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  1. cjf711

    Beef hanging weight

    What does the animal weigh? If i had to guess id say 1150# then you take it in and its 1200# and the guy acts like he can no longer afford it... Quit estimating weights too, just say, your welcome to stop by and take a look. I dont have a scale here to weigh it. I kind of thought 50# and I was doing really good on a full grown steer?
  2. cjf711

    Beef hanging weight

    We sell it live weight. Too many issues with hanging and various butchers. Price it close to local market for reference
  3. cjf711

    Wouldn`t mind having this

    To clarify, I would probably pay 25 for it, and generally im under market value on most things i look at. basically its a new truck right? Very Rare!!!!
  4. cjf711

    Wouldn`t mind having this

    Did you say ONLY 28,000 miles? If the frame and body have no rust I would guess 25k
  5. cjf711

    Shooting down a drone

    Our drones for survey don’t have operators or pilots. You program the flight and launch, then wait 20 mins or so and it comes back to recharge. we have a piloted copter with cam also, but it’s not really useful time wise compared to other alternatives usually. Technically if you are piloting it from a set of controls, it’s not a drone.
  6. cjf711

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    You know one funny thought I have though when I log into red power is that my employer will browse the server history and think my terminal was going to some socialist or communist site. Lol
  7. cjf711

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I guess I’m lucky then because I had pretty good teachers growing up all the way to college? I think the best one was hs chem and physics, kind of a weird duck that made us do things in ways that were hard to understand but made my college and professional careers so much easier, still remember that guy some 20 yrs later. Don’t recall being taught Marxism either, I must have been absent that day?
  8. cjf711

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I would disagree that the government should be run like a business in the same way that my business or yours should be run by civil servants that are trying to look out for the good of the community as a whole. maybe this is a bit of a play on semantics on the words you used but i hear it spoken often in conversation... its always seemed not quite right to me though? Maybe im wrong. There ARE business owners out there who I would WANT to run America just like their own business but, I think using the blanket statement and thinking about Donald Trump as individual I would disagree. Not sure why we are getting these extreme characters like AOC and Trump all of a sudden? Maybe im just of age now where im paying more attention and this stuff has always been going on ? seems like we just cant compromise anymore on things....
  9. cjf711

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I actually think building a wall will solve none of the worst problems we have at our ports of entry because a southern border wall only address a very tiny fraction of our total number of ports of entry. Forget about the cost. If the wall were free and could be up tomorrow I dont think it really changes the game at all. No more so than a moat filled with alligators would. Lets say the majority of Americans want a wall, Id argue they dont, but lets say they do. Bang the wall is now up, its 100' tall and made of kryptonite or whatever you like, and its paid for already by Mexico. If Im a mexican drug lord, why dont I just load up a boat south of brownsville TX on the coast and make a run up north of South Padre and run ashore there? I mean if I WERE a drug lord Id already be doing this. Or flying my own personal plane. Or send a drone or 500 drones. At any rate, I think a wall is a mistake but listen, this isnt just my country and if thats what most people want to do and youve at least listened in good faith to my reservations on the subject and tried to consider them, then Im with you. I may not like it like i dont like Trump but, right now he's it. Gotta figure something out to get the Govt back open and make some progress. How about DACA for 2.5b in border security that needs to fund all programs of which money can go to wall fence or whatever is part of that program.
  10. cjf711

    You tube links for dad

    look up farmall51 he has alot of interesting ones i have sifted through,
  11. cjf711

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Everyone of these guys that talked about A physical barrier is as wrong as Trump. You dont stop ideas with walls.
  12. cjf711

    Congrats Ohio - New Law

    I also think an unspoken talking point with teaching "new math" is that the current teachers were taught at young age on "old math" To me its a bit like a mechanic that was learned on carburetors now teaching principals of fuel injection? both ways can make the car go, and there are tradeoffs in both methods too. which is better? I appreciate your point of view on the general understanding of things, and the reality is that way may be the best way to go? I dont know for sure. I dont think the new way is hurting the kids, if there is an opportunity to do better then i think its worth the change. What never got discussed when "I think Obama" initiated common core requirements? "maybe Bush with no child, was how we were going to gauge performance to know if we are helping or hurting. That is what I wish we had was a way to know if we were doing better or not. I suppose better also depends on your definition of better also...
  13. cjf711

    Congrats Ohio - New Law

    my kids are in public school 3rd and 4th. Im not really bothered by it, its different than what i kind of remember from the 80's. I dont think just because we have done something for x number of years that that is an indication of the right thing to do and change is difficult to understand and even harder to make. The arguments for common core as i understand is that its supposed to teach thinking that will better serve at higher levels.... not necessarily be most efficient at the entry point. Ive been through 3 years of calculus and differential equations and so forth so, im interested to see if they have similar or different problems than i did when/if they get to those levels of math. That would be the point i think to analyze results. If all we are worried about is doing alot of adding and subtracting at high speed then im not sure there is a point to change, and it maybe could be potentially worse to change.
  14. cjf711

    Any feedback on this Iowa based product?

    We have had fuel problems with biodiesel, dont think Id be interested in testing this out... bet it gets sticky in the cold.
  15. cjf711

    Congrats Ohio - New Law

    We need to start on another language in addition to english earlier. Mandarin, Russian, Japanese or other can open more doors for our youth. The world is a small place, we need to compete with global tools. Handwriting is ok though too, we dont need to drop it, we need to add more too it.