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  1. cjf711

    Pontification on Fair livable wages

    , No, The thing is, I dont expect them to loan money on a farming venture. I can see that from their standpoint with the other options in the market it would be a poor choice most likely. Which makes it hard to even argue when you see it like the bank does right from the beginning. I Have the small place now, cant find renters willing to work with smaller guy so i can take another step. Cash not an issue as I have saved it up to go the rental lease route with payment in advance if needed. Finding someone who wont give it to a cousin or brother or inlaw is the problem. Other thing I have ran into is people are in love with the equipment that the BTOs run... I cant compete with that dog and pony show, and even if i could, I think its more financially sound to maintain older equipment in terms of per acre cost. Provided you have those skills to maintain, and enjoy doing those things. Ive thought about working with an older guy, but, where do they hang out at? How do you build that relationship? And... how do you REALLY help them when you have to have another job and work 50 plus a week during normal hours... Most old guys arent wanting to burn the candle at both ends to get a crop in or out. Im happy to stay up till 2 or start at 4 or whatever... but... the scheduling thing has been a holdup there. I think i have derailed this thread.... apologize for that....
  2. cjf711

    Pontification on Fair livable wages

    I guess I kind of only have 1 real dream in life. The farming thing is so hard to get going... anything else I have ever wanted to do I could strictly rely on myself, which is a nice luxury.... find money, get good job, play an individual sport, learn a skill, but the farming thing requires "help" or someone to "give an opportunity, or invest in you" When you need and want land or a banker to team up with you to begin a project, sometimes it matters much more "who" you know than "what" you know... and... My personality is that of a very poor networker. If there was a training on how to network, or become more personable, I would sign up because I think that is really whats holding back the dream I have. My daily struggle is spent on figuring out how to network myself into an opportunity.... and im doing poorly at it.... It is frustrating when you dont know what to do next, or how to make an inch more progress....
  3. cjf711

    Pontification on Fair livable wages

    I know I would LOVE to get the family farm back into dairy if it paid a livable wage. In fact, forget a livable wage, I would do it for the love and joy of it if i could just not mortgage the families future so extensively that it creates a financial burden someday for my kids.. Considering I would also work at home or in town at another job to supplement income. This is a big problem with rowcrop, dairy, livestock ect I think. LOTS of people would do it if it paid livable money. I mean, I dont know a farmer around me that doesnt have another job on the side so that they can stay farming, which is the only career that they really WANT to have. Most of the producers I hear complaining about wages, money, ect, inherited some ground, or a medium large operation and dont know what life is without it. I invite them to give it a go with another job punching a clock for 50-60 hrs for someone else and see how fulfilled they feel looking at their bank account rising... maybe they would do great at it and enjoy it? I know from my personal experience at the end of the day it feels like crap... Whats the point of having money in the bank if you have no farm to farm, I mean what are you supposed to do? Buy a boat? A new car? Whats the point of those things?
  4. cjf711

    Read this billboard before you google it.

    I cant talk on my cellphone when driving, but giant confusing billboards are no distraction at all.
  5. cjf711


    What if we starting tipping up front... Sit down at the table and say... ok, heres 10 bucks, or 20 or whatever you think your 20% or usual tip is and see if service responds. would be an interesting experiment, Seems like thats how the high rollers do things. Pay for the service up front... more risk, more reward?
  6. cjf711

    Why not vote?

    This is a bad reason probably as its part of the issue maybe but... My House district went 83%R to 17%D, I liked the D candidate, seemed like a sensible guy but, there was no chance. The Governor race was a D Landslide that was known in advance. won by something like 600k votes, and honestly i didnt care for either candidate. either will screw our state further into the ground I think, flip a coin and buckle in.. it really doesnt matter. All my locals ran in the 80% R range with in many cases no other option running against the R candidate. No good moderate candidates. All lined up with Trump, which is fine if they REALLY believe that stuff, but, do they really? I mean... how is that possible... After the districts got redrawn in the house races it has pretty much locked us into a Hard R candidate... As a registered D, I dont vote in the R primary which is really all that matters at this point. Presidential elections, senate elections can be closer, but, none this year, so, I hauled manure instead of voting.
  7. cjf711

    Gravity wagons

    We have a couple ez trail wagons that we put 300 on, the 12.5Ls never would hold up, sidewalls would come apart. Converted to 10.00 truck used semi tires that were "junk" never had issue since then. Pulls so much easier as well.
  8. cjf711


    I enjoy hearing the banter of the political discussions, but, i dont go to a real coffee shop, or hang out on facebook either so, I like that in the small time i have to spend online i can just go to 1 spot and see a variety of items or maybe a news story I didnt have time to catch. The forum is called (coffee shop) for a reason was what I had thought? I wouldnt expect to see politics, or personal stuff in general IH or projects or whatever. If it makes us uncomfortable i would say we should be discussing more not less, as a general rule of thumb.
  9. cjf711

    Time change this weekend

    Its nice to mess with the cows in the morning and not be in the dark! however Its annoying to mess with the cows in the evening and be in the dark... short days make you look back on the summer and say... why didnt I fix these lights....
  10. cjf711

    1066 #6 cylinder miss

    We have these problems anytime we run bio diesel. Got away from it and now problems are gone.
  11. cjf711

    another interesting moment

    Or Maybe the Republicans staged it to look like the Dems staged all this to implicate the republicans?????? Or maybe its just a dumb fruit loop that has their brain wired wrong. This event shouldnt effect how anyone votes. Need to vote on policy, and not make it emotional. If you believe in a border wall you still should. If you like the ACA you still should. These types of terrorist activities fuel the Sheeple in the population who twist in the wind based on emotional feelings rather than policy. Its up to is to be calm in times like this, and always go back to policy. Whether you like a more liberal policy and approach to the world, or you want something more conservative. Do not dignify these fringe morons with speculation. I get it though, its kind of fun, but people out there ACTUALLY believe these conspiracy things!!!!!!
  12. cjf711

    another interesting moment

    This bomber is not an R, he is a misguided nimrod. Same way that Hodgkinson guy or whatever is/was. These fringe people are not the majority of either party, and they stupidly do things that become tools for the other side to use as political motivational tools to herd the sheeple into the corral that they choose for them. I am a D, Most of my friends are Rs. We amazingly coexist without pipe bombing one another / shooting each other, and even discuss politics regularly without getting into fist fights. I suspect thats the reality in most corners of the country.... its just not popular to put stories about working together on the air for either side for some reason.
  13. found that link, for those who would like to read all the details. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/10/06/a-closer-look-at-who-does-and-doesnt-pay-u-s-income-tax/ Not to totally derail this topic but I was messing around online while not working... and found this link on why the South turned Republican. They do a good job presenting on various topics if you have time to check them out its worth the 5 minutes.
  14. Mike , this link would support your argument which i also agree with http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/08/07/for-most-us-workers-real-wages-have-barely-budged-for-decades/ corp taxes have varied greatly in 50 years yet, the money the worker/"us" gets its pretty much stagnant...
  15. The American working class is being burdened with a greater share of federal tax dollars as time passes, true or false? Here is a link i found with a graph of this trend in the middle https://www.cbpp.org/research/federal-tax/policy-basics-where-do-federal-tax-revenues-come-from are we getting paid more money to offset this reduction in the corp share of dollars? or is it effecting our quality of life to the point that we now have to make decisions like having 2 or 4 kids. Thats how it "feels" to me, but, not sure if thats real truth or just feelings.