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  1. NY1468

    40 Years ago

    Congrats on 40 years, I’ve made it half of that....
  2. There was a nice moon out last night for sure. I’ve worked a few times with just moon light and it’s a neat experience. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I always salt my silage piles. Makes a nice crust without spoilage. Works on hay also. If it’s just on the sides it might not though. I would try some hay preserve sprayed on the sides.
  4. I say that phase all the time “it’s a trap” rarely do people listen...
  5. NY1468


    It was 18 years ago.... I was chopping corn in the 2100 that is selling today on AuctionTime bizarrely enough. My brother came out to the field with a truck and told me someone lost control of an airplane and it hit one of the world trade towers. I remember once they figured it was terrorism, everyone was paranoid. It was weird not having airplanes flighting for the couple weeks afterward also.
  6. The problem is they are gaining momentum in their movement and by the time you realize things are affecting you and your kids it’s to late and they will be indoctrinating your kids and you won’t be able to stop it....
  7. I agree that they are a very handy tool. I have a corded fein on the shelf in my utility room for a long time. I haven’t used it since I got a M18 multitool. I ruined one a couple years after I got it and Milwaukee replaced it without questions. I think the blade is more important then the tool. You need to use high end blades or you’ll hate it. I seem to have the best luck with fein or Bosch blades. I despise Drexel and most imperial brand blades.
  8. Looking good, Bitty. I see he didn’t take the duals off. Brave man he is...
  9. NY1468


    No good losing a friend....
  10. I was given a Belarus 310 tractor with a broken front axle which I guess was common. I fixed it and used it a little. The thing was by far the worst piece of equipment I have ever used. I offered it back to the individual that gave it to me and they didn’t want it back even fixed. So I sold it to a Russian guy who was excited to get it and I was excited to see it go!
  11. I was hoping to see the almond milking parlor...I’ve see a video before... thats a pretty ingenious way to pick apples especially if your going to make sauce or cider.
  12. We’re you expecting a broom and dust pan?😜 I remember those pictures Tony, nice to see its paying off.
  13. NY1468

    Super weeds

    I have been thinking that for years, they do the same thing here also. I don’t think we have resistant mares tale yet but I’m sure we will soon. I have some giant ragweed that’s resistant for sure.
  14. Just kidding, very cool!! Would love to take it for a spin
  15. Needs a 3 point hitch, otherwise no better then a M....
  16. That’s not bad, do you do one past only with the burner or more?
  17. How much does burning cost per acre? You have some neat equipment, always thought it would be better then chemicals but haven’t tried yet. Thanks for your post.
  18. NY1468


    That person has some common sense right there.
  19. That’s their run around..... you always have to think of fuel economy.
  20. There is a lot of time and patience.... absolutely amazing!
  21. Older 7 1/2 hp rol-air 2 stage on a 80 gallon tank. Doesn’t got used much with all the cordless tools now, due grinders and blowing things off or up is about all.
  22. I have an old hagie and wouldn’t be surprised if they built that for ih. There are a lot of similarities.
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