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  1. good movie, discusses whats owed you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbkUwE_Po-s
  2. cjf711

    Polka Party

    Polka is ok, She likes Kielbasa better than fish, But, if you want to get down, Then you need a dose of Franzl Lang.
  3. PTP tires Pe*(s tread pattern
  4. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    anyone else notice they are barefoot? put some crocs on or something, that concrete can be hot!
  5. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    I need the raccoon vaccine real badly here..... raccoon-20 looks even worse than raccoon-19 already
  6. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    Its your house, its your rules, no one has to come in if they dont want to. If you come into my house then I assume you follow the rules of my house as I would follow those of yours. If we both have to go to the dmv and stand in line for an hour then neither of us are in our house anymore. So probably one or both of us wont be as satisfied as if we were.
  7. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    Its a point that seems logical to me also.
  8. “Tesla pickup” the single most fugly vehicle to have ever graced the planet
  9. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    What I meant was it’s a virus, influenza, the corona virus, the other you listed. All similar physical properties in terms of the size it is. How it interacts once inside the body is different but in terms of how it interacts physically with a mask is no different. my point is, either masks do a job or they do not, people seem to make both arguments that masks do nothing For covid 19 and also may have a side effect that will make us have reduced immunity to common cold. Which seems incorrect to me.
  10. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    But covid19 is a flu, its not special in really any physical way where its smaller than the average flu or larger, its just a flu. Either masks do nothing to effect viral disease, like cold and flu, and are pointless to be worn, (would have no effect on immune system) or masks do "something" regarding the spread of viral diseases and if that something is slow or prevent exposure then there is a possibility for LONG term reduction in immune system exposure over a period of mask wearing.
  11. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    The masks wont prevent or slow any type of flu transmission, but they will keep us from getting sick and compromise our immune systems? What diseases are the masks stopping that we arent building immunity against?
  12. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    Ive had a gun pulled on me 1 time. I didnt have any weapon with me so, basically I just admitted that I was the PU$$y and got the F out of there ASAP. Scared me S&*^less. Only time ive been more scared was when i found out one of the guys I was hanging with had a 9 in his pants while we were in a club one night, because Im thinking if we got into anything it could escalate because, I know the guy but, I dont know him well enough to know how he is going to respond in that scenario...
  13. cjf711

    Where`d he go?

    A certain President knows the cure is 2 fillet-o-fish, 2 big macs hold 1 bun, and a large milkshake from the golden arches. which is why he has no need for a mask.
  14. cjf711

    Reading books

    If you have the time, check out this interview with Scott Adams. How to fail at almost everything and still win big He sort of goes into the Trump Talent Stack and what he IS good at and theory on how he does what he does and so forth, Thought was pretty good. Trump is the King of Branding no argument from me on that.
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