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  1. They are better then a cat when it comes to wiping out rodents.
  2. I once saw a old bus made into an rv and they had a neat little message in that window. It said “ Nobody You No”.
  3. Where’s snoopy?🥺 Nice pictures!
  4. We are going to head out after my friend gets out of work and probably get a hotel in Scranton or there abouts and head to Bloomsburg in the morning and drive back Thursday night.
  5. Planting some corn for the neighbor in a rock pile.... with a very nicely filled in washout. Was a couple feet wide and three feet deep.
  6. NY1468


    I have the exact same one. Someone gave me mine after they told me they were going to throw it away. I said throw it my away! Mine doesn’t have a pin or bolt in it, was wondering how hard a bolt it would take. I’ll post a picture of mine soon.
  7. My brother was wanting to plant sudex and salesman said it’s getting hard to come by because of how much more is being planted this year.
  8. Friend and I are driving down Wednesday night and will be there all day Thursday. Hope to see some of you there. Also not from Wisconsin..... You can ride with us Sid. Just tell the wife your going to the store for milk.
  9. I feel lucky to have all my corn planted as of Monday night. There are some big farms around me that have less then a 3rd of their corn planted and some smaller ones with little to none. Chopping haylalge is really hard on fields that are swamps. Not many have got much done around here. I baled some dry hay on Sunday and had a buyer coming on Wednesday to haul it away and barely could get it out of the field with my bale wagon and tractor let alone a truck. I think the smaller farms might be ok, these big farms are going to be really hurting come winter. My neighbor has only planted 17 acres out of 250. I am going to notill some gravely ground for him sometime soon. Not good for sure. Here’s what wet conditions do to your planter.
  10. 220 to the tv and no more show....
  11. I hopefully will be done tomorrow afternoon before the rain. I like the tank trailer you made, looks really handy. First corn looks good for what it has gone through.
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