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  1. loader work, moving bales, mowing, hay, anything not tillage I want a hydro. Cant tell you how much our 766 stinks with a loader on it compared to when the hydro 100 had it on their. I always wanted a 1026, but now would prefer a 186 or 3488 for chopping and hay work more for the nicer cab.
  2. My theory is you rotate the wheel so one is on bottom and one is on top, then you can fill nitrogen in one and purge at the other due to density difference.
  3. Looks like I picked the wrong week
  4. Looks like I picked the wrong week
  5. Cant she just head over to chuckie cheese and get one from the claw machine ? Or is it out of order?
  6. Im 40 and have yet to "earn" the right to operate the planter. I dont think i want to be part of an operation that requires or allows an 8yr old to run the planter. Dont they have calves to feed, or stalls to clean, or grass to mow, or windows to clean, or cabs to vacuum, or equipment to wash, or so on and so on and so on? 8 yrs old and already moved to the penthouse of the farm?
  7. License plates up 50 a plate also Weight fee of 100 added on all trucks plus plate increase
  8. cjf711

    7.3 idi

    If you happen to need a new glow plug harness, the ones for the power stroke circa 2003 I think have the same size connector to fit on idi glow plugs, as the idi harness is no longer available or if you find it its big money. I bought left and right harness off ebay for like 20 bucks. Just cut the rectangle connector off the end of each and soldered on an eyelet to screw on the controller.
  9. We no till it into wheat stubble almost every year, Sudan grass LOVES heat and doesnt need much in the way of water which is why its a great doublecrop summer grass. Struggles in wet soil and cool temps. Have had grass before in it that does effect performance and the sudan wont really choke it out. What you see now will be there when you go to cut it. Weather in this part of the world (southern IL) wouldnt be good at all for it right now.
  10. We bought it used and it was like that. Assumed was factory?
  11. we have a 24' 4900 series Krause, not a rock flex. Tubes on wings are filled with shot so they cut as deep as the main frame. Does a better job than the neighbors sunflower at 25% of the cost. Cant think about a negative on it? The paint quality on it seems like the worst of any implement we have ever owned.
  12. When i think about "Drugs" I think about stimuli on the brain. The problem to me is that it isnt the rock, or the powder, or the huffing the paint, or the act its how our brain responds to certain types of stimuli. Which is why i brought up gambling. There are some people who can mange this stimuli, or are even "enhanced by it". They can have a single malt scotch, bet 25$ on blackjack for an hour, smoke an L in the evening, and then be up at 6 and in the boardroom or at the assembly line doing their job being a productive member of society. Something about them and their brains allow them to do this without losing their homes, alienating their families, or killing themselves. There is another group of people that appears predisposed to weakness... I dont mean they are weak people... I mean for whatever reason... they are prone to take step after step after step and give up their control in situations. So... To me the issue on "Drugs" is a bit like the issue on "Guns". A gun is a tool, a drug is a tool... there is a segment of the population that for whatever reason misuses these tools... why do they do that? why do some people NOT do that? we can say that to save ourselves we need to lock up the kitchen knives so no one can get to them, or we can figure out why the heck someone would even want to consider using a kitchen knife to harm themselves or someone else. People like easy solutions, so, lots of chanting about locking them away (like guns). but... if we take them away and dont solve the underlying problem then wont another need for stimulation take its place? Will that be better or worse? I dont know what the answer is... People mentioned Engineering degrees and so forth in this thread... I have one also... You know what i like about engineering... Its EASY! provable with mathematics. Truly nothing much more simple I think and that is comforting. Issues like drugs, mental health, raising kids, scare the S&*(T out of me!
  13. Francis Crick discovered DNA while on LSD. Steve Jobs also a heavy LSD user. Knew a young mother who recently died of cancer that possibly got her last 6 months on earth in relative comfort due to pot use that was brought illegally in over state lines by her husband. No one brought up gambling... that has the same type of effects on the brain for certain people. Have seen more families destroyed by gambling than by pot here.
  14. living in a home built in 1857 and having conversations about plastering techniques and searches for period single pane glass to restore broken windows I can not image the details of planning that must be taken on to put this back somewhat the way it was...
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