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  1. Friend of mine is a county engineer, every fall when it gets wet and every spring when the frost goes out of the ground he closes down a county road through the bottoms that is a 10 mile shortcut to a large elevator for a few large operators. Every year it about comes to death threats against him because he is ruining their businesses, and every year he says, we can keep it open if you want to pay the bill to fix it. fixing the road is always someone elses problem
  2. 21 cigarettes, 12 packs of peanut m&ms and 12 diet cokes in 1 round of golf at age 56. guess which of the above guys that was.
  3. cjf711

    Rain anyone?

    Been dry here in southern IL, we got a little bit of rain last night couple tenths, most went south of us I guess. Mostly its been much hotter than usual. Think with the areas around us that are more dry we should be thankful for the rain we have gotten to this point. hope it keeps coming. For sure am tired of all of the over 95 degree days already...
  4. I purchased a 750 that am putting in our 6000 sprayer, was thinking i would just put a relay on the power switch for boom control to close and open the circuit on the 750 for mapping. On the fert buggy im moving the display to a tractor so for how i use it figured id just turn it on and off with the screen. Otherwise I think easiest would be just another switch like ace mentioned.
  5. If i were part of generating profit for BMW i would be all for this. Younger people are used to doing everything by subscription. I dont really care for it, but at 43 yrs old, im not going to be a target market much longer.
  6. would think you would need a "pilot" on board for loading and unloading, but, general travel seems like auto drive would be the way to go. As long as the pilot was awake and ready to take over if something went awry.
  7. cjf711


    dont give them the satisfaction of entering your thoughts 1 moment after the act is committed against you. I wish i could better remember all the times people went a bit out of their way to help me as much as i can vividly see the times they tried to screw me over. Its difficult though.
  8. no dipstick on our range rover or on our super c either
  9. I bought our gravely pro turn 3 years ago. I demo'd a deere, 2 different scags and the gravely. All of them the heavy commercial models, not the residential lines. Went with Gravely because of the heavy hydro motors and high HP kawasaki motor, and local mom pop dealer. Only thing i dont like about it is, it burns the fuel without regard for higher gas prices! and no flip up deck so have to lay under it, or find a swale or something for blade change and cleaning. Didnt find anything as heavy as i wanted that had a flip deck unless i went to more of a golf course machine like a Jacobsen or something and was double price. I about puked when i saw the prices 3 years ago cant imagine what they are now. Scag and Gravely did best in heavy tall grass, Deere i looked at had the Tweel rear wheels on it as like a 1500$ up option... I wanted them bad because it made the ride so nice on that thing compared to regular tires, but, decided to save the money. I think about those tweels all the time , they are ridiculous in price though.
  10. What is the age of the person making the decision on compensation? Younger managers are of the world that you make money by moving around from 1 opportunity to the next, not by staying in the same spot for 10 years or longer and getting raises, keep that in mind. Another thing i was talking with my local indy mechanic, that i see at alot of dealerships in construction (CAT DEERE) is, those are great first job opportunities to get experience and so forth, but if you want to make $$$ you have to own the shop and take the risk. This guy is a sharp mechanic but he is spending alot of time doing oil changes on old chevys when he can troubleshoot a modern landrover better than a dealer. Have to be smart about the work you do and gravitate to where YOUR shop rate is reflective of your experience and toolset. You can do oil changes, but, not for 34.99 or that type of work may hinder your ability to take on more profitable ventures. Id poke around and see what other options are out there, and do some investigation before i talk about salary at a place im already at just so that if it gets heated or they take it as you being "ungreatful" you are prepared with your options and can act in a professional way.
  11. If you are like half my Neighbors don’t worry about having plates, or insurance on your truck or trailer. Don’t even need a regular drivers license. If you are like me you will need a combination endorsement non cdl to do anything within 150 miles with a farm plate or a full cdl to do anything over 150. I mean unless you are driving an 80000# rv or huge travel trailer then you know regular drivers license is good for that too….
  12. I was just thinking that I haven’t seen any commercials or hype on this since it exploded a few months ago and everyone was marketing their fake meat burgers
  13. Unsure if we are plunging in on it, I have a partner Im talking with on it. We have experience with large survey grade drones though so its not totally foreign to us. Seems like NOW is the time to get in this game, possibly late to the party already. Tomorrow is always too late!
  14. I just quoted an Agras T30 at 30-35k with all the support gizmos and training with assistance to get all permits, insurance and license.
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