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  1. Wrench #373942r1 what's it for?

    It's stamped 1 1/8"
  2. Wrench #373942r1 what's it for?

    It either came with our 666 or 886 we had.
  3. Wrench #373942r1 what's it for?

    For the bolts around the wheel or for the wedge?
  4. Wrench #373942r1 what's it for?

    I'm know this has been asked, but can't find it. What's wrench 373942r1 used for?
  5. The 'FLIP' side of the IH 'FLOP'

    Id say the reaper, great grandfather of the axial flow and the air planter.
  6. How many Hydro 186s still being used

    I saw One on our local Craigslist last year or the year before. Looked restored. Was a mfwa.
  7. Dirt Boyz, well.... playing in the dirt

    Hope to meet you at redpower this year Danny. I'm sure the cabbed version will look something like this.
  8. latest photos of the white 1206

    red reaper, could you please post a link to the story on the color of this tractor? I looked back like 9 pages and couldn't find it. I saw it on Facebook . Good looking 12! I like the paint scheme! Thanks Brian
  9. Super MD on grinder mixer

    We ground with a 504 and 1150 grinder, dad even used grandpas old cc case once on it! We put the 1486 on it a few times, man you could grind a load of feed fast with that!
  10. International Photographic Center

    I'd love to have that sign too! pretty neat peice of IH history there!