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    Yeh, Im seeing sort of something like that, I can get into the 35k price point from 150-200k miles, but nothing as new as 2018. 2012-2014 maybe? I dont want to spend that much for that age, but, apparently the money is out there driving the prices? Its kind of a depressing shopping process looking for a tool you need that is just out of what you can afford. I thought 5 years ago, maybe itll get better? And it has gotten MUCH worse... So, wait around forever or bite the bullet...
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    Im trying to find a used 3500 ram SRW long bed crew right now at about 20-25% of that price point? What will the electric truck that replaces a 1 ton pick cost??? The truck im looking for weighs in just under 7000 pounds i think? This hummer tips the scale at 9000 pounds.... It weighs an extra ton and all it can haul is my golf clubs? How the heck is that responsible for our planet? Thats a big plate needed on the hummer in illinois...
  3. We still use our dryer like this, it goes in the shed after fall, still looks like brand new! But the timers are shot and we havent updated... i think it was going to cost like 2k to update the timers??? I used my phone and babysat it everyminute of the day for 15000 bushels last time we used it... Had to go out and flip the unload circuit off or it may decide to unload, or may get stuck on heat, ... it was a headache.... Timers will get updated next time we need it! lol
  4. In southern il we never really made up last years rain shortage, dry again this fall. Going to take some big rains to get anything from the watershed around here to the river.
  5. Keep looking maybe there’s a 2+2 nearby!
  6. I think what people will say is the amount of time on your graph makes the data irrelevant because 50 years out of 2 billion is a meaningless sample. Im not sure how you convince this group without waiting around for millions of years to pass by and continually collect data? or what sample size would be enough to matter, only thing they say is "this isnt enough". You know we have ice core data, and we have data from fossils that also supports this large increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over hundreds of thousands of years also, but, that also doesnt seem to hold water for some groups either? Its not a direct measurement, might be wrong, govt propaganda CO2, Methane, increases increase global temps, Burning fossil fuels release these things into the atmosphere. Does it mean the world ends if temps go up 5 more degrees? Doubtful, But, maybe its enough were we cant grow corn in texas anymore and places farther north benefit. I dont know... I saw this the other day which i found interesting too https://www.wired.com/story/the-mysterious-warming-hole-in-the-middle-of-the-us/
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    GM Strike

    Because Musk has alot of $$$. to some that in of itself is a crime. The guys lack of humility also makes him an easy target if you are pandering for sympathy for your cause. On another note, The Mercedes EQXX is one of the first EVs i have seen talked about that has piqued my interest. 600+mi range i think?
  8. Whereever i can have access to irrigation water, and has the coolest summer
  9. Kill a raccoon and 50 take its place
  10. Did this with 3 tractors when I was young. I’m in spring off for winter every year best tip is find concrete or a smooth level surface bottle jack over boards every time a long bar or 2x4 is great to stick under a lug while you hold the wheel in the center so you can spin the tire on the hub to line up the holes
  11. I doubt it will ever be said HERE that we should scrap the old to make way for the new! And yet im fearful there is a "growing" segment of the population that has that very idea for the way things should be going in mind and a course charted for that destination.
  12. 360d factory pump setting , it’s a good option for almost every type of chore, and it pulls the 8row cyclo in the spring
  13. We just did some repairs on our 766, new clutch, polished up the original paint, repainted the muffler black and hooked it to the discbine. I like to think im progressive minded and i do care about making things better for my kids, But I dont see how me buying a new tractor is going to be better for the environment than just buying a few gallons of petroleum to keep the one in existence working away. Am i wrong here? I still need hydraulic fluid with the new electric also? We still use our older stuff to farm our 250 acres. Some of that equipment like our M is close to 75 years old. Yes it runs on gasoline, and is not fuel efficient or the "best" for the environment, but is that worse for the environment than flying to cancun for spring break? Forget about electric in this equation all together, what is better for the earth, farm with a serviceable ih 766 or consume all the resources and energy to make a new fuel efficient tractor that really doesnt bring anything to the table as far as production on the farm but added creature comforts like a nice cab with heat and ac?
  14. You can spit on my pickup truck Call my ma a lousy whore Leave a flamin' bag of dogshit Outside my trailer door But, don't go messin' with my Pabst Blue Ribbon 'Cause, then you gone way too far
  15. Thought we werent ready to buy the farm when other family wanted to sell last year, had to go with a third party investor to hang onto it and are scraping by. Now all these windfarm and solar companies want to come in and lease. Had we not bought the farm i imagine the land would have been signed into these programs by our previous family owners costing us even more to buy it. Escaped by the skin of our teeth it feels like! for now anyways. People are pretty ballsy though... roll up the driveway and make it seem like im an idiot for not wanting to lease them land. Surely they can find the land someplace else... maybe a desert someplace? why productive farmland? East stlouis is full of abandoned warehouses next to the river... just doze it all out and put up all the panels you want?
  16. i bought a depstech off amazon, works with my iphone or ipad. I think it was 50$ or something off amazon. Works good, has some adapters to turn angles on the end if you want but the main stem is flexible
  17. We got a couple tenths last night here again, nice cooler temps too!
  18. We at least still have the roof on the house, about a mile north of us couple homes had roof totally removed, So we are ok and able to clean up. I did learn about acv insurance policies and that I definitely did not have enough coverage, so, had we lost the barns or machine shed it would have been catastrophic financially for us. Lesson learned!
  19. I planted a bunch of plots with my dad for Callahan, Dekalb, seedex and then stine. I think one year we had something like 50 soy varieties? you drove pretty near my farm, I live about a mile north of 15 just west of Nashville city limits. Couple weeks ago was when we had the big straight line winds that took our 1 bin, chimney off the house, all of our electrical, and lots of tree outbuilding damage
  20. Not really? My in laws are from Woodlawn, and I’ve been to the Walmart a couple times. Lol
  21. Im on the other side of mtvernon on I64 near Nashville. We got about an inch i believe. Would have gladly split that 6 with you! But, first time it rained here this year without hail, or losing a grain bin, or damaging the house it seems like.
  22. I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But there to me is nothing worse than steaming humidity and high temps and no way to escape..Would kill to shift the temp 10-15 degrees downward across the board. Lived in chicago land for 5 years and listened to everyone complain about how bad the winter was... Never understood, it was like a weather paradise without that terrible summer sticky heat.
  23. Ive been boycotting country music since i gained control of the radio dial. Not because of the messaging, I just dont care for how it sounds. Hadnt heard this song, looked up the lyrics, looks pretty timid to me compared to alot of other music/art alternatives? Dont understand the fuss about it?
  24. Dude called me while soaking in his bathtub one night at 9pm to talk about handicap access ramp location revisions…. No lie
  25. Thanks, Ill see what happens. probably have to swap motors, or maybe ill get the electricians out to redo our main area hopefully soon. Chris
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