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    Sorry to hear of your loss. Praying for the Lord to help you and your family through this time.
  2. Had a friend who’s husband went for 6 month out of the year for years. He had something to do with the lady who had emergency surgery down there and then air lifted out when they could a few years ago. I asked him once about 20 years ago how he liked it and he said it was ok. He never said much.
  3. Praying for your family
  4. You may…I’m waiting to see rusted out fords😞
  5. This event didn’t happen on the road… I have to admit that I may be guilty of texting and driving but not often. This was an event that I wasn’t part of fortunately, I just have to fix it. This is the 4-5 incident this poor truck has had all with someone else at the wheel. It’s pretty beat.
  6. This is what happens when your talking, texting and driving…..something gonna give..
  7. Had a run in with a feed wagon, still puts out good heat. Can’t kill a Chevy….I’m really a Dodge guy, but that truck is in the middle of a restoration. So I drive chevy’s for now and maybe the winter since I don’t care if they slowly disappear……
  8. She runs an drives, at night a flashlight comes in handy and the tire goes flat in 30 minutes so only good for short excursions.
  9. I’ve been through both states recently and Michigan is worse hands down. In PA you will encounter a rough road here and there but in MI all the roads are bad and cars along side the road missing parts usually front suspension parts or wheels…..
  10. Michigan roads in general are bad, leave Indiana or Ohio and you don’t need a sign as the road tells you as your car starts to take a beating and there starts to be cars broken down every where.
  11. Would probably have lost my chopper if I didn’t have a 10lb extinguisher with a hose. Cheap enough to buy a few to have around.
  12. Very sorry for your loss. You where a great brother to her and I’m sure she was grateful for all your help.
  13. As a group on here, we should donate to the help the families effected. Can’t imagine what they are going through.
  14. The things that happen when parents decide to let a phone parent their kids instead of them. My son is one of the few in his school who doesn’t have a phone and won’t get one till he is an adult.
  15. Prayers from ny for your daughter and your family.
  16. A church family can be such a great thing in times like these. Will be praying for for your family.
  17. We where told that same story by my dad. We would hear it couple times a year at least when I was 9-10. My dads story would end with the chief still searching and if you listen on a quiet day you can still hear him call for his son fallen rock….we listened a few times and it was just dad softly calling, I remember saying “really dad” and he would just laugh.
  18. Has a case 188D in it. Tough little motors.
  19. I understand what your saying, my dad would have fruitless arguments with my mom over things she would come up with. I told him one day and this was late in my moms dementia that the only one stressed out about mom calling him her brother was him and to let it go. I’m sure it isn’t fun hearing your wife of 60 years call you her brother but what can you do, I guess argue with her about it…. She would call me at times another brothers name and I felt she seemed happy and there wasn’t a point in ruining that in my opinion. Super tough to have to deal with on a daily basis for your FIL I’m sure.
  20. The only thing that is truly independent is a good old inside wood stove. Was talking to a friend who was saying that he was glad he had outdoor wood boiler because he didn’t have to rely on anything for heat, well if you don’t have power circulators won’t work. So your right about being dependent on one thing or another, because most of us are. We are completely dependent on our power grid. Only a few aren’t.
  21. The bixby stove is the only self cleaning corn stove that was ever designed that I know of. It builds a brick in a 2 piece burn chamber and when it gets to the right size it cuts the brick in 2 pieces dropping the lower part into a ash pan. It’s a pretty slick deal that can be troublesome but usually when you get the corn amount dialed in you just don’t touch it. I also heard Harmon was not offering its pc45 stove anymore. Just not enough people interested in the hassle of burning corn.
  22. I’m sorry your having to deal with that, Seth. My mom had dementia/Alzheimer’s for 4-5 years before she pasted and it can be really hard. It was the hardest on my dad, he would take what she said and try to correct her constantly and that just made them both upset. I would think the best thing your family could do for her is to get a diagnosis and treatment as soon as you can. As hard as it is on the person this is happening to, it can at least give them the answers when they get confused. Hope you all can get some answers and help for her.
  23. I have a Bixby corn pellet combo stove. Love it but they stopped making them in 2006. With corn it depends on the moisture, if it’s a little wet I have to clean it about once a week, drier it can go a couple weeks or more without cleaning. Pellets you have to clean it about every ton burned. The stove has been excellent so far with only a few little issues. I started out with a harman pc45 corn wood combo, this bixby makes that stove look like a yugo.
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