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  1. On a 4 post usually one of the small ones is a ground post.
  2. If I could do it without I definitely would, it has a place when your by yourself. I actually bought a dump cart and didn’t have the time to get the hydraulics and hitch figured out. I think it will pull easier.
  3. I could have used that yesterday….actually it was the wagon that was the anchor. Definitely cool though.
  4. Was stuck a bunch of times today, chopper always comes out but have to unhook and drag the dump wagon out. Then dig the mud out of the processor and what ever else it gets into. Pretty much sucks by yourself dealing with mud. On the bright side my dad rode with me all day. That was a nice change.
  5. NY1468


    It handles whatever you throw at it as far as capacity, the biggest issue is that it is very complex with a ton of o-rings and if one starts leaking it either will put the trams in its limp home mode which is 10th or just stop which has happened a few times. So as far as liking it better then an Allison, you do have a ton of gears to chose from, but you have to use most of them. It allows you to start in 4th if you want but then you can skip a gear to 10th in even or 11th in odd gears. After that it is every gear and down is every gear. It can be slower then a gear shift if your empty. Overall it’s not bad, it was a cheap truck when I bought it and has served me well. I can see the writing on the wall about having to put a different trans in it someday when the surplus stuff dries up or prices get to the point that it’s not worth having it in the truck.
  6. NY1468


    I have one with a silage body. Transmission probably isn’t for everyone. Cat stopped supporting the transmission 6-7 years ago according to milltian cat. A popit air valve broke on Wednesday last week and parts are getting scarce. Other then that it’s a good truck.
  7. Praying for your friends, Seth. That’s a really tough thing for those young kids…
  8. The tractor actually looks pretty straight, probably better then most of my 86’s. Just not a fan of the pipes…
  9. Hope they didn’t put a dv550 or a 9L in it….😬
  10. Fungus amung us…..caused by puff ball mushrooms, not sure of their actual name.
  11. Nice video! We are just starting this week and it is muddy around here. Your corn looks real good. Thanks for the nice video.
  12. I actually had a very similar situation this summer with my 656. Started a few times playing with the pump and ended up not being able to start it and changed pumps. Your pump is needing rebuild probably or in the least checked out at a desiel pump shop. If your in a jam towing it in 2nd or 3rd make start it.
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