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  1. A friend of my dad’s had one in the late 80’s. I thought it was cool then, don’t know what happened to it. He went through a divorce and I think it went away.
  2. Glad your ok, Tim. As messed up as our country is, still a lot to be thankful for this season.
  3. I don’t know about that, I do like your lawn mower though
  4. So true.... and I don’t like being the vacuumer
  5. Our vacuum’s plug has permanently bent prongs from the over zealous vacuumer, your looks pretty straight yet. 👍🏻
  6. Just stand there and hold it,or maybe pull from that end and she’ll get the hint.
  7. She’s not pulling hard enough yet, the cord is still plugged in....
  8. I have the large 114 piece gearwrench set for quite a few years now. Have used it a lot and hasn’t let me down. The ratcheting handle is handy in tight spots and they seem to be good quality. That set looks like it was made by gearwrench and would assume is the same quality. It’s a good price as I paid $230ish for mine 5 or 6 years ago. If I were you, I would rush out and buy a couple so when a friend from ny needs to permanently borrow a set you have it to lend!
  9. Glad your doing better and in good hands. Gas is no joke, had a similar experience with gas and fire myself 20 years ago. Luckily I only had burns to the top of my head and above my eyes and hands. I blame that on me going bald😜. Will pray that you have a speedy recovery.
  10. Mother in-law sold her house near Seattle and moved to Idaho, so I’m glad I came last year. Might be a while before I get your way again.
  11. Great pictures Troy. Have a happy Thanksgiving! Keep the post going, whenever I see a new post by you I always check it out.
  12. Great pictures! Nice to see someone else’s day to day operation from time to time. Looking good!
  13. We have heavy clay. I have grown nice potatoes several ways. Last year I buried them and they where nice, a royal pain to dig them if it gets wet in the fall though. Couple years ago I laid them on the ground and covered them with mulch hay. They did good and even shared a few with the mice. This year I laid them on the ground and covered them with composted manure. They where ok but not as nice as the hay covered or buried potatoes. Probably do the hay again next year. The thing to do when using mulch hay is water them a ton so the water gets down to the potatoes. Otherwise it takes a while f
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