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  1. Has anyone else noticed a language change on the political signs this cycle? So and so "sucks" No more "bulls*(t" insert name "f'd up our state" im no naive schoolboy, or an old man, but, it seems way out of place and most people seem at ease with it. just sort of disappointing
  2. Am I the only one that will be replacing the transition cone and pulling the radiator off thats been leaking on the first day its good to go in the field?
  3. I think im going to struggle on until a possible 5.4" iphone 12 is available to test out and hold.
  4. we started putting our inground pool in on may 10, still waiting for plastering and some concrete pavers that the plant is on back order for another month. We signed a contract on it last fall, now there is a 2 year wait for this company to start construction on new pools. They told me demand has basically tripled for them, but, they are afraid to add people to build more at once because the supply chain is so sketchy that they just cant predict when they can get material. We are hoping to get finished by september 1. Been planning for about 4 years. Growing up we had an above
  5. Hello darlin, nice to see ya
  6. Im not advocating for a vaccine mandate at all. Im saying IF there is one, I do not think you can expect a business to continue to allow you to have a choice and will be "forced" to embrace the mandate or look at other work. Exactly as Richard said. And yes... I do believe that if there is a mandate and then there are long term problems... yes... it will most likely be sucks for you. Thats how it goes. Do i think people should be responsible for damages? YES!, do I think they will be held accountable and made to pay? No. Final response, If there is an approved vaccine, if
  7. I like going off topic! lol First, I dont despise the current leader of our country, I do feel he is an embarrassment of how a "man" should conduct them themselves, and also feel he will stab me, you, or America in the back if it puts 5 more dollars in his pocket. Thats just his DNA. Secondly, I didnt say I would do whatever the man tells me to do, I said, in a sense that everyone while working for the man, MUST abide by the mans rules. You live in my house, you live by MY rules. Dont like it? No hard feelings, build your own house. C, all this talk of forcible remo
  8. agree 100%, there will always be those out there that the FDA and your additional work to help still wont be enough to prove out merits. Im not sure what will happen when or if it will come to that point? But agree with your path.
  9. so, based on your collected advice and your professionals you would in certain circumstances mandate a vaccine?
  10. I dont know anything except that if a guy trips on the welcome mat at my front door he may try to sue me.
  11. What if we do like you say, Im going to let everyone make their own decisions, sounds like common sense. The scenario i see playing out is, a nurse or someone under the employers umbrella goes out and says no vaccine, they get sick and transmit the disease to a few people. Lets say NONE of those people even die, but, can trace exposure back to your company... what about missed work these newly infected people incur? Or healthcare costs? Who is responsible for that exposure? How can these people not say... There is an approved vaccine!!!! why have you not taken proper precautions?????
  12. I understand what you are saying, but, no, employers will not take responsibility, they will claim the FDA told them it was safe if there are long term issues. It stinks, but, thats what will happen and people will have to band together and go after the vaccine maker, who will then try to blame everyone for rushing them...
  13. The Yankees have pretty strict physical appearance policy If i want to have a mustache I can, but, they probably will use whatever means is at their disposal to convince me that that is a bad choice, depending on how strongly I feel about it may determine my ability to be a Yankee or be forced to look for work someplace else that will work with me more. Of course the superior or uniquely skilled person may get preferential treatment in situations like this as well. I didnt say I was fine with it at all.
  14. What events and time frame need to take place for you to be sure of safety? as far as no one being forced to choose between profession and injection, I disagree, You work for the man, you follow the mans rules. You dont like it, become the man and carry the burdens of the man. That just seems to be the way it is, doesnt mean its the right way it should be.
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