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  1. I like it! Maybe I’ll move there, sounds better then here.
  2. My grandpa used to say “Beauty is only skin deep, but oh for that skin!” After knowing my grandma, he was an optimist......
  3. Congratulations, Steve! I’m sure it’s nice to be on the easier end of things!
  4. I’m the same as Seth, use a locally owed napa. Grew up with the guys that own it now and knew their father since I can remember. Don’t go to the chain store unless I need something immediately and NAPA isn’t open or doesn’t have it and they do.
  5. I just saw this post. 4 years ago I had a block heater do the same thing to a 1845c skidsteer. Luckily it wasn’t in a building. I will never plug a block heater in without it being protected somehow or me standing there looking at it the whole time it plugged in. Burned the skidsteer pretty bad and I didn’t have it insured. The end where the plug plugs into the actual heater is usually the issue. That is terrible thing to go through, that’s a lot of machinery to have to replace in a short time. I would definitely get the H out and at the minimum oil every part of it you can. If you don’t it wi
  6. Low expectations is how I roll also....
  7. To volunteer to do those things is quite a service, Seth. Thank you.
  8. If you buy the 24 piece set, you won’t end up using most of them. I did this 20 years ago and have used only 6-7 out of the set. Ended up buying single ones for different projects over the years.
  9. I have a Norwood, great saw for the money. Down side is it comes in a bunch of boxes and takes a day or more to put together. Up side is that they can ship it easy and they will tell you that you will know every bolt on your saw and they aren’t kidding.
  10. When you get a minute I would appreciate a picture. No rush though.
  11. Cow poop was already burned off....thanks, Seth, I’ll give it a go.
  12. I’m pretty close to painting the chassis on the burned 1086. I remember a while ago there was a tread on prepping tractors and I was going to save it and either I did and forgot where or didn’t.... Somebody had posted a prep wash or etching wash that they did before painting over existing paint. I am interested in trying this for the chassis of the tractor if someone could kindly point me in the right direction or could tell me the product that was talked about. Thanks,Orin
  13. NY1468

    The Dog Thread

    he had a hard morning, right after this he was out cold for a few hours. Then he got aggressive with cat and had to stay here for 15 minutes in a time out... hard life....
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