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  1. NY1468

    7140 that burned

    Bitty, have some experience in burned things. All I can tell you is that time isn’t your friend with that tractor. You need to strip it down to what’s good soon, if you don’t things will be forever junk. After a fire all the oil that was ever in or on things is gone and metal seems to rust faster and worse after a fire. Also all the rubber hoses including fuel and hydraulic are compromised and will leak in water. Caps and other plugs will be missing and letting water in. If you don’t do anything with that fairly soon you’ll be disappointed with how many items that might Have been salvaged that will be garbage.
  2. Corn finish animal will have much better marbling and probably be more tender. Not always true, but most of the time. When I was raising Holstein steers, my goal was 1600 pound animal in 22 months. Most of the time I could get them there, seemed like if they where much bigger or smaller they didn’t bring as much. I had one finish over 2000 pounds once, he was a hog and got fat. Couldn’t see the beginning of his tail. Didn’t bring as much as the others. At the end they where eating almost as much cornmeal as they wanted. With a straight Holstein, you would be lucky to dress out at 60% because they are so big boned.
  3. Got a couple posi lock pullers and love them. They don’t always work in every occasion since they are bulky but if you can use them they are the cats donkey!
  4. I personally don’t think it’s to bad. Are you getting a true half? All the cuts for that price and vacuum sealed? If that’s the case then it’s probably about right for that area. Remember he lives in Connecticut and is probably used to marketing his beef to people there which I’m sure they are paying more there then the Midwest for sure. When I was raising steers, I split one of my owe with a freind. This was a Holstein steer and my half was in the 425 weight range. They where finished on corn silage, baleage and cornmeal for 7 months and was 1600 on the hoof. If I remember right the butcher and packaging was in the $2 a pound ish. Probably about right for where your buying. We unfortunately don’t have as cheap processing as they do.
  5. For some reason I missed your post, had a great time up there on the tour. Wish I had more time. Different way of farming there compared to here. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to drive around and show me the area!
  6. Saw -4 this morning, sorry you missed it... It was assume! (Not really)....
  7. I have a 4690 that’s been a good tractor, I had it for close to 20 years and nothing major. My neighbors have 4 4890’s and seem to like them. Steering problems are what both of us have experienced as the worst problem. I would love a steiger series cih but just don’t use enough to justify.
  8. Happy thanksgiving to everyone one here! Hope all of you sleep ok after eating so much 😜
  9. NY1468

    Tesla pickup

    Vw had a desiel electric car as a proto type based on the rabbit platform a few years ago that was in the 140 ish mpg. Their desiel gate killed that.
  10. NY1468

    sawmill blue book

    That seems like a lot for that...
  11. NY1468

    sawmill blue book

    I have the Norwood 2000 saw with the 24hp v-twin Briggs. Bought it in 08 I think and took a day to assemble. It’s a decent saw and does what I need. I paid a lot less then 34k for it and drove out to buffalo ny and picked it up. I thought I would use it a lot, but it just sits there. I think a used saw is the way to go. I have a freind who has a cook and a total electic band saw that I believe is going to sell both.
  12. This happened a while ago, I’m not part of Facebook and never have been. It’s possible the farmer who bought the corn from me posted something on there, but I don’t know. I’m not sure why you need Facebook ID to validate my claim. It happened....we never found out who did it other then suspicions. I’m glad you believe everything posted on Facebook is fact.....
  13. That looks like the real thing shrunken....
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