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  1. It’s fake milk... or maybe the dumped milk. 😜
  2. One of the dairy’s I work with is part of Agri-mart co-op. They are one of the ones that imposed the quota. They where very profitable last year if you where to remove the over production of milk they had to dump. It has ruffled quite a few big dairies but like the farmer I know well said, you can always look for another market if you don’t like the rules. They feel it will but the brakes on local expansion to a degree. There are a few dairy’s that where planning on getting bigger that will now have to rethink their plans.
  3. Looking good! I just bought it’s twin on Monday. I’ll have to post some pictures of it when I get it home. It’s not as nice as yours. Tins a little banged up.
  4. The ground it’s on is very prone to being very wet. Heavy clay in a valley that everything drains into. The corn was in early milk. He wanted it chopped fine and processed and that’s what I did. It was basically mush. I talked to him yesterday and he said it tested really good so go figure. It also was just 15 acres out of 100 and the rest was dented and they didn’t want to open up the trench again for 15 acres. I don’t think it would have made earlage as it was only a week or so latter it frosted.
  5. We had a killing frost on October 6 so everyone that was waiting is going full tilt. All mine was planted early enough that it’s been done for a few weeks. Chopped some neighbors corn on low ground last week to finish up because it looked wet in the future and it was so wet they had trouble packing it. It chopped hard also. Came in at around 25% dry matter and made a mess out of the chopper.
  6. Tomorrow is a day that I spend with my family at church so I will miss tractor pull. Sounds fun though and Jeff might be there. Hope you have a great time and a good turn out. I think it’s going to be a nice day. There isn’t much that smells better then drying clover hay is there or any hay for that matter. Corn is just fun no matter what you do with it. Chop or shell it’s a good time.
  7. Didn’t know I was going to vt tomorrow?
  8. I’m not jealous at all...
  9. I tried being as polite as I could in the situation, it was hard not to laugh. He looked pretty distressed.. Also I’ve spreading on this field for three days, and probably have another three. Have about 100 dump trailer worth to spread. This field is surrounded by houses and is one of the last big pieces of property left here in this immediate area. A large dairy and I work together, I sell him silage and he gives me his pen pack. This happens every year. I think this man is relatively new to the area as l hadn’t seen him yet. Have seen most of the others over the years.
  10. Last night a man came out to complain to me and walked through the part of the field that I have covered pretty thick in his croc’s. I told him might as well throw those out as he’s not going to get them to smell right again... soon after the police came and told me there was a complaint. Thank you Right To Farm Law, they said carry on.
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