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  1. Get in touch of these guys at Ridge Carbide tools. I have used them in the past to make custom knives to use in a molding head in my Delta HD Shaper. I milled all of the trim in my old farm house and the knives worked great. I bought a custom molding head from them that accepts serrated back knives and have been very happy with it. My knives are hi speed steel because I am not doing production work. I made all of my baseboard trim and also all window and door trim. Since my house did not have any fancy profiled trim and it was painted. I just drew up a design we liked, sent them a full size profile drawing and they made me a couple of sets of knives. I milled all of my trim using red oak. If you can send them a exact profile of what you require the can make the knives. Here is a link to their site. good luck. https://ridgecarbidetool.com/custom-tools/
  2. A big thanks to Mark and all who helped to make this great plow day a success. Yes it was some tough plowing but a good thing was it made me make some adjustments to my plow and it now is working better than it ever has before. I was always able to pull it before but was never happy with the job it was doing. My last round it was plowing better and pulling easier than ever before so I am happy. All in all a great day and I got a chance to meet with and talk to some great forum members, and that is what it is all about. I hope all had as good a time as I did. Later Tom
  3. Mark, You just had to get a profile picture of us!!! I really enjoyed the visit and a chance to tune up the 560D. I will not disclose the results of the tune up, just will say that it is healthy. I plan on bringing my 560D and 412 plow if I can talk my son into bringing a second trailer with the plow on it for me. Would be cool to get some pics of all of the 60 series that show up plowing together.
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