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  1. seems like replay of last year... slop, mud, slop, mud. Its a beautiful thing when the ground is solid and your boots dont sink in to the ankle
  2. "The more You know, the more You know You dont know" Aristotle
  3. Must have been no dozers available at the rental store
  4. Anyone else want to get into the business of crowd estimation software with me... apparently 50k-85k is an acceptable value for a guesstimate out of the software.... that is a fat margin of error.
  5. I started getting loads of hearing aid spam in the mail as soon as I turned 40, Im talking every other week someone wants me to get a hearing aid. Wifes Grandfather sold hearing aids for years, made his living on farmers, always left ear worse than right from sitting sideways on tractor looking over right shoulder is what he said.
  6. I got a coal fired plant about 15 miles away that bothers my skyline too. Id trade it for the windmills in terms of view obstruction. everything is good until it goes in your back yard though.
  7. https://www.tesla.com/solarroof
  8. I used to wear mucks and last pair they started to crack on the outside after first winter, switched to dryshod big bobby as they were on sale. I like them, better than the mucks, they seem to flex more and the treads wash easier. My wife got a pair of dryshod too but she got the Artic ones and really likes those alot.
  9. natural cycles have rules, if shifting carbon is not a component driver of a changing climate what are some other ones? volcanoes, asteroid impact, solar cycles, orbit changes, man, all possible drivers I guess I dont know what you are saying by "natural cycle" and following the money. the climate is changing, i dont think it takes much of a peer review to come to that conclusion? What are some of the factors you propose that are driving the shift?
  10. carbon is either in the atmosphere, in the oceans, in the earth, or in the life on the surface. Not destroyed or created, just changing positions. The question is. Does changing the ratio of C in the 4 locations effect the climate or does changing the climate through some other means change the ratio of C in the 4 areas. If we assume fossil fuel burning or man is not driving the climate to change then what is another possibility for the changes that we are seeing? Things dont just happen in cycles "naturally" they happen because there are sets of rules that drive them.
  11. Green Energy, Or Clean Energy is a bad way to say that what you want is a process to produce GREENER or CLEANER options than what you have.
  12. At my desk since 530AM, The beat goes on
  13. cjf711


    https://blog.taxact.com/whats-new-about-the-home-office-deduction-in-2018/ can we just get this one back please? Any politicians out there help me out with a solid?
  14. Main reason I have auto or health insurance is that i easily foresee many instances where i could be financially ruined for life in an instant. Extended warranties are just insurance, for in comparison small dollar amounts, so, i pay as I go rather than wager on warranty being financially wise for me. Id feel terrified if i didnt have health insurance . some people feel that way about their cars too I think which is why these warranty providers exist. I mean, if a 3000$ repair can break you, then the warranty premium may be a smart choice until you are out of that situation, so, I see a place in the market for them.
  15. I used to take it from southern IL up to chicago and back for work trips instead of driving. You can get the most expensive seat for not much more than a regular one and have a desk and charging station for working. It was never on time, sometimes 3 or more hours late. At any time of the year this was. But, I was able to work, have phone and internet, and not be in traffic so, it was a time saver still. I never had issue with the website or bookings but, its possible its glitching at the moment as well. Thats how it goes sometimes.
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