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  1. A 1 1/4” metal pin fell out of the head wheel adjustment. Metal alert went off and I reversed the head and that ended with a bang and part of a knife flying about 10’ in front of the chopper. Only thing I can think is somehow that pin got flipped over the front roll and landed on the back roll and when I reversed the roll it dropped it into the cutter head. Koomia out of Iowa had me going the next day by 10am. That happened around 3 on Monday. Was impressed.
  2. Monday night this happened to me, nothing a little more then a couple grand couldn’t fix...
  3. You won’t want to tangle with one of those guys, one swing and you’d lose your head...
  4. Really tough when you lose someone that young. It always amazes me how time makes it less raw but a memory can bring those feelings right back to the surface. One of the benefits to believing in a almighty God is that we have the hope in seeing our loved ones again soon.
  5. You have some nice looking crops, thanks for all the pictures.
  6. I have one from northern tool, it works good. Stuff will rust fast if you don’t treat it or dry it quick though. It’s not going to compete with a large air unit. Nice for small things , haven’t used it for a while, will have to get it out and use it again, thanks for reminding me that have it😜
  7. The tractor is at his house over by Mead’s lumber. Much flatter. He is a very picky eater, he hasn’t wanted anything to eat when he’s helping me other then Mountain Dew.....
  8. Here are a couple pics of his tractor. He has put a bunch of time into it. Replaced a lot of gaskets that where leaking, head rebuild, new seat and a chrome straight pipe😬. The tin arrived yesterday and I took it over. He was very happy with it.
  9. Now that’s a load of hay! Thats nice of them to give you the material and make it nice also.
  10. Former local hobby horse farmer was brush cutting his pasture last year with a caseIH c80? Or something similar with the bucket up. Didn’t help him, somehow he ended up under it when it tipped over. Never understood the logic of driving a loader tractor around with it all the way up. Raked with the agco this summer with the loader on (laziness) and didn’t bother me with it down most of the way...
  11. And that’s why sears is pretty much gone...
  12. Got to love how these employees on big farms treat stuff. I guess the employee that ran the tractor decided he didn’t like it and pretty much destroyed it. It was purchased new by the farm he got it from back in the late 60’s by the now owners dad. Funny thing is my dad worked one spring for him when the tractor was new.
  13. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. Called a ton of places from most of the suggestions and Devon from Devons tractor parts recommended a place that had them and for a fair price. My friends son is very excited to get his tractor looking better. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks guys, I’ll check them out.
  15. Decent mower built by hesston. The only problem I had was it didn’t like short grass very well. Pretty tough machine though.
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