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  1. Get in touch of these guys at Ridge Carbide tools. I have used them in the past to make custom knives to use in a molding head in my Delta HD Shaper. I milled all of the trim in my old farm house and the knives worked great. I bought a custom molding head from them that accepts serrated back knives and have been very happy with it. My knives are hi speed steel because I am not doing production work. I made all of my baseboard trim and also all window and door trim. Since my house did not have any fancy profiled trim and it was painted. I just drew up a design we liked, sent them a full size profile drawing and they made me a couple of sets of knives. I milled all of my trim using red oak. If you can send them a exact profile of what you require the can make the knives. Here is a link to their site. good luck. https://ridgecarbidetool.com/custom-tools/
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