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  1. I had Dewalt 20v tools in my shop that was at the time unheated. The tools performed fine and the reason Milwaukee tools assumed there place was the batteries. If it was below 20* in my shop for any length of time they wouldn’t work at all. I had gotten a few of the tools from a freind that is the regional sales manager and he informed me that it was a normal protective thing for the batteries to not work if it was below a certain temperature. It was very irritating and I ended up sellering all of them and buying into the Milwaukee fuel line. There are a few tools which I think dewalt had over Milwaukee, one was the 1/2” impact. I’m not sure if it had quite the capacity, but was still an animal but in a slightly smaller lighter package. Milwaukee grease gun is hands down nicer and more powerful. Milwaukee batteries are way ahead of dewalt in about every way. Don’t heat up as fast and run longer for equal amp hours. Dewalt rep says they fixed temperature thing in there new batteries. I haven’t tried them and probably won’t, he wasn’t very happy when I got rid of all of them, but oh well... As far as a drill, I own a Milwaukee hole hog that never gets used. The Milwaukee fuel 1/2” hammer drill will hurt you if you’re not careful. That would be my choice and they are warrantied for 5 years. If you use them every day that’s hard to beat in its self.
  2. I agree with Seth, if you want something for under $100 it’s going to be garbage....
  3. Prayers from NY. Hope he pulls through, I hate fire.
  4. At the very least pick out great restaurants!
  5. I’m impressed that it didn’t ruin stuff from all the acid or burn. I guess you got your money’s worth out of that one .....
  6. Pulled the duals and put her on the big rake.
  7. Glad he is doing well! Will keep praying for both of you.
  8. You could go several different ways I think. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a direct adapter from the European 3 pole to the 3 spade amp plug. You can get both a female amp plug and a 3 pole socket and make your own or install the 3 pole socket or cut off that plug and install the 3 amp plug on the wire. Here are links to each. https://www.mouser.gcom/ProductDetail/Littelfuse/00681700-WBG?qs=%2BEew9%2B0nqrBQH2R6JblT4w%3D%3D https://www.sloanex.com/3-spade-female-amp-plug-with-harness-ap459.html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItsmvn6P54wIVEYvICh2-OQBTEAQYByABEgLAVPD_BwE
  9. Your animals will love that feed Missouri Mule!
  10. Is the baker made for wet hay? My first baler was twine only and 2 things suck compared to net wrap. First when it’s cold out and your dealing with frozen bales, it’s a pain to get the string out of the bale. Second is that when you wrap a twine bale there is alway the grooves where the twine is and it seems to be more likely to mold or spoil in those groove due to pockets of air you can’t get out. It will work, you just don’t get quite as nice feed as with net wrap.
  11. It’s a 6588, you can see the hydraulic levers high on the right side. Nice picture! Love 2+2’s
  12. NY1468

    Favourite Job

    I like running a combine, corn, beans it doesn’t matter. But what’s real fun is running a big chopper in big corn. There’s just something about it that makes me like little kid with a big smile.
  13. NY1468

    I'm back!

    Glad to hear your doing ok!
  14. NY1468

    She`s a pig

    My wife is a wound specialist and uses maggots to clean wounds. Maybe they where just trying to help her out...
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