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  1. 10 hours ago, acem said:

    I'm curious where the image came from?

    It appears vintage.  The driver has sideburns which make it fit mid 70s sytling.

    The tractor has early features and looks correct except for the open station. The tires are set for wide rows (probably 38 or 40 inches)  Like Brian says, it could be an export model.  However the setting just looks midwest to me.

    Just thinking...

    Think it could be an advertising pic for export tractors filmed in the US?

    Pic originated from an IH 86 series brochure in spanish. 

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  2. 1 of 3 1026 HC gold demo known to date now.  There is no "these are the only 2 ever made!". Records are non existing at this point or have yet to be found. What is know is that there is very few of them out there. Probably around 5 and def less than 10 of them made. Other 2 are up in Long Island in Krasinski's collection. One of those was formerly Stew Paquette's. One at Red Water Pwr is a legit Gold Demo. She wore gold panties underneath her faded red dress. Rain must have washed the grease off....




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  3. Put on set of 15.5x38s on wedgelocks and new 6.00-16s up front. Set of 10 75lbs weights up front. Next big thing is a hyd seat and clutch assist. 

    Neighbor brought his 756 gas in for shifter repair. He bought it out of MO before he moved to TX. Only seen 2 756s in this area. Ive seen more 756 lpgs than i have gassers. C-301 cranks well and runs smooth, loud though. 



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  4. Bought a 756 diesel sight unseen few hrs south of me, friend went to pick it and junk 656 diesel that was apart of the deal. We pulled both off the trailer at sundown. Came back next day to see if it would run, hot battery, snif of ether and the know how to start a german disel and she was off to the races. Previous owner had no clue how to start a german the typical way. Some dont need the sweet spot spot pull cable but most do. More i looked it over more i realized it was a pretty tight tractor and nothing was really hacked up other than the TSC seat. Pretty original and complete all over. Tach shows 3800hrs and wear points confirm hrs are about right. Still has IH stamped muffler. Came factory with tilt wheel and front mount hyd. Not sure how ill set it up but i like the set up in the brochure pic, 6.00-16s, 15.5x38s, tilt wheel and hyd seat. 








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  5. Mount-O-Matic is just how i roll, 2350s, 2355 and even a 2455 Goliath. Never had a 2250 but i wouldnt mind one to go on the 666 or 756s but i trip over 2-3 2350s looking for a 2250 so search never goes to far. Ive owned a pile of 2350s. Kept the best, sold the rest. @$500 a pop every tractor of mine would have a 2350 loader on it. 













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  6. My 756 had 18.4x34s and 7.50x18s on it when i got it. Ditched the 34s and put on 16.9x38s and 10.00-16s. I did keep the 7.50x18s. Ive had a 1456 gold demo with 9.50x20s 8 bolts and a 1256 with 7.50x18s 6 bolts. Wish i kept the 9.50x20s. Cant even buy that size anymore. 7.50x18 were very common to see on delta tractors from LA, MS and AR. 


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  7. Use the taller 66 pedal it came and was designed for. Taller pedal gives more leverage along with the booster. Rod Pin hole is different location on 56 vs 66 with clutch booster. Dont fight it just to have the 1456 factory correct clutch pedal. Not worth it. 

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