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  1. You got it... was a good one.
  2. It will seize the injection pump on some Desiels, this is how I got my only JD was someone filled it with gas. It ran according to the previous owner approximately 5 minutes and stopped. Seized the injection pump solid. Had to get new plungers and barrels and now it runs ok. He had a red gas can with desiel and a bunch of the same cans with gas, never would have thought that mix up could have happened....
  3. You’ll love that self-propelled mower, Troy. Nice pictures as usual, you still thinking of moving or are you staying put for now? Glad your dad is on the mend.
  4. My mom got one for Christmas when I was small, we put a lot of things in it, but never coffee.... it was French made so you had to be gentle with it...
  5. Mammoth caves was great when we went there a couple years ago when my son was 9.
  6. They are one tough tractor, make sure he doesn’t treat it like a stiger.....
  7. I have 2, one is a tractor my dad bought in the early 90’s and has been a tough tractor and the other I bought 12 years ago or so with problems that it still has. It on the short list to fix soon.
  8. I have 14.9/46’s on my 986. They clear nicely, that said if I wanted a wider tire I would go to a 18.4/42 if I could.
  9. NY1468

    358 oil pump

    Friend that has the 826 has a problem that is at least the oil pump. He bought a new one from reliance and we believe it self destructed. I wasn’t there but he said the tractor started laboring and it had 0 oil pressure and he shut it off. The pump was extremely hot and the oil is full of metal chunks and brass. He hasn’t dropped the pan yet to see what else is destroyed. He is wondering if there is a source for oil pumps that isn’t reliance and maybe a better pump. Local ih dealer said theirs was a reliance also. Thanks
  10. If you put it in either orifice, the auto shut off should keep you from getting over full....
  11. Wouldn’t want a fire near that bin...
  12. Incredible what prayer can accomplish!
  13. A friend of mine says the same thing, his trucks all look stunning getting towed! The truck looks great! I’m not that great on knowing what colors go together but probably something other than black.
  14. Will pray for your dad and his cousins family.
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