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  1. i know of two flat barn parlors in NY, and 1 is organic. Actually my cousins milk in a tie stall barn, 25 at a time, and they house the cows in freestall or bedded pack, they milk about 125, neighbor who we pull tractors with, has a stanchion barn holds 55, and switches 55 in a freestall, totalling 100+, I think they are cozy to milk in especially with the weather we have been having lately. I just really like the interaction with the cows and having a smaller dairy that I or our family could do ourselves, I do not like having to have other people do stuff for us, like planting and harvesting.
  2. there is a lot of farms around us that still milk in tie stall barns, its not uncommon to see them at all
  3. there is a farm in cohocton, NY with a 50 stall rotary, and when i went to maine for dairy challenge, we toured a farm with a 100 cow rotary, they are pretty cool, the 50 worked great and they didnt have hardly any cows kick milkers off and skip stalls, it was full all the time, but the 100 in maine, was really inefficient to me, they were constantly stopping it to put milkers back on and they would have lots of empty spots on it, it was pretty cool to see though
  4. i want to build my barn just like that but butt to butt, thats what i like milking in cause u can just zing across the alleys, and i would keep my barn as clean as yours, thats really cool, thanks
  5. someday i would like to build a tiestall too, i really like ones that are most efficient, you should put pictures up sometime of it when its done.
  6. i worked in a tie stall barn (80 cows) all through high school and i have also worked with robots and in parlors, and i just like tie stalls, they are warm in the winter, i can go at my own pace, and i like interacting with the cows that much more. although you might think thats crazy i really like working with jerseys, i am not short but they are just my preference.
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