stamp weights have become hard to find and expensive. Need to pick up hardware to hang more rear wheel weights. Still deciding on rear tire choices or if ill have to play tire swap games again. These longbar/short bars might end up on 1026.
  5. Yes, it was a factory cab tractor. Im a way i like them vs open station pto levers. The look throws them off but easier to reach. Open station pto levers and parts are pricey.
  6. It takes 2-3 junk seats to make a decent one. The arm rest brackets look simple but might be pricey to replicate. Most originals are rotten. They were raw metal when factory installed. Picked up a load of aftermarket weights today.
  7. Busted out some powder coated seat brackets and swapped them out on a decent but not primo hyd seat. It all goes together well. When it warms up ill clean up the seat more and paint the bottom seat plate black.
  8. Rebuilt the good front axle, added 11.00-16 on 16x10 rims, narrowed in the rear wheels, added dual hubs, added a good set of 3pt screw housings, rebuilt hyd seat valve.
  9. I don't know anything about the 766 other than it sits in Pella IA. I never saw it just got the front axle that came off if it.
  10. One side pulled right out, other side took 40ton of persuasion.
  11. It's about to get replaced with regular 1456 axle.
  12. Modified to run front wheels on top of wide rows instead of in between. This way fronts wouldnt pack wet ground infront of bedder bottoms and make cloddy rows.
  13. Picked up 16x38 rims and tub full of parts i had powdercoated. Heading to KC this weekend to swap parts and pick up a nice 1456 front axle.
  14. PM me your full name for the contact info. wedgelocks weren't as common as clamp ons but 34" wedgelocks would be rare.
  15. Added a set of factory breakaway Hyd lines. If anyone has a set they'd part with send me a PM. Pulled range top plate cover, both detents and springs gone. Reverse shaft snagged and pulled out. Spent 15min looking for moon key with magnet in hyd oil. Turns out it was laying on a gear tooth. Noticed that '71 1456 diamond cabs have slightly different platform.
  16. Picked up a nice cab this weekend for the 1456. Have a good front axle traded for coming from IA in a few weeks. Slow progress but its coming together. Lots of projects to work on.
  17. Ill have to ask what the mans name was that owned and was driving the 806 in the Dallas intro. People who own it now have neglected it and beat the crap out of it. Last i saw it, it had steel wheels and a narrow front pulling a bush hog. At one time board member Eric Farley repainted it. That 806 use to look decent but its in sad shape now.
  18. #16 IH 1456. Elkhart IL. 1 owner mostly original.
  19. It was modified to where it is set on wide rows and then you can take off the extensions and narrow it way in. Once i get another front axle on im gonna pull it apart and set it on narrow and get pics before i take it off. Might make decent pulling front end.
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