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  1. I’ll probably be the only one to suggest a massy Ferguson rake. I’ve had a fella which is now a massy, twin rotor for going on 20 years and it’s been a really good rake and has covered a tremendous amount of ground with very few breakdowns. It still has most of the original teeth still on it. Grease it ever day and it just goes. It will be the clean sweep series.
  2. That really sucks, hate fire. At least no one was hurt and building didn’t go up with it. Just my experience with rebuilding a burned 1086, it becomes a money pit. I’m sure most of the tractor other then the cab and sheet metal can be salvaged. That needs to be done sooner then later, burned metal rusted worst it seems as when it’s hot water is being applied. I won’t be scared of the engine and transmission and rearend. Its still not done, ran into a bunch of hydraulic issues that I just haven’t gotten time to figure out yet. The cab is mostly buttoned up but there’s a ton of work to fixing a burned tractor. This one sat for ten years before I fixed it so that wasn’t good either.
  3. Probably ipto/pressure plate stripped. That’s a good place to start anyways.
  4. Congratulations, Bill! That is something to be proud of for sure!
  5. Drop a 3406B in it…they have a better governor, much faster response.
  6. Looks like big house cat, you won’t catch it again is my guess.
  7. My favorite pocket tool is this leatherman crunch, has been in my pocket for quite a few years. I have broken 3-4 of them and they just give me a new one! It is a awesome little tool!
  8. Could always plug and screw it down. Probably take a while but then you don’t need a jointer or router table. Could use different species of wood for plugs. Seen it done some and was pretty nifty looking.
  9. I have a 1490 4wd loader tractor. It’s a tough tractor. Mine is the 4 speed manual range with three spreed manual transmission, it’s a decent tractor. Haven’t had many issues with it other then the park brake, it leaves a bit to be desired. Pto clutch can’t be left disengaged for prolonged time without damaging engine thrust bearings. I feel they are decent simple tractors.
  10. Happy birthday Seth! Glad you got the snow!
  11. I will be praying for your family, God is great and will be with you all through this. He is the great comforter.
  12. What a brave father, will be praying for him and all your family.
  13. Couldn’t afford either…
  14. When I was 19 I put a 460 into a 1984 F150 step side. It had the 15 gallon tank…. Could only go about 120 miles on a fill up but usually only got 100 or less. Man it would just burn the rear tires right off it without trying. Had to put air bags in the front springs to take the weight. Yours should be a great project and good luck with keeping his foot out of it.
  15. I’m glad it works for you. Tried it and it didn’t for me. It was 10 years ago so maybe they are better. The guy I got it from was having problems with them in a house due to tripping so maybe they weren’t any good. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  16. Good for him and you! There isn’t a better feeling then watching your son succeed!
  17. The issue I found with arc fault breakers is that when your plugging something that has a continuous draw, the act of plugging it in will trip it. Tried one right after my skidsteer burned. A friend who is an electrician had pulled a bunch out and offered one 20a to me. Didn’t work. A GFI will trip before a fire I believe, I always plug heaters into a gfi or now I have a good gfi whip that I plug into the cord.
  18. Had a skidsteer burn due to a block heater short. Always plug them into a GFI plug now.
  19. Handles will probably leave sear marks on hands….
  20. Case 1845c is a bugger at times. Seems to me usually when I uncouple something end leave it in the sun and hoses pressure up. When uncouple I have gotten in the habit years ago to shut off the skidsteer and depressurize the lines before I take them off. My FX60 is horrible if you take the dump wagon hoses off so I put a tee in it with a ball valve. Works great until your ball valve opens on some brush or corn stocks and you try to dump it. Now I put a plug in the ball valve.
  21. Congratulations Seth! Was looking at my sons 1st year book….time really goes by fast. Enjoy every enjoyable moment with her that you can!
  22. NY1468


    Sorry to hear of your loss. Praying for the Lord to help you and your family through this time.
  23. Had a friend who’s husband went for 6 month out of the year for years. He had something to do with the lady who had emergency surgery down there and then air lifted out when they could a few years ago. I asked him once about 20 years ago how he liked it and he said it was ok. He never said much.
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