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  1. Best thing we did on the farm was stop using bio in my opinion.
  2. havent been attending fairs here myself so no comment. Went to large farm sale that was no online bidding this year, equipment was about 75%, people also slightly down. Would rather have just bid online but they took the option away for some reason.
  3. The question I have is how many bozos ripped the door open without removing the screws to get that sticker there.
  4. Would NEVER consider trading fix it up labor or anything like that. Most people cant fix anything properly, and living in an old house, repairs are difficult and expensive to do the correct way that is going to last.
  5. Its best not to tempt the fates and ignore these signs. You are blessed you didnt ring up 7288 or 7488
  6. My wife has a spiral cutter that she uses to cut the zucchini into what looks like spaghetti noodles, We eat it like a pasta dish either with red sauce or other. Pretty good and alot less calories than regular pasta. Tried it on a diet once and turned out to be a dish that I actually look forward to having.
  7. The deeper pockets are going to come calling regardless of what you do or would do. The wolves are at my door all the time on family land, what can you do? You do what you can so that you can be happy when you look in the mirror, Hopefully an opportunity comes along where you can say, thank the lord im not dinking around folding that planter 5 times over at whereever you are at. Thats how i look at the battles ive lost... Nothing really has opened up, but maybe someday?
  8. It matters to them because maybe someone like me who is hungry for land is offering them something you are not. Maybe they are a land hog, or maybe its a guy with a town job who is so sick of doing that job he would do anything for that 25 acres to farm? You said it wont break you, so forget it and move on. That is my advice
  9. pretty much anything i desire is cheaper from amazon, local brick and mortar is the most expensive on almost everything.
  10. When i was a kid my dad sold seed and i remember going along on deliveries. Stack bags in bins and barns and where ever. Guy had a 460 diesel he had from new that was always polished up. Always loved the look ofthat tractor, It was on a sale here last year and couldnt afford to buy it, went for like 7500 I think? Probably should have bought it but I wussed out. Only regrets i have in life are when i listened to people who told me.. Thats too much money for rent, or piece of equipment. Should just go with my gut more. So, THAT 460 diesel where ever it is at, and Id like a 1456, But, prices are stupid on those now it seems and Id be interested in farming with it, not a show tractor.
  11. This guys fence row junk looks better than some of the stuff i have in the shed...
  12. How can we expect people to follow these difficult rules? Don't travel over posted speed limit. Don't operate a motor vehicle under the influence.
  13. most late model combines for 30k are way worse off than the 1680 we bought last fall for a third the price. and the paint on our 80 looks way better than most 30k machines to boot. look for an older machine and youll find something nice. we have same acreage as you, its hot cutting wheat in the 80 right now with no AC, but, Im doing just as good a job cutting as a much newer machine, at much lower cost. Someday, id like to upgrade to a newer machine, but, if i never do im still pretty happy. Id rather have more land and sweat more in the cab if given the choice.
  14. On a side note regarding BKT Never thought much of them, got some implement tires on the field cultivator few years back, main frame got 12 ply firestone, and wings got 8 ply BKT, it sits out alot, and the firestones are cracking up after 5 years while the wings look like brand new and rubber still seems like new. Would I buy a BKT tractor tire? ... dont know about that, but, just a bit of info.
  15. The people with the money are the ones best positioned to make more money. If you can just alter your portfolio to the sectors that are profitable rather than working in 1 particular industry or building a business then you are in good shape.
  16. Regular is 3.25, Premium is 3.95 Regular isnt really that high, but the spread is larger than normal between 87 -93 and has been for past while I use mostly premium for what i have,
  17. Its a discussion, Personally i feel myself and my families mortal lives more threatened by any communicable disease than i do our immortal souls by abortion decisions by others. I am responsible for my own soul and I sort of end it there. We have talks in our family, but not outside. Basically feel that we all have our own contract with our maker. I also dont feel like the Lord is interested in looking at a chunk of the population (USA) as a group, he is looking at us as individuals. I could be way off on how it will go down when i get to the end of the line and finally find out, but, I dont feel the passionate drive or call to speak out on the issue. Maybe im already lost because i dont feel or see or hear the calling to speak out more than I do? Think about this topic often actually...
  18. Did you run it every day for 1 hr or did you run it 300 hours over a month and then park it for 11. Not regularly using something is a silent killer of man and machine.
  19. https://www.medpagetoday.com/blogs/marty-makary/92434 Not a clear cut answer that it is better as good or worse.
  20. I think George bush drives regularly on his ranch but not off property.
  21. Sorry, you are living my dream, I can offer you no sympathy for your plight. Somedays like today Id rather cut off my hands than go to my town job... dont take this as a personal attack, lord knows i should be more thankful for what i DO have... but, somedays like today it really stinks...
  22. Part of it is that the talent that does work has figured out the best way to get ahead is stop working for someone else as soon as possible. There's no more pension, The dilution of talent means that if you ARE good you are going to have to drag a team of boat anchors along with you if you want to advance. Plus if in your example you are talking about coding or whatever, what percentage of managers can actually do the work they need done as well? If you have technical skills like, computer programming, welding, carpentry, whatever, and you have a boss that cant enhance your skillset, move on because you are wasting your time. Too many Managers out there without technical experience and ability to command the respect of the workforce.
  23. The girl chose to do something for her country because of what opportunity her country has given her. I respect her as much as anyone in the service and am thankful she is there. If the recent pipeline stuff has awoken me to anything its that we need our brightest minds defending us, male, female, trans, queer, whatever, I care not. If you want to do the job and do it well then tell me what you need and how I can help.
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