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  1. Were you up on St. Rt. 83 when they pulled Muskies bucket over to the park Capt.? I worked on Muskie for 5 years, along with all the other drags, shovels, dozers, etc. that was there at the mine. Hard to get a grasp for the size of that bucket, but you could drive 4 pickups up in there and still get out them and move around. Had to be 4X4 though, don't think a two wheel drive would climb the lip.
  2. Hardtail, yea, Ole Herc has been sad for the last year or so, I've only started him up a couple times, and I found the boards I had him on had rotted (actually termites did them in) and once again I've got waves in his tracks. I spent $500.00 a few years ago getting the pins pushed out and back in to free him up for the last project, but alas, with no building to put him in he's been sitting out. Had some 2" red oak under him, but both of them have dissapeared. I've got a 175C sitting out beside the garage in my work area now. Been sitting there for a year. I've got all the parts to put it back together, just lacked the time and desire. I'll have the time now as I've just about retired from working. I've got two customers close by I'm going to keep that will give me about 4 days a month work. That's all I want. I'm tired of traveling so I'm doing my good by circuit now. I was blown away when I saw the Captains handle on the thread when I was cruising by the other night. Then saw PF/L and yours. Really didn't think I'd see much of anyone around anymore. I've stopped a few times and read some threads, but most by new folk. Good to see all of ya. I may start working on the 175C again just to get some advice. I think the torque converter may be tired. The engine was, but I've gotten it back into shape, just need to put the big pieces back on.
  3. Hi Raleigh! You're still in Virginia I see. For some reason I had you in NC in my mind. Good to see you're still kicking
  4. I remember that Mike! I think the deal was I submitted a word and they didn't use it and kept playing the game like I wasn't there. I don't remember the particulars, but yea, I remember calling them out on it. What was good for the goose wasn't any good for the gander it seemed. ?
  5. Boy it's good to see you all again. I didn't think I'd ever read anything from CC again. And I tried to find several along the line and was never able to. I'll stop in now more often. This covid thing has me all screwed up with work and what not. Dave
  6. I had a herniated disc there also, from fooling with my 9B. Mine became a floater, a piece of the inner material broke off after it was squished out of the disc and was floating around the spine. Every once in a while it would take me to the ground. Best thing I ever did for myself was get to a good doctor and get that thing taken care of. It's interesting to find out what all you use your back for, but it's a blessing to be pain and fear free. People didn't understand when I would tell them my back felt great, but my leg was killing me. Good luck to you. You won't regret getting it done. D
  7. I had no clue. I knew the one at the flooded mines had tankers coming all the time, but 30,000/day is wild. Thanks for the info. Love your thread D
  8. One of the underground mines I worked at flooded, and a company was hired to pump it out.....several millions of gallons. They brought in a Rolls engine pump on two tractor trailers, set em up, and pumped water like no one around here has ever seen. Worked at another mine that after I had been gone a couple years caught on fire. Was burning for several days. Same company was hired and brought in their engine. They funneled the exhaust down the intake, and snuffed out the fire by driving all the oxygen out. Not sure how much fuel that dude burns, but in both instances a tanker truck followed them in and hooked up. Quite an apparatus to see. They had to anchor the engine trailer down with ground ties onto pylons they set under the trailer. Didn't take them long, they knew what they were doing, and it was obvious that wasn't their first rodeo
  9. Chris, I'm not sure if you can get in with enough room or not, but if they are broken off even with the casting, you can weld a nut on the broken off end, let it cool, and very possibly screw the stud out of the casting. The heat from welding will expand and then contract the broken stud as it cools, loosening the rust enough to unscrew it. You have to have enough room to get at it though. You need to weld all the way around the nut, then fill the middle as well. Need all the heat you can get till you fill the nut full. D
  10. Electrolysis tank is the "E" tank. Google that with the words Red Power and you can find some previous posts on its setup. D
  11. There are several things you could use, but I'm going to spout off and say that it would be a crying shame to farmer fix that radiator without getting it rodded out and boiled, and then fixed right. Awfully good lookin tractor to have a piece of crap radiator trying to keep it cool. Just my 2c D
  12. Have you ever tried spraying or painting this stuff on something R99 or is it just dippable? D
  13. I'm with Kevin, maybe someone just adjusted the fingers . If there was an extra fiber in there then you know someone has fooled with it before. That's the way, as you know, to make up for worn discs is just to put an extra one in. Perhaps they didn't do that on the right side, but adjusted the fingers down. Look and see if you can tell any difference in the adjustment screw on the fingers from one side to the other. Count threads if you can. If you're sure everything is good to go, the proper number of discs are in there and you started stacking with the right kind, adjust them up to where they need to be. D
  14. Sure is lookin good. Be nice to see it run D
  15. I'll bet he's talking about the sticky at the beginning of this sub forum D
  16. You better get those tracks cleaned out before it freezes! Oh, but you're not gonna run it when it's frozen, huh. Ok, wait for the rain to clean them. D
  17. Got his legs crossed and taking it easy isn't he! D
  18. There's no "like" button Mike, or I'd hit it a couple times. Individual liberties
  19. I guess I don't understand the rules
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