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  1. Those old engines will run fine even with bad tolerances for quite a while. Glad to hear you got it to run!
  2. No, this is very drought stressed corn. We have had under 2.5” of rain since the middle of May and most of that came in August. This is short day corn also so that doesn’t help yield. The plan was to be picking this for high moisture corn for the guy that I usually supply until he sold out the end of May. I shelled a ear and it’s down to 27% already which is what I wanted but way to dry for for putting in a pile. We are talking 45% dry matter. Right in this area there is corn that even is worse but 8 to 10 miles away looks much better because they got more rain. This is my corn on sand 15 miles west of me that got more rain, still what not we normally get but more then I got at home. It was close to 20 an acre. I would say 20 to 25 is what most would like to see around here.
  3. Here are a couple pictures from today, corn isn’t great but better the some I guess. This is from my neighbors Claus 870, they bought about 30 acres worth. Averaged 11.3 ton an acre. They started theirs next to me after they finished mine and said it wasn’t any better. They will probably be short feed. Hopefully next year we get more timely rain. We are Very dry again, hasn’t rained for 2 or 3 weeks
  4. Becoming complacent is something each of us needs to try and avoid if we want healthy lives. That is the stuff accidents are made of. Glad your ok.
  5. That’s nice looking corn, Bill. We started here at home yesterday but I’m not taking pictures of it. Pretty short and dried down pretty hard with the lack of rain. Running in the 10-12 ton an acre range which isn’t where I wanted it to be. Oh well.
  6. Most of it and before that it was a fish hauler in mass.... frame is solid but the cab it one bump from leaving.
  7. Assembly stickers are still on my dodge frame and it is close to the 400k mark also. Just the cab is not faring so well, someday the doors will leave me I’m pretty sure or just not close because of the cab is collapsing around the rest of the truck.
  8. I agree with TP on the Honda clones, probably almost as good as a Honda and usually under a $100 for the five horse one. Use a coupon and get another 20% off. That’s what I would do. Have one one my wood splitter for 5 or 6 years now and it sits out and gets abused. Starts every year on a couple pulls.
  9. Praying for you and your family, Sid.
  10. Try Walts used clothes if you want Industral work ware. We get clothes for my dad through there and the grade A stuff is nice.
  11. Just show up like your supposed to be there, I bet they won’t throw you out...
  12. NY1468

    My buddy`s wife

    You should have texted her some electricity... tell her to open it near an outlet.
  13. Looks like a nice find! Welcome to the red club.
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