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  1. When I got the tractor it had a heated kerosene manifold that was rusted out. I found this one in a salvage yard on a scrapped tractor. I had to make the offset pipe to clear the hood. Never have seen another manifold like it. The muffler was on the tractor when I bought it. I had to reweld it where the body attaches to the vertical pipe last year. I should take it off and save it for showing as it has the oem part number on it. Thanks for the compliment. Tom
  2. Did you not see the battery box and the generator?🙂 It has Heisler electric start, lights and also the PTO extension. I would like to put a set of fenders on it and either a pair of 36 inch round spokes for the back or cast fronts to match the cast rears currently on it. Thanks for the compliment.🥂 Tom
  3. Thanks guys, The reason I wanted the road gear is taking the F20 on tractor rides. It has the factory fast fourth gear but it is only 7 mph. I am hoping that the road gear will be good for 15-16. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet on how fast it will be. I have never checked the engine RPM to see if it is at the rated speed. Guess I should check it while I am at it. My grandson wanted to work on the 1206 for me replacing a chipped gear in the rear end but with the Covid situation I did not want to take a chance on the school getting shut down with the tractor all tore do
  4. Also Bennett, I have heard that Sears, Wards and some others sold them also. Mine is very similar to the Behlen unit. As long as it works I do not carte who made it. I restored my F20 about 20 years ago and then proceeded to break the transmission when I pulled a 400 bu hopper wagon of shelled corn out of the field and a bearing came apart.. It has not been used other than starting it a couple of times a year until this fall when my grandson took it in as a class project in his shop class and replaced the transmission with a spare I had. He replaced all of the ball bearings in it and resealed
  5. I just recently bought a Behlen style road for my 38 F20. I do not think it is a real Behlen because there are no markings on it anywhere. I know that some other Mfg's copied the Behlen design but that is not an issue as long as it works. It looks to be in good condition internally so it should work ok. I have a hyd belly pump on the tractor that was a dealer installed add on that came out after the H & M tractors came out and the Behlen style road gear is the only one that will fit with the pump installed. I was wondering if any one has installed a Behlen road gear and if there is any iss
  6. In my book it is hard to beat the Black Stripe 66 series. This one has been in the family since new and still is a working tractor. I converted it from a fender tractor to a cab version because we got tired of getting wet or freezing in cold weather and the ac is nice when it gets hot.
  7. I think that Dellinger Farm Equipment was bought by the Fred Howell Implement Co sometime in the late fifties/early sixties. We bought our 706, 1206, 674 and 1066 from Howell Implement. Before that we used Masterson Implement Co in Defiance, Oh. We bought a 41-H, 46-M, 49 C and a 56-450 from Mastersons. The family still has all of these tractors and all run and still work on the farm. I did a Google search and did not find anything about either Dellinger or Howell Implement. By the way, great looking H. What year is it? Ours is a 1941. Good luck in your search. Tom
  8. It is worth it in my mind. The seat has an adjustable back, arm rest's and lumbar. We went with the cloth version of the seat because of the cab on the tractor. The ol 1066 rides as good as our Magnums. Now if I could only quiet the cab down some more.
  9. If you could still buy quality parts for the factory spring suspension that would be fine. I rebuilt ours at least twice over the years and the last time the rubber springs only lasted about two years before tearing in two. I even bought them from CIH. So far the K&M seat is holding up fine. JMHO.
  10. We went with this seat suspension setup from K & M in our 1066 that we use for planting a number of years ago and it was one of the best things we have done to increase the comfort when driving it. It is pricy but at my age well worth it. The seat has air ride like our Magnums and it rides very good. https://www.tractorseats.com/p-1036-international-harvester-06-66-series-km-441-seat-air-suspension.aspx
  11. SDman, thanks. That is what I needed to know. Sounds like it would be cost prohibitive to add the fertilizer to this planter. Tom
  12. This planter does not currently have liquid fertilizer on it. If we buy it I want to add it and would like to be able to utilize variable rate. Do you know what all it would take to accomplish this? This is all new territory for me. Thanks.
  13. This planter has the pro 600 monitor, and is hydraulic drive. Do you know if the pro 600 monitor would be capable of variable rate fertilizer application? Do you have liquid fert on yours? We bought a new 800 Cyclo back in 1988 and used it for years. Always liked it for seed depth control and plant emergence. We even bought the new row units when they came out with left and right openers to help with side draft. We traded it for a White 6100/6900 8-15 unit with liquid when it got worn out. We are still using the White but it is time to send it down the road. It does as good a job on se
  14. I kinda figured that it would, I was not asking if it would pull it, what I want to know is does anybody have one and what do you think about it? How accurate is it, seed spacing, depth control, how does it compare to the other colors out there? Went back and looked at again and the openers and closing discs show very little wear, the linkages are tight. It has the standard monitor so it does not have all of the latest flavor of the month gadget's on it so it should be fairly simple to operate. We looked at a JD that had every possible add on on it and it looked like you would have to go to
  15. Looking to possibly upgrade to a larger newer planter. A dealer near us has a Case IH 1200 12/23 pivot turn planter. Wondering if any one has one and what are your thoughts on it? Pros and cons. We have looked at Kinze also and there are some things we like on both of them. The 1200 currently does not have provisions for starter fertilizer so that will have to be added. Plan on pulling it with our 7140 mfd.
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