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  1. COLD

    -7 here this morning. Furnace shuts off for 10 minutes then back on. My old house isn't very energy efficient.
  2. Dow passed 24,000

    We lost our employee health care from my wife's work. It was Cadillac plan, and being provided free of charge even though the company she works for had less than 50 employees. Liberal woman owner praised bozo for freeing her from the debt of health care. She took the money and smiled all the way to the bank. Then we were thrown onto the ACA market place, where we had to pay over $1000/month for a $5000.00 deductible plan. I lost three customers (power plants, coal transfer facility, mining company) which is why I had to let go of my employees (Yea, the bozo recovery was great for me). I struggled to find new customers. I am turning down business now with the Trump plan of MAGA, simply because I don't want to work 12 hrs a day anymore. I'm 63 and making enough between us to do what we want and when we want. I no longer want the headache and expense of employees. From what I can tell, the tax cuts will help us tremendously. Although we still have this stupidly expensive health insurance, we now have a fully funded HSA which will help with paying that $6000.00 deductible/ $7500.00 OOP plan we have been stuck with (keeps raising every year, and oh yea, we did not keep our doctors of 20 years here ) I look forward to the next 7 years of MAGA. The future looks rosy
  3. Dow passed 24,000

    Yes indeed I do. I had to get rid of my 2 employees in 2009 when companies started cutting back hard. Stock market down, and then came the "ACA" lol. I took a beating for about three years before starting to pull it out. I'm still the only one in my comapny, and I am now turning down business. You can only work so many hours. MAGA D
  4. Trackhoe bucket repair

    Ive got a couple of the suitcases and an LN9, but no longer have a power source. I had an SA-200 red face pipeliner, and sold it several years ago. I've since welded with some of the inverter machines, and had to laugh at myself for getting rid of the SA-200. I'm looking for another one. I'll not let it go. When you use that machine with a suitcase (LN25) it's kinda like running a caulking gun. Never got it to work well with the LN9 though (could never get good looking bead), and I wonder if my LN9 is not working right or if the umbilical has a short. The boys at the mines used to use the suitcase welders when repairing buckets. I've seen them weld uphill on Muskies bucket for 2' with .045 and carry a puddle that looked like a silver dollar. Never learned to do it, and had many opportunities. We used to build a tent over the buckets so they could run gas shielded wire, they seemed to like it the best. Looks like a good job Finney, I especially like you use air arc and gouging tips. I have seen a lot of folk burn up the steel with a gouging tip when an air arc would have been a better choice.
  5. Here's the gift for your wife/girlfriend this holiday

    I believe that gal did pretty well for what they say is minimum training in the holster. She has had more than minimum training in the handling of a firearm though. D
  6. Dow passed 24,000

    And hows that economy in Wisconsin gettin along ole buddy?
  7. TD14 Bendix spring, possible solution

    Why can I not see your pictures? Just blank boxes with a - sign in a circle. D
  8. Hi. Rocko59 here

    Good to hear fro you again Rocko. I tried to get hold of you couple years ago and called Browns, they told me you had left but not much help in finding you. I bought a 175 C and had some questions. Glad your back. D
  9. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I had a herniated disc there also, from fooling with my 9B. Mine became a floater, a piece of the inner material broke off after it was squished out of the disc and was floating around the spine. Every once in a while it would take me to the ground. Best thing I ever did for myself was get to a good doctor and get that thing taken care of. It's interesting to find out what all you use your back for, but it's a blessing to be pain and fear free. People didn't understand when I would tell them my back felt great, but my leg was killing me. Good luck to you. You won't regret getting it done. D
  10. WD9 or TD9 injection pump seals

    The search on this forum is not much. Here are some threads Google gives us: Use Google and put in : "WD9 injection pump seals Redpower magazine" for the search criteria (Without the quote marks of course)
  11. International 250 Loader

    My book shows the valve being on from factory I believe. You could cut it off if you weren't traveling very far with a load. From what I can understand, most of them leaked and were cut off for that reason. Understand that the spring was for carrying the loaded bucket over rough terrain it kept the bump pressure down on the cylinders. Those main cylinder seals don't last a long time either from what I gather. those that hae them can chime in a correct me if I'm worng. I don't have many hours on my 175C, kinda lost interest in it. D
  12. Going for it

    It looks like it's there Louie. I didn't think it was either for a minute. At least, that's what it looks like here.
  13. Life in Alaska

    I had no clue. I knew the one at the flooded mines had tankers coming all the time, but 30,000/day is wild. Thanks for the info. Love your thread D
  14. Life in Alaska

    One of the underground mines I worked at flooded, and a company was hired to pump it out.....several millions of gallons. They brought in a Rolls engine pump on two tractor trailers, set em up, and pumped water like no one around here has ever seen. Worked at another mine that after I had been gone a couple years caught on fire. Was burning for several days. Same company was hired and brought in their engine. They funneled the exhaust down the intake, and snuffed out the fire by driving all the oxygen out. Not sure how much fuel that dude burns, but in both instances a tanker truck followed them in and hooked up. Quite an apparatus to see. They had to anchor the engine trailer down with ground ties onto pylons they set under the trailer. Didn't take them long, they knew what they were doing, and it was obvious that wasn't their first rodeo
  15. Must have been the movement in the video. Standing still the right side looks like it's got some teeth left. Good deal. Run er hard D