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  1. Wife and I purchased part of the home family farm this year so with the new mortgage payment ill never be worried about what to do with "extra" money at the end of the year until im about 80 if we manage to hang on that long. If i had cash to spend though i would buy some lime before any equipment right now.
  2. What i have found on working on my old body style range rover is just forget everything you think you know about the rules of automotive mechanics and approach everything as a new and undiscovered world. Landrovers are more a collection of somewhat similar parts moving in somewhat of a similar direction than what most people think of as an actual "operation vehicle" The axle housings (not the differential gears) on the classic rovers were first used back on the 60's, The Rover V8 is old buick molds, Its an adventure!
  3. 1680 #1 is alive again! The issue was (undetermined) Cleaned all the alt connections, tightened the belts as much as humanly possible, and it seems fine. If curious, that is an 883 cornhead,
  4. Bolted the steering stabilizer back onto m 95 range rover front differential that the previous owner had removed... My first run in with whitworth, Whitworth 1, Me 0 Unsure when the next rematch will be, but who can ever be totally sure when these things happen??? PS "sardonic" Thats a new word for me, Looked it up, i feel like alot of the time when i was being sarcastic i was being sardonic and I didnt even know! #Gamechanger!
  5. we put a new "upgraded" solenoid on it like CIH recommends for the magnums a year ago. It could be bad again, Ill check it when i take the cover off
  6. Greetings all, have an issue with our 1680 that am trying to figure out. Before starting turn key on, oil pressure light sold red, amp light flashing Start combine, oil light out (have oil pressure), amp light goes out, Alternator charging needle surges from middle middle of guage to full charge right side of guage, and cycle about once a second. Everything "works" But digitial tach lights brighten and dim with the charge surge, and the main lights do same thing. Turn key off and shut down combine, With combine off Oil pressure tell light flashes dimmly on and off at same cycle rate as the charging surge when the engine was running... (ive never seen anything like this) This is with key in the OFF position We have a battery disconnect which is off and that kills the oil tell light so i think its ok to not catch fire and burn down where it sets at the moment... We took the alternator off and had it checked out as I thought maybe a diode was bad, but... good to go 100% aok according to the shop. So, getting ready to stick this thing back on tomorrow and after the problem comes back not sure where to go How can the oil tell light be flashing with the key in off position... this has to be the clue on where to start? This is 1680 serial #1 so it has the ih engine in it. Thanks for any ideas in advance!
  7. Try house of antique hardware, They have reproduction mortise lock sets.
  8. One things for sure, Those signs really motivate me on who i should vote for...
  9. If he has the vacation or ability to take off and the company lets him take it then this is a company policy issue. Whats keeping you from taking off as well? It sounds like the company KNOWS you will be in the shop so they are using that knowledge as leverage on you. Im 100% sure they know who is and isnt pulling their weight by the billable hours in the system, the fact the 2 new young guys are coming in may be their answer to the problem that you are having.
  10. I always tell the guys who want to be done first to rent me some of their land so they can be finished and i can be farming. Its a win win.
  11. Inside Measurement was hard to get square on Outside measurement Hub reversed
  12. Regular 30.5 -32 BUT THIS is what you want If you werent distracted by the Rice and Cane rubber, next to this 1460 in our shed is a 1680 that is serial number 1
  13. we have more money in the 30.5 32 firestones on our 4386 than the tractor is worth probably.... and the tires arent even new!
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