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  1. Very last ones made by IH were 400078R3 split weights. Had an extra hole casted into weight and ive never heard why. Theres also a few variations of each weight P/N too. Such as a 400078R1 could have had P/N on outter face or back side. 400078R1 were also available in white. The list of weight P/Ns and variations of them has some length and i still find small changes as i get in weights. 


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  2. Ole Richard always gave me inspiration on the way he set his tractors up. I enjoyed looking at his IHs in magazines and on their covers over the years. He was always great to visit with at shows and at his place.  He showed me and my late friend Butch Aycock his collection few years ago while we were checking on Progress of his gold demo 1456 Coy Winslow was working on at the time. Richard had some great looking tractors and equipment and they were all very well restored and cared for. He even gave me a belly tank one time under the condition i dont sell it to make $ and fix it up and get it working. 1256 still rocks it today. 



    IH 1456 #4.jpg

    Image (94).jpg


    IH 1468 V-8 #4.jpg

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  3. It had been reported as salvage but no location or other info was given about it then. 1st thing I see is it has the HD front axle option and was a factory cab tractor. Does it run? Where is your location to update the info. 

  4. 470=225lbs ft/cut 

    480=250lbs ft/cut 

    500=325lbs ft/cut. 

    Theres a big step up in weight of 500 from 480 and huge step up from 470. Im not 100% sure but i think the 500 had same angle iron widths as 480 but thicker metal. Everything on a 500 is heavy. 1/4" thick 22" or 24" blades @ 10.5" spacings. 480s are/were great discs but most are beyond worn out around me. Lucky i kicked up a good 500. They held up better it seems but nothing was light on them. 



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