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  1. It’s not nearly as interesting as one would hope. It’s a color/pattern for trendy millennials current style fad
  2. Not quite 10 years ago the company got a new CEO who moved the manufacturing to good ole China. They failed in weeks, they fixed the problem but are still nothing compared to what they were. I won’t buy another pair. And these were the Alaskan summer shoe, everyone had pairs, I bought them for my toddlers. Now they are despised here, unless your a millennial female with the tops turned down to show the salmon sisters prints
  3. Some have never forgotten what America did for Europe. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/americans-gave-their-lives-to-defeat-the-nazis-the-dutch-have-never-forgotten/2015/05/24/92dddab4-fa79-11e4-9ef4-1bb7ce3b3fb7_story.html older article, but well done.
  4. The market is tight everywhere. Read an interesting take on it. 1). COVID upset the building of new homes and they have not recovered yet for the numbers, some claim a huge percent of houses were not built in 2020, and 2021 has issues with building supplies, go check the price of a 2x6, whew 2) all the people who wanted to live in the big city for the social life have found out that during the apocalypse they have a front row seat, so they are moving out of the city if they can 3) lots of people who lived in the city for work now work online, so they can move out of the city 4) places are hiring, so people can move and get a job, again, leaving the city. lots of new or additional people looking to buy a house and less houses for sale. This article was a market analysis email, and they addressed the fact that they do NOT see it being the same as 2008, and these were some of the reasons given, but time will tell.
  5. I would have been pretty torqued seeing the tranny spinning in reverse before he had stopped. Either way he is treating the machine pretty rough. here they have gone away from dump beds, lot’s of ejector boxes now.
  6. Wife bought a 2011 legacy new, she was happy with it, my opinion is right with VT. Burned oil before 30k. Headlights won’t last more that a 6 months and you have to remove the inner fender to change them. Every fricken oil change they wanted to replace the brakes. And the interior is not up to her having the mutts along, there nails punctured the fake leather. It was cheap, came with a 6 year warranty, was good on gas, and it went where she pointed it in winter so I kept my mouth shut for the most part. When the daughter came back with the grand baby the wife moved her into the Subaru and bought a Honda, was a very happy day for me (I might have cried) , but the curse to mechanics is still here, just with the daughter. I looked up the oil leak, sensor under the alternator. Called Subaru, $18 and they had 20 on the shelf, guess it happens fairly often. Looked at changing the plugs, oh boy, that looks like about as much fun as an ice cream suppository. Then we have my Toyota, 2013 tacoma, been really good. Had one issue at 20k, smelled burning oil, turned out to be the front diff seal slinging oil on the exhaust. They replace the entire unit. Other than that after 7 years it needed a battery. Truck will get me there, and is dependable, just not so great on gas. Oh well. here, where it might be -60 ambient in the morning you want a vehicle that will start, Toyota's start and run, and they keep on running. The other point is that they seem good for crashes. We will see. the oldest boy is about the get his drivers permit, so I am shopping for a Toyota pick up.
  7. The hitch in his giddy up after his about face is spot on. great video, thanks for sharing
  8. If you mean you can buy a new front plate that you replace the whole assembly, I would go for it. Like mentioned, equipment is available many places, reasonable priced, and blanks are available to.
  9. Nice, great operator and a true class act. from the way the kids are acting this may not be the first time he has done that.
  10. Would an alignment issue with the moved axle do it?
  11. This was only the invasion of the first of the three home islands, Kyushu (operation Olympic) in November of 45. The invasion of Honshu was scheduled for the spring of 46, and more causalities. Some of the writings about operation Olympic speak of 25 combat divisions to be landed at the same time, and thousands of ships. The numbers are truly horrific, the bomb saved millions
  12. usually it will give a navy rating or some such title. but back then, who knows how accurate it is
  13. Okay, I am not an engineer, and I did not stay at the Holiday inn, my advice is worth less than what you paid for it, but here we go Refrigeration is governed by ASME B31.5 and then state and local codes, so if your in North Dakota (I can remember which state your in Dale, sorry) they have a mechanical code, and it states that copper joints in refrigeration will be brazed and refrigeration systems will be built to ASME B31.5 code. This is very common stuff, but your results may vary. BUT, if the system is part of process piping, meaning it is not refrigeration but the transfer of chemicals in fluid form for water treatment the piping MAY fall under B31.3 as part of process piping. This gets to be a engineering thing where they build the system to a specific code. But since it most likely the pipe is transferring a gas it could also fall under other codes, and maybe not ASME IF we want to go the route that this is classified Medical Gas (and I do not think it is) you end up in the Uniform plumbing code, chapter 13 for the 2018 edition. which calls for brazing it. Or your state could be going by the International mechanical code, which I don't follow And then there could be CFR's to deal with (consolidated federal regulations) There are so many codes and rules governing piping it is hard to keep up.. and any or none of them could apply. I would suggest you just ask what code they are installing the line to, nicely, and see what they tell you, my guess is they are winging it but who knows. At the end of the day, the pipe should be brazed, what ever code you choose to read or follow, you do not pipe gas that is a asphyxiant in an enclosed building with soldered joints. The flared joints are another discussion. Good luck with this, and be safe
  14. I never use it but ASME B31.5 deals with refrigeration. Weather it applies to you application, I don’t know i have to be in the office in a little bit. Let me dig in some codes
  15. Our guns are safe from Biden we put them upstairs
  16. It is 3.14 today. Pie We plan on celebrating with a good pie. Enjoy everyone
  17. Hmm. Never see them here, contractors do have a dozer with a 6 way blade, JD 450 are still very common, and a excavator. Some have tracked skid steers with some attachments, mainly the landscape types. Hard to beat a tracked skid steer for landscape
  18. Guess I am missing something. And the link doesn’t work. lots of USAF crews wear flight suits as the uniform of the day, while flying and on the ground. So they have had these going back years, but whatever
  19. So about 4 years ago I mentioned I was looking for a vise, and a guy at work said he had one for sale, a large one. Ok went and got it this week, yeah, it was a large one even came with a stand
  20. Just picked up the wife’s 2011 Subaru yesterday from the shop, it was in for this and lights service writer said I may get more recalls, not all air bags were deemed permanent, WTH?
  21. Hm, you listed a frequency range in your post. Is 8t just the band you operate in or do you have multiple frequencies? antennas are matched to the wavelength of the frequency they are using for best results. So a higher frequency has a shorter antenna. And band shave a range of different frequencies. The best antenna length is set to match wave length. Add to this that the line to the antenna can affect the whole assembly and it gets a bit complicated. So longer is not always better, there are variables and like mentioned try an SWR (signal wave ratio) meter. It will tell you how much power is going out verse how much you make. Look around for a local HAM radio guy, and they should be able to help. ground planes and antenna are a huge topic, some antennas need them, others are engineered to work without them, and finally some have additional planes added at the base. Again, try some ham radio stuff, it will help magnetic mounts are a temporary and mobile set up that do everything poorly, move towards other mounts when you can, NMO style seem to be the most practical and have the largest selections of antennas. yes, it works like a CB, but since your not just on 40 set channels the pre-built stuff is not as easy to get already tuned good luck, and let us know how it goes
  22. I don’t think it’s to much, I think the government needs to stay out of it. As to the CEO’s. You have a better opinion of them than I do
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