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  1. Sorry to hear that Troy. I’ll pray for him and his family. Definitely take a few minutes to talk to him. It will make his day I’m sure.
  2. I sold a 760 roto grind recently. It would work my turboed 966 pretty good.
  3. I would be afraid of 4894, scania engines are tough. My neighbors run 4 or 5 4890’s and have good luck with them. I have a 4690 and it has been a great tractor for me. The power shifts are a little jumpy but seem to last. I’ve had mine for almost 20 years and never been into it yet.
  4. The biggest tractor would have been a 9380 quadtrack in 99 or so at a dealer in Missouri. A friend and I where down there getting some wrecked cars and had time to blow. We went over to the local CIH dealer and they had it setting out front. I asked the salesman if I could drive it and he let me drive it around the dealership. I still remember how smooth a ride it was. I was surprised he said yes! Other then that between a 4586 or 4890 case.
  5. I have a bunch of devibliss guns left over from my Autobody days. Always liked how they sprayed. Also have the bag system (which is now is old) which allows you to spray any direction if you get all the air out. Was the cats meow around 99-00.
  6. NY1468


    REALLY? I guess I’ll have to go now since there’s more to it then the toilet water to watch!😜
  7. NY1468


    It doesn’t?..... now I have no reason to go to Australia 😢 Thanks lorenzo
  8. Continental, in a lot of other Industral applications including my miller big 40.
  9. When it starts making funny noises I blow it out and that seems to work ok.
  10. I have a little collection of m12 tools along with the m18. The stubby m12 1/2” impact is lite and has almost 300ft pounds of toque. The die grinder is better then a dremel but if you use cut off wheels and carbide rasps the little pieces of steel will stick to the motor magnets and cause problems after a while.
  11. I’m right there with you on that. Driving a full sized Passat that on the highway would get over 50 was pretty impressive and I don’t hold any animosity towards vw for what they did. It’s just a shame that they don’t offer a desiel car anymore.
  12. I’m not sure about that, but if the half time show had his wife driving a 1456.......let’s just say things would get outa hand quick😜
  13. Only you, rusty... only you or driving a 1456?
  14. Working on a 1845c in my shop also. Unfortunately it’s been there a year or so. Got it with engine issues due to someone leaving water in it and it freezing. This one is a 99 or 00 so it’s one of the latter ones and only has just over 2k hrs on it but has been neglected the last part of its life. I’ll take some pictures of it sometime
  15. What phone are you using Troy?
  16. They definitely sound different, I’m not sure I could stand straight pipes. Loud enough with mufflers. I really don’t like the sound of a loud powerstroke, but I grew up around my 1468 and like how it sounds. That’s weird I know...🤷🏼‍♂️
  17. I believe we all know people that have problem cars from pretty much every manufacturer. I have owned a lot of VW’s and have had excellent results with them. I can only speak from my experiences. I have a 2011 Jetta tdi wagon that has given me a few issues emissions wise. It has a VW backed warranty till 140k or 10 years for all emission related problems from the time of emissions upgrade and I get a free loaner. I’m not complaining.
  18. Probably my sun....hope you enjoyed it.
  19. He’s moving right along with the planter.
  20. I took that picture of the sun for you guys and it didn’t shine the rest of the day here...😞
  21. Our family drives VW’s, I like the tdi’s a lot. We have 2 right now but have owned 3 before these. Parts aren’t bad and they aren’t hard to work on. They aren’t built like a domestic vehicle and quality of the newer ones is very good. I buy all my filters for them in March at the NAPA filter sale so they are relatively cheap. Can’t complain about them and they would probably help out navistar, can’t hurt them to much at this point anyway.
  22. I bought a service manual today, found one for $30. Thanks for all the offers.
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