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  1. I seem to remember from high school while working at a supermarket after school that the meat and cheese had different slicers,
  2. Thanks for the reply’s. I need to ponder it a bit.
  3. I am getting tired of looking backwards. Anyone have pictures of a front mount snow plow on a 460 or done it them selves? I am hoping to mount a truck snow plow to the front of my wide front 460 in place of the loader, just looking at where I would tie in the frame and how it’s been done before
  4. Well, some of you might remember we were growing peonies for selling cut flowers, deal was they bloom here late enough for the June wedding season and they were selling to the lower 48. we quit harvesting a couple years ago and we’re only maintaining our plants, they are really huge now. Well a year ago the Coop closed, which was not a surprise since it had some very serious management challenges today the growers association made it official the price for each stem has fallen to 1/5 or less and the shipping costs have increased a lot. When the price hit half we quit harvesting and just waited, when it fell further we pulled out. Guess we can pot the plants and sell them at the farmers market. We did have a good time, figured some things out, and did not risk anything unrecoverable. Life goes on
  5. Looks like a nice way to spend the evening. Enjouy
  6. I agree, I look at some of these and it really blows me away that some one would use it. Tony’s 350 is home built, but it’s not cobbled. It really is nicely done, thought out, and for lack of better words, completed. even more ironic, his came from just about an hour (or so) north of where this one is selling
  7. I have one of those myself, last step before the gas axe. They just work
  8. I would believe it could be welded and bore out, but it might not be a back yard repair
  9. I have had better luck with peaceful creek https://www.peacefulcreek.com/ great product
  10. Might be a guy with a heck of a sense of humor. Big dodge mirrors, stack out the back, you think he is making fun of maybe a 20 year old with a crazy diesel? Or he could just be an or ornery cuss being an a$$
  11. Very sad, and the poor family, Most safety supply houses rent a simple meter, will let you know if there is enough O2. People can also wear a simple fall harness with a rope to the door, but you usually need some way to pull them out. confined space entry is a huge danger and we train for it at work a lot. They say most of the victims are would be rescuers. Lots of training out there, ask your local fire department
  12. LOL, Yeah, you had a bad day, and it sure could have gone either way. Sure seems like there was plenty of players upping the last one. Glad you got the rant out. I would move on, or maybe take a break from the store for a month. And if you find the owner give them the why
  13. AKwelder


    Your a true gentleman Mader.
  14. Unless your in a state like Alaska. If you have a CDL you must have a medical card on file with DMV or your license is suspended. but your state may vary
  15. Thanks for the McMaster lead, ordering some now FYI, I have ordered those pins from Steiner a few years back, maybe 4 or 5 now that I think about it, at the same price so they have been selling them that price for years. The difference between them and McMaster is the pull ring. The Steiner ones have a heavier ring like original OEM, McMaster has a split ring. So they are probably a custom order that Steiner did
  16. You may not need it, but in the event life takes a turn you have more options, or your business gets bigger
  17. Same here, I don’t think I have driven a CDL vehicle in 10 years. But I can, and I can pee clean to, so in a pinch I can get hired
  18. Seems to me that here the state has a study book and some pre-tests. The questions off the pre-test are the ones used to make the test. With some basic studying and keeping focused I think you will be good to go. Heck get momma into the deal, the two of you study and work with each other, then both test. the road trip, is much more of a pain, and the pre-trip was very detailed. Good luck
  19. Been dry here, lots of stressed vegetation, and dying trees. Smoky from fires, and they have predicted rain today, so far it doesn’t look that promising
  20. Anyone know what 5/8 OSB is going for? Here it’s still high and I wanted to get an overhang built off the shop this fall.
  21. I think your on the right path. A canvas cover with some bungee cords will help a lot. Look for a tent and tarp place. How often do you change your fuel filters? They also sell different heaters that run coolant to warm the fuel. Lots of the big rigs here have a coolant heater coil in the tank. Makes a big difference. You may also find a silicon heater pad to put on the fuel tank while it’s plugged in in the shed. I assume your covering the radiator also?
  22. Called the guy on the dozer. It will only push dirt if you pull on one of the steering levers. Clutch or steering clutch issues?
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