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  1. NY1468

    Bethel Maine

    Just got back from Maine, drove back a lot of 2 and then in Vt we whet north on 91 and went across up near Canada since neither of us had done that. Was really neat drive. Was about 9-10hrs back to Plattsburgh Ny from the north coast of Maine. Hope you had fun and stayed dry!
  2. Have a freind that has a couple county’s, don’t know the models but one is a Ford with a cab.
  3. Theo hates the shop, Carson rarely enters it also. Mainly talking about me and the mice….
  4. Probably what’s wrong with this one, the spindle up and down doesn’t work. It’s either that or a pin or key sheared. Jeff, it isn’t pretty but is out of the weather. My shop is ugly and so are most of its inhabitants…..
  5. Always wanted one, too. That one looks nice and simple. Single phase is nice but phase-o-matic converter isn’t a big deal on simple no electronic stuff either. I picked up a REID this spring for cheap. It needs work but has a chuck and a ton of stones with it so I took a chance. It’s a beast, 3600# range. Lot of wires hanging out of places and has other problems. Good luck with your search.
  6. Thanks for the pictures, guys. They are awesome! I really like that white cab 1468. It is inspiring to see. I need to get my 14 going again soon.
  7. A 3 liter soda bottle will make a 22 fairly quiet for 1 shot. After that it’s not as quiet and this works only for subsonic rounds. Accuracy is also not very good. A friend and myself used this in boarding school to pass time after I snuck my 22 into my room and hid it in my mattress. Lots of Mountain Dew had to be drunk to have silencers which kept us awake way to long…..
  8. Could be something wrong in the orbital motor also. All guesses without gauges.
  9. Should be a hesston 8100/8200, it will be the baby of their line up. They are good dependable machines and do a good job if like Jeff said it has good guards and sections on it. Slant 6 is a tough motor, maybe a touch hard on gas but will have plenty of power. Should be a single speed and shaft driven head. Good luck, not the fastest mower ever but nice having everything in front of you.
  10. NY1468

    No thanks,

    My brother in law and his family are moving there from Alaska in a couple weeks… big change in a lot of ways for sure and weather is only one of them….
  11. Will pray for him Seth.
  12. Looks moist… Last picture doesn’t look nice…. I finished up today, most has been in for 3-4 weeks and have some that is foot high. Last place today was wet and then grass was a couple feet high on it so brush hogged it and ran the disk over it a few times to cut up the grass and seemed to be ok. Nice pictures and short video! Thanks for posting.
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