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  1. I actually had a very similar situation this summer with my 656. Started a few times playing with the pump and ended up not being able to start it and changed pumps. Your pump is needing rebuild probably or in the least checked out at a desiel pump shop. If your in a jam towing it in 2nd or 3rd make start it.
  2. Looks great! One of my favorite tractors!
  3. Could be something wrong in the orbital motor also. All guesses without gauges.
  4. Should be a hesston 8100/8200, it will be the baby of their line up. They are good dependable machines and do a good job if like Jeff said it has good guards and sections on it. Slant 6 is a tough motor, maybe a touch hard on gas but will have plenty of power. Should be a single speed and shaft driven head. Good luck, not the fastest mower ever but nice having everything in front of you.
  5. I have 14.9/46’s on my 986. They clear nicely, that said if I wanted a wider tire I would go to a 18.4/42 if I could.
  6. NY1468

    358 oil pump

    Friend that has the 826 has a problem that is at least the oil pump. He bought a new one from reliance and we believe it self destructed. I wasn’t there but he said the tractor started laboring and it had 0 oil pressure and he shut it off. The pump was extremely hot and the oil is full of metal chunks and brass. He hasn’t dropped the pan yet to see what else is destroyed. He is wondering if there is a source for oil pumps that isn’t reliance and maybe a better pump. Local ih dealer said theirs was a reliance also. Thanks
  7. My brother did a 436 from a 986 transplant in a 806 that was a gasser 4-5 years ago. I posted pictures back then about it. I think the used the 986 frame rails and lengthened the hood. He says d it wasn’t bad. They had a complete 986 front end off a burned tractor.
  8. If you don’t want to torch it, cut it off with a grinder. Split the outer race and then all the guts will come out and then all you have to do is grind through one side of the inner race and it will come right off. Used to do that on a blind wheel bearing that was a throw away item on a car years ago. Bearing was cheap but the whole thing was salty so I would grind it out with a die grinder with a small cut off wheel and save $200 bucks. That one would be easy to do that way and you won’t nick the shaft or heat it up with a torch.
  9. I bought one for my 01 dodge a couple years ago because it looked better then an oem one with the plastic sides. It looked really good and worked nice for the last few years, but a couple months ago it started leaking between where the tanks and core is connected. It’s leaking really bad now and I will have to change it again. I think they are cheap for a reason. I bought one for my 656 a year ago and haven’t put it in yet and probably won’t now.
  10. I missed a comma, changes everything..... also I was answering the question about the picture with the wear sensor and the drop of whitish oil coming out of it. So on its own it looks weird I guess.
  11. If the oil in the transmission isn’t white, it might be aerating. I’ve seen leaks where it looks whitish due to aeration but the oil doesn’t have water in it.
  12. What applications are the other nozzles for? They also aren’t any good, was just wondering. They came out of my tractors over the years and was wondering why they had different injectors in them. I know one set came out of my 3588 about 10 years ago and the other out of my 986. I don’t remember which came of which one. I put B’s and in the 986 didn’t look at the 3588.
  13. I’m working on my project 1086 and tested the injectors. All of them are bad and in the process of looking online and with others I have laying around have come up with a few different letters on the top of the injectors. The ones out of the 1086 are B’s and so are the ones in the 414 I have sitting here. I have a few sets setting around from other engines and I have letter P and J. What is the difference? Also can they be rebuilt or are they junk and scrap? Thanks, Orin
  14. I just saw this post. 4 years ago I had a block heater do the same thing to a 1845c skidsteer. Luckily it wasn’t in a building. I will never plug a block heater in without it being protected somehow or me standing there looking at it the whole time it plugged in. Burned the skidsteer pretty bad and I didn’t have it insured. The end where the plug plugs into the actual heater is usually the issue. That is terrible thing to go through, that’s a lot of machinery to have to replace in a short time. I would definitely get the H out and at the minimum oil every part of it you can. If you don’t it will rust fast and everything will be solid. After oiling it good, cover it or get it under cover. Hope you have enough coverage to get back what you had. Fire is the worse loss as far as I’m concerned. Here are pictures of the heater from my 1845c, the first is the original and the second one is the replacement they gave me after I fixed it. Apparently they had a bad batch and I was standing right there when the second one popped. Wish you the best.
  15. Very nice tractor, it will make a great parade tractor!
  16. Does anyone know where a person can find the individual parts in the lower section of the motor? I need a couple parts that aren’t listed on the IH breakdown anymore.
  17. I had the same problem with a 656, put a turbo from a ac 7000 on it and works great. Been 3 or 4 years since the install and no complaints.
  18. Getting into Canada is easy as long as they feel you are essential. If you and a freind are in the same truck, one of you may not get in if they don’t think your essential. As long as you have the correct broker paperwork getting back into the us isn’t bad either.
  19. Looks like a nice find! Welcome to the red club.
  20. I know on my 966 that’s turboed it bent a few rocker arms over the last few years. I think they are just getting fatigued from age and looked just like the ones you have there. I ended up the last time getting a whole rocker arm assembly off a 466 and they are a lot heavier.
  21. Well that’s not good, most be something out of wack with your concave in some way. Something isn’t centered or is obviously running closer then it should.
  22. I’m not a IH combine guy, but 100 rpm rotor speed is very slow and will grind corn at that speed in a gleaner so I’m guessing it would also in a axle flow. I would guess you should be in the high 200’s to low 300’s to move the material through faster.
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