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  1. It didn’t rattle, defined knock on #1 cylinder. Bearing was ok.
  2. Guess you don’t read things through either...
  3. And I wasn’t saying that it was the actual problem either, just could be. None of us on here are going to be exactly right because we aren’t there. So the best thing any of us can do is give our option which is what it is. An option and you know what they say about those.
  4. So it didn’t rattle as you say, it had a defined knock in #1 cylinder which is a big difference. I’m not sure how by looking at one picture of a piston that obviously got hot you can say it ingested a bunch of dirt. Here is the other piston cleaned a little. Doesn’t look to bad to me. You will find out “hopefully” that you aren’t alway right.
  5. A person I rent ground from is kinda a nut. He thinks he has extreme limes disease even though test come back negative. He read or saw somewhere that ivermectin kills limes so he went to the local feed store and has been drenching himself for at least 6 months. I’m waiting for things to go south but they haven’t yet. When he told me about it I told he he should do things without a medical professionals approval and he went off on how they are all in with the government and are keeping all these things that can help us away from us. He has also been drinking iodine... I’m really surprised he keeps functioning as a adult, but doesn’t seem any different then when I first met him, not sure what he was doing to himself then either. I guess if he gets corvid19 then we can assume ivermectin and beer aren’t the cure....
  6. This sucks, keep your heads up guys as long as you can.
  7. It’s surprisingly gutsy. Pulled 2-14’s with turf tires in heavy clay with the dif lock on ok. Those roto-grind grinders take some power to run, I did run mine with a turboed 966 and couldn’t run the grinder full bore or it would bring the tractor to its knees.
  8. This is a deutz air cooled engine with the cylinders pulled. I’m not sure how to respond to your comment....
  9. This engine had a defined knock in the upper end. This is what I found so it can happen.
  10. Plowed my garden today, disregard the tractor. Imagine it’s red, it was cheap....
  11. I’ve been dealing with a few places for parts. There’s a place in Connecticut, can’t think of the name right now also been dealing with west Michigan Desiel and DK Engine Parts. Bought a complete set of old stock agco rings off of eBay for $33 and a gasket set from amazon. So I’m shopping around a bit. For new aftermarket parts DK has by far the best prices.
  12. If you have plenty of shims that’s what you would do. Since I had only a few, I assembled the one cylinder and then measured the clearance and disassembled and put the correct shim in. Assembled again and measured to make sure clearance was good. It seems like a lot of work but only took 10-15 mins to do. Just pulled jug up enough to pull the wrist pin so I didn’t chance damaging the rings. The finances aren’t enough right now to do a complete rebuild so just going to do the one cylinder and rering the rest, roll in main and rod bearings and a new oil pump and see how she runs.
  13. Big local Big dairy is starting another expansion right now. Seems crazy but what do I know. Local agri-Mark coop had a meeting where they warned their farmers that pricing could go as low as $12 or lower in the next months and they don’t see when it will rebound. I guess a few small farms last week shipped their cows due to different reasons as to not wanting to try and weather this. I’m pretty sure ag in general will feel this recession pretty hard. Everything thing is interconnected and dairy is most definitely going to effect me and my pocketbook. Keep your heads up and thinking straight and most will make it.
  14. I bought the tractor with a piston seized in number six jug that the piston had been ripped in two at the rust pin and run that way for a little while according to the carnage. The tractor had sat for 6 years and I knew nothing about the rest of it so I fixed that one jug to see what the rest of the tractor was like. The rest seems pretty good but had a popping noise in the engine which I knew was coming from one of the first to pistons. So I tore it down yesterday and found that which is the culprit. The reason it cooked it’s self is the exhaust thermostat which engages the cooling fan isn’t working. So far I really like working on this engine. Very simple to work on. Yes, looks like it wasn’t far from the other one. These engines can take a beating and still run ok apparently. Even with that horribly scored piston it ran not to horribly. Just some noise when it was cold and a little haze of blue smoke, but ran ok.
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