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  1. 7240 tractor fuel gauge display.

    You most likely have a ground issue at one of the sending units, try cleaning the connections and make sure they are tight that's where I would start.
  2. nice original 7110 ----3900hrs

    Have one with 10,000 hours, no issues yet.
  3. merecedes MBE-900 engine

    I have one in a 2007 Columbia , bought the truck with 500,000 miles and stretched the frame for a 20ft silage box . It's way over powered at 460 hp for the job but it does get loaded with grain in the fall to 55 - 56,000 so the power is nice then, always running in the dirt and dust and seems to be holding up well after 6 years. My only complaint is the computerized fan constantly kicking in and out which makes the dust thing worse when your in the field.
  4. Hydro push manure spreaders

    You mentioned Spread All, I bought a used one, a '96 model, five years ago. They are well built and are used by almost all feedlots within 150 miles of me so that should say something for reliability , most Feedlot help can break an anvil with a rubber mallet. They are not a hydra push if that's what you want but are probably as rugged built as you can find.
  5. Questions on an MX 210

    I have a 2004 MX 210 that the heater started acting up on last fall, also the A/C has never really worked worth a $hit. The tractor has the auto climate control and last fall the heater would not work unless you turned it up to 90 then it was working like it was set at 70, gradually turn it down and would blow cool air at about 70 degrees. I am wondering if the probe may be bad not sending the right temp ? Also the PTO seems to start with a jolt which is hard on manure spreader shear bolts, one guy told me to have it re-calibrated and another said there is no calibration for the PTO so who's right here?
  6. Questions on an MX 210

    I would have to say that it has always been kinda quick starting
  7. Questions on an MX 210

    Thanks Maynard, dealer was out today and checked things out, the tech said everything checked ok but it is low on freon so will have to add some this spring. He also said that the newer magnums have the return air sensor moved further away from the evaporator to get a better reading of the cab temperature rather than having them a foot from each other so he moved it as far away as the wire would allow, I guess that makes sense to me so I will give it a try and see if it's any better . The valve for the heater moves as you move the temp dial so it is working like it's supposed to unless it is somehow broken internally but we were getting heat. The PTO on the other hand is pretty much the way it's gonna be the way it sounds, according to the tech it's quite a job to get at the solenoid so I guess I'll live with it for now.
  8. 1066 registry

    Here's another for you, 1066 serial number 057502 , original fender tractor I bought used in January of 1988. It had a year around cab when I bought it that was so rough it wasn't worth fixing, first tractor I bought and it will never leave. 30 years , many hours and many $$ and this is what it looks like now.
  9. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    My uncle always said if the toads were jumping uphill it was going to rain, I always thought of that as a 50/50 kinda thing.
  10. Mira fount waterer issue

    We have seven of the mirafount waterers and rarely a problem , they have a blue Franklin valve. Our well pressure is 45 on 60 off, I'm not familiar with the valve you are describing but the Franklin has a plastic plunger with a small rubber slug fitted on the end to seal the water off and I have seen them wear to the point of not shutting the water off, replace the slug and good to go again. One other thing - if the threaded rod that the ball is connected to is not threaded down far enough it will hit the bottom side of the center lid and cause the valve to not shut completely, then you have to lower the angle of the pivoting rod and start over, guess that's about all I got . Best of luck, they are good waterers.
  11. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    I bought the m18 fuel 1/2 inch impact 2 years ago in a kit with a free grease gun, love them both. Last summer before corn silage I put new knives in my New Holland FR 9060 and have always used a 3/4 air impact on the bolts to get them off, fine thread metric bolts, not sure of metric sizes but it takes a 24mm socket torqued to 420 ft lbs. Just for the heck of it I thought I'd give the Milwaukee a shot at it, holy crap it came loose. They might be torqued to 420 when you put them in but are Rusty and a lot tighter coming out, 24 knives, 120 bolts out and new ones back in on about 2 1/2 batteries, checked them with a torque wrench and all I got was click click click.
  12. Looks like it has the metric bolster and pistol grip shifters to make it a late model but I don't see any flow controls or the extra filter under the left side frame rail , or did the Mexican tractors still use the open center hydraulic system?
  13. How dry is it in your area?

    Very dry here also, since may 20th we had .65 all little piddle showers that just settle the dust for a couple hours. This past Tuesday night we got .65 - .75 in one shot but it's too little too late for most of the dry land corn, we could still make beans if mother nature would provide. It's hard to believe we went from too cold and wet to so hot and dry so quickly, the ground is hard as concrete. Go south 30 miles or east 20 miles and things look pretty good but there are dry pockets everywhere .
  14. One More Good Thing To Come Out Of Nebraska

    My oldest son who graduated from UNL last year worked there a little and knew some more of the students who worked there kinda full time, he had some interesting stories about some of the tractors that were tested. I always thought it was just hook it up and go but it takes months to test a tractor.
  15. Pierce 2017 pull

    Don't get me wrong Keith, I wasn't implying that you couldn't run with him, I just expected more from the weapon but he obviously had issues.
  16. Pierce 2017 pull

    That was a nice run Keith, the track seemed to take a lot of power last night. Do you know what happened to Ulmers' tractor, thought he would really put it out there but with the Sparks coming out of it I'm thinking his clutch might be toast.
  17. 800 cyclo accuracy

    At that population and speed the drum is probably turning too fast, I think 36 RPM is recommended top speed
  18. 496 non-rockflex discs

    I replaced the 496 with a 340- now that's a whole different animal, also replaced a sunflower soil finisher with a 3900 disc on 7 1/2 inch spacing. I took the harrow off ( which was junk ) and mounted a Remlinger double basket, by far the best finishing tool I've ever had. This disc is a rock flex but must have had the bearing updates as I have had no trouble with them, I do wish it had the 8 bolt hubs on the center frame due to the weight of the crumbler when folded for transport. Narrow spacing discs are hard to find so I took what I couldn't get, but in our hills and soil type the soil finisher leaves the ground too loose even if you pull a basket. I get much better emergence and far less erosion with This disc combined with the mounted baskets .
  19. 496 non-rockflex discs

    Silty clay loan soil, 200bpa +. Pulled it with a 7110 or 1066 with no problem in hills and I should clarify that I meant two wheel weights per side.
  20. 496 non-rockflex discs

    Had 19ft 496 for several years, did a good job after I bolted two wheel weights to the wings. IMHO the wings on these discs are not heavy enough until you get to 22ft and above when running in heavy corn residue.
  21. For All The 1066 Fans.

    Two day pull at the Lancaster event center in Lincoln, ne . I know most of the owners of those tractors , the Feedlot Special has got a lot of juice under the hood and are very nice people to talk to. It's a father and son team, saw the dad go 360 ish feet one night and shut the tractor down cause he thought there was something wrong with the sled, they run in the super farm class.The Red Factor is in the 3000 RPM 466 class and seems almost impossible to beat but trust me it's not too pretty up close.
  22. So to go along with the IH flop topic, what were the best, most innovative, best selling products sold by International Harvester? I will start with an odd one, the no.5 endgate seeder, skipped school at least one day every spring to ride the wagon and scoop oats. There is no mistaking the whine of those gears when you are going just the right speed, I could still here them at night when I went to bed.It has sowed thousands of acres and still gets used when we put in a new field of alfalfa.
  23. New joke

    Salelesman knocks on the door and a 10 yr old boy answers the door with a cigar in his mouth ,a shot of whiskey in one hand and a penthouse in the other,salesman says "are your folks home?" Boy says "what do you think"
  24. Give and take word game

    coat hanger