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  1. Well I didnt take any psychology or behavioral classes when I was in college so this must be the reason for my flawed reasoning process most likely! lol Have a good evening anyways Sledge, I enjoy the chatting, hopefully you get some enjoyment too and not just annoyance from me.
  2. Personal experiences in problems that may not have clear cut solutions like a visibly flat tire are not that useful because often times peoples emotions cloud their perception of what is going on in the world around them. People think of a flat tire on their car as something that sucked for them and an obstacle that they overcame or were challenged with. They dont usually think, wonder if i hit something on the road that someone else may be hitting now. Id be too IN the moment with a flat tire too probably care about how i got it or if the same obstacle might effect someone else as well. Thats what i mean when I talk about personal experiences anyways.
  3. This is exactly the problem with personal experiences. They seem more believable than anything else because they happened to you and you were there.
  4. without the vaccination that number would have been much larger. that number is also most likely wrong because im sure there are many people infected without any symptoms that would lead them to get tested. The vaccine reduces the number of people that get the disease, does it go to 0. no it doesnt claim to do that, just like no vaccine does. Its a tool, not a final stand alone solution. And its being wasted because of the number of people refusing.
  5. You can die from wearing a seatbelt, odds are in an accident you are more likely to survive if you have yours on. Can you claim liable for proof of a safety belt related death? I dont know? Maybe? Id still wear a seatbelt. The purpose would to try to eliminate the possible number of hosts for the virus to survive in. Young healthy non vaccinated people are a great harbor for the virus. Probably they are not all of them quacks, some could be though. Some doctors are quacks right? I fully expect a certain percentage of every profession on earth to be a quack. law of averages.
  6. I would only have an axial flow combine by the way, but, Im just trying to make the point that personal experience really doesnt have much value... you can find someone with any experience you want.
  7. The axial flow combine is a terrible concept because in my personal experience i have had nothing but failure and trouble with the machines ive been around, no amount of other sources cited can change that.
  8. the goal is not to eliminate covid. Its to try to control as good as we can for as long as we can with the tools we have. Its only a matter of time before the virus adapts and we can no longer control it. The only fear mongering i get in all of this is the garbage about the cure being worse than the sickness. Next thing i have my eye on is the expense that non vaccinated people are running up on healthcare plans and unemployment due to avoidable hospital stays and illness. Wonder when those charts get rolled out?
  9. if we do not control the spread there exists a real possibility for a variant that is much more lethal to emerge. One that could also end up not being controlled by any vaccine. Like weeds, I spray water hemps with roundup for 5 years because its dirt cheap and only have an escape weed here or there. Eventually here or there becomes everywhere and roundup is not an option for control. Oh, and my neighbor who did have better methods of control and prevention also inherits my resistant weeds
  10. Its best not to tempt the fates and ignore these signs. You are blessed you didnt ring up 7288 or 7488
  11. My wife has a spiral cutter that she uses to cut the zucchini into what looks like spaghetti noodles, We eat it like a pasta dish either with red sauce or other. Pretty good and alot less calories than regular pasta. Tried it on a diet once and turned out to be a dish that I actually look forward to having.
  12. The deeper pockets are going to come calling regardless of what you do or would do. The wolves are at my door all the time on family land, what can you do? You do what you can so that you can be happy when you look in the mirror, Hopefully an opportunity comes along where you can say, thank the lord im not dinking around folding that planter 5 times over at whereever you are at. Thats how i look at the battles ive lost... Nothing really has opened up, but maybe someday?
  13. It matters to them because maybe someone like me who is hungry for land is offering them something you are not. Maybe they are a land hog, or maybe its a guy with a town job who is so sick of doing that job he would do anything for that 25 acres to farm? You said it wont break you, so forget it and move on. That is my advice
  14. Id rather just get vaccinated and wear a mask.
  15. pretty much anything i desire is cheaper from amazon, local brick and mortar is the most expensive on almost everything.
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