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  1. NY1468

    New member

    Welcome aboard, my family had a similar experience with a fire in 87 and lost our dairy in 98. It really sucks. Great bunch of guys on here with a ton of information.
  2. I think harbor fright has car dollies there. They aren’t as cheap as you would think, $100 apiece or so. Look handy though. You could build your own with some angle and casters.
  3. If I used weed killer on my lawn, it would all die...
  4. NY1468

    New joke

    Just remember, you have to feed them....
  5. Bought a used loader tractor from Canada a couple years ago. Was a pretty simple deal. Dealer on Canadians side did all the paperwork and I had no problems coming back into the USA. Tractor wasn’t very clean either. The dealer called the border and when I got there they just asked the normal questions. Didn’t cost me any extra that I’m aware of.
  6. NY1468

    Team update

    Nice! 🇺🇸
  7. They are the best, if I could find out where these were held I’d go for sure and maybe even take a rototiller!
  8. That looks like a great construction vehicle! Even has a ladder rack! Or maybe for IHRunner and his harem....
  9. You going to fix it I hope...
  10. I used to plant at 5 mph and have slower down to 4 and see a huge difference in emergence. Depeth control gets better at lower speeds for sure.
  11. Nice pictures, it was a tough year last year. Man that’s tough not have a tractor for 6 months especially when it’s a big part of your operation. Keep the pictures coming!
  12. Poor old 14 already had it stacks bent back. I’m pretty sure a 1566 would have done better.
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