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  1. NICE! We have a year around on our 856, I like the short fenders that match the cab rather than the large flat fenders.
  2. cjf711

    7130 picture

    We still have a couple farmhand tandem forage boxes doin work. Always thought the farmhand logo with the gear in the flexed bicep was a tough logo
  3. You going forward or reverse in that thing at 140?
  4. it doesnt, that is true. Is there a way it can be?
  5. Id go to 1500 max on it if i had the trailer and truck sitting next to it and needed the tractor. looks like needs alot of work plus the rear tires are not useful for what i would need. Looks like the rear fender light is painted over yellow. That is a tough steak to chew right there
  6. Mine slightly different, Also Red
  7. https://www.statnews.com/2017/09/04/cancer-drug-pricing-novartis/ I respect your point on fences, but when it comes to cart drugs that are going to cost 475000 a pop if your kid needs it, or mine, or joe schmo I want there to be no question to if they can access it regardless if i make 40k a year or 400k... Some of that drug is already subsidized through government grants and research, and there is real work that goes into it, but I dont know where it should be placed on the cost chart? 200k? 800k a dose? New treatments are great but none of them are going to be cheaper than they were 20 years ago. If we dont get buy in from everyone at some level, no, the levels arent equal, then to me we have to be ok with some people just plain not being able to afford these treatments. I mean, how the **** does a doctor look a patient in the eye and say, ok, i can give you a 85% chance at survival but its gonna be 800k... can you pay that? I find that disturbingly morbid for both the patient and the provider that knows they can help but is prevented in doing so by $$$$ Can we do better than that? Or is that the best we can do as a country? I dont know... maybe it is? Its hard for me to accept that we cant figure a way to do this though? Maybe mandate on insurance doesnt solve the problem but can it be part of the solution? What else can be done? Thats where I want to get too anyways and I think that a mandate insurance would help get there. If im wrong, Im WRONG. I dont care about being wrong, I care about progress. Tell me the next step that gets me in the direction I want to go, give me data, and Ill follow you if it all makes sense. Regarding hospitals being 5k hotels, without insurance, Im not sure there would be a hospital within 100 miles of me anymore... Maybe its better there is a 5k hotel 15 mins away? I dont know the answer to that either... maybe its not?
  8. I agree, I dont know if its because we have families on our plan in 4 states and have a pretty small group or what but, It seems like if we go to one or the other and jump back and forth we have done better than had we stayed put. When i say (we have done better) I mean to a similar type company in a similar situation that is staying with one. I dont know what the answer is, we have a consultant that helps us because its too much for me to comprehend and my big fear is that we are going to have someone on our plan, an employee spouse, or child or something that will lose something in the switching process. I get what guys are saying about pay for what you need or dont get it. I just want to make sure as a younger man that if i need something I can elect to get it and not lose everything i have and ruin my or my families future. Difficult questions to be asking. So far, I have been thankful that i havent had to ask these questions in my immediate family. I dont really think anymore about a healthcare mandate than I do auto insurance mandate. Only time i have had a claim on auto was when my car was struck by an uninsured person while it was parked. Up until then I just figured everyone had their own insurance in illinois because it was the law?
  9. We change policy providers every year to price shop and keep cost similar to smaller increases. If we kept the same provider for 2-3 years we would be getting crushed. There is no long time customer discount in healthcare.
  10. If you were talking about Trump and not Mccain Id think you had a point, but, Where is the history of Mccain holding these things over people like this? When he debated Obama he was on camera and when asked about Obama being a Muslim by a lady he said, No, youre wrong, he is a good man whom i serve with that I happen to disagree with on certain issues. Presidential stuff right there!! Also as for the ACA... and I guess im the only one on this site. But.. Im satisfied with my plan/provider/ and we have done well in our small company. Only issues we really have is picking a provider that works well across state lines as the rules constantly are changing so, we have to pay attention and do some extra homework to keep all the details the same in our plan so we dont lose anything, which is annoying because the providers are always playing the game of tweaking this and that to take something away and replace it with nothing hoping that you dont happen to notice. No disagreement with you on how it was forced through though... I understand how no one likes to be lorded over and spoken to from on high.
  11. 1 thing for certain. Trump hates John McCain . Wth is that all about tht he can’t just drop it, but insists on speaking poorly toward a man that can’t defend himself? What’s the reasoning?
  12. An incandescent and led chip do not project the same way so 670 670 will not give equal lux from the same lens housing. This is why you cant just plug LED bulbs into your truck headlamps and get great like new led headlights. The reflector system needs a total redesign to maximize the usable beam pattern. Par 36 rubber grommet is $5.50 from larsen https://www.larsenlights.com/par-36-rubber-grommet HO par36 trap is 32 https://www.larsenlights.com/par-36-45-18-watt-flood-light had a hard time justifying this and i recall sowing wheat in the fall with an actual maglight flashlight in my hand on the 1206 to get done so... lights seemed like a luxury at the time. But, its really nice now to have them, and the amperage decrease on the switches and fuse block in the cab is nice too. Then i can rid myself of all the cobbled wiring from everyones brothers electrician and have a nice neat factory setup. I did 4 traps up front, 2 flood in the back and 2 trap in the back, Big improvement. Dad really appreciated it as before he complained about working after dark and not being able to see well at all. If i had a noise issue, I figured I would give some Ferrite Chokes a try https://www.we-online.com/web/en/passive_components_custom_magnetics/blog_pbcm/blog_detail_electronics_in_action_108020.php I never have used these but, was something i found in doing research on lighting options.
  13. Just the facts without any spin? Now youre in the No Spin Zone !!!!!! Faux News!!!! Sorry, couldnt be helped. In my news feed on phone which is basically the only place i read articles I get the AP, Reuters, BBC, and WSJ. .My point was not that Fox was the only slanted media outlet, its that they were marked to be excluded by the DNC which i felt was wrong. CNN leans liberal, I dont think that is denied anyplace? The point is... My vote is for equal access to the candidates not fettered by some organization like the DNC saying, well, We arent going on Fox, or the President calling everyone that is not Fox "fake news" and boycotting those events potentially. Both serve the country poorly.
  14. Lumen is not a useful measure of "brightness" Need to find out the Lux of the lamp at a specific location you are trying to light up. I have had GREAT results with the Grote Tractor Plus beam patters, and not so good with many varieties of "Flood" pattern. I like to run more trap patterns. There really is little correlation between a good light and the Lumen number of the lamp is what I have found, Larsen trap is good $$$ for my replacements, but, I like Thomas for aux lights in field applications.
  15. Agree, This is why Trumps recent statement about no debates on "Fake networks" makes so much sense after the DNC stated they werent having any primaries covered on FOX. Its the perfect out by his handlers to keep him in safe friendly environments. Its not a good thing for the country if this takes place regardless of party, and neither should be allowed to sensor any media outlets. Should be free access to all. Personally i think FOX gets a bad rap from the likes of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Lou Dobbs, but Fox also has Chris Wallace who i think is a pretty even keeled guy that usually tells things fairly. Thought he was a great debate moderator in terms of questioning and delivery in the past.
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