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  1. Have not had the sleds out much for the last few years. I lost the urge, which is sad since that was my hobby for many years. Maybe I will see how they are.
  2. Was looking at the weather summary, up to about December 15 we had a little over 13 inches of precipitation for 2021, we ended the year well over 18 inches. So we basically got 1/3 of our years precipitation in the last few weeks, in snow and rain. The state has called the national guard out to help get to stranded and snowed in people, they have just about got the power mains back on, but there are lots of people who had issues with the power to the house and that’s on them. The roads are not plowed very well but getting better every day, hope they can get it better but with the rain the ice is one the roads for the long haul. and now we are getting cold, it’s -15 below here now and that’s supposed to be the high as we head into really cold weather
  3. Well, we lost power about 3pm Sunday. More snow, and then 8 hours of rain. Started plowing here at the house Monday, dealt with several equipment issues, and got our place open. Set an alarm for every 5 hours to refill the generator. Didn’t have enough power to run the well. The town was in rough shape, roads are pretty bad and they are not getting them open yet. got power about 10 on Tuesday morning. Got everything returned to utility power. Went out and and plowed out my Father In Law and the brother in laws. It was snowing pretty good by the time I made it home. got up to maybe 10 inches this morning, and rain forecast. Pretty ugly out there. Neighbor called, he plowed his driveway Sunday before the rain, it’s a skating rink. He was stuck and his kid was in the ditch down the hill. Got them out. Now to start digging out all over, on ice hope the rest of the guys here in state are doing well. I would guess @Twolines is out of power for a few more days, and we will hear from him later. At the height of the outages about 1/4 of the interior of the state was out of power, did we make CNN? reports are in from Delta Junction that the roof on the grocery store collapsed, the roads are maybe one lane and not passable between here and there
  4. Not very fun, I was thinking I would leave the snow until tomorrow so the rain doesn’t soak the hard pack. Then I would have to deal with it for the rest of the year. my brother had to go out, he said the roads are not very good, no plows yet
  5. And I forgot to post the shortest day a wee bit dark
  6. Got the blade repaired, or thought I did. Found it had cracked on some box tubing. More to come And speaking of more to come, we have heavy snow coming with rain afterwards, so they forecast,
  7. There are a couple floating around here. The one in the picture is in the auto museum I believe, there is one in the weeds up in cold foot, and one in pieces in down town Valdez. one would have been handy yesterday
  8. If you hear of one I sure would appreciate it
  9. Welp, broke the back blade on the 460. Again. Something else that needs repairs
  10. Don’t mind at all. Have at it
  11. Over a foot of snow, powers out, and I have the Honda suitcase powering the pellet stove. Thank goodness for gas stoves or there would not be coffee
  12. Been cold, it was 30 below here yesterday. Colder in town. At least there is no wind
  13. It’s been a long time but I thought the 211 had a quick change for a spool gun, if so make sure that nothing for it have been tripped or bumped. One of those machines had a switch that swapped the contact leads, easy switch to move. And it would act this way After checking the switch (and it could be the wire between the gun and the cabinet) you might get a meter and double check the power it’s getting. Just to be sure
  14. I have several sizes of channel locks, and both in my plumbing gear and my shop box, at work we issue them by the bucket full. No complaints from me or any of the crew, and the old Pipefitter that is our material guy doesn’t complain about the price either. I remember them being made in the USA. But I am surprised by the American steel. I prefer them for mobile use, when they get lost or disappear it doesn’t hurt so much.
  15. Stop by work and pick one, we have several
  16. Had to do some training yesterday, at the end the head compliance and training guy comes in. Heck of a speaker, and remembers everything g he ever read. He takes some time to make the safety pitch and moves on to CDL’s and driving. The company just had another DOT audit. And of course we got dinged on something, every driver with hazmat and tanker endorsements is required to take a tanker road test every three years. That’s a new one on me. So let me get this straight. In order to deliver gasoline to the local station the g driver has to have A CDL with numerous endorsements, health card, finger prints to keep his hazmat, take a drivers test every 3 years, and put up with all the crap to do it? No wonder it’s so hard to find drivers. Here in Alaska the delivery cost of heating oil is 30 cents or more over at the pump. I see why. it looks like keeping my CDL and working as a summer dump truck driver might pay more than my plumbing license, good grief
  17. From the list there are no allergies such as bee stings or blood sugar issues? And this is for you and not others, add some QTips and some eye wash for when you get something in your eye. looks like your using this as you need it, so I would add some good medical tape and lots of gauge pads. For emergencies I would have some large squares of cloth for slings and a space blanket
  18. Good grief, what kind of car was it? Cause that sure is what my kids need, incredible
  19. I wish we could get cheap propane, these units would be great. Right now propane is more per gallon than diesel or gasoline
  20. We have had one for almost 15 years, and have been happy with it. Having said that, it is not always saving money. I found a price per BTU calculator online, and when fuel oil is cheap we turn the pellets down to just more comfort, and we crank it up when fuel oil is high. Some times other fuels are cheaper, by a lot it’s a lot cleaner than wood, I do not have access to good fire wood (we can chose between spruce or birch) and I just do not have the time for cutting wood, so it’s a pellet stove. I pick up a half dozen bags on my way home when we need them. Not all stoves are equal, mine will burn almost anything, my FIL is picky and needs to be cleaned daily if he is burning pellets that make a lot of ash (his was cheaper and has a thermostat, mine is manual set). Then some are automatic and others run at the feed rate you set. I have replaced blower motors over the years. But after running 24/7 for 5 months at a time I can’t complain. We will replace this one sooner than later, and I hope to keep burning pellets
  21. They almost give you the tool, and then show you the batteries and ….
  22. Flush from down stream if you can, some places rent waterjetters, which are pulsing and eat it out. We have also used a length of PEX with water and flushed it from downstream
  23. Best guess, but I am a bit tired
  24. Have a storm out west Temps are dropping a bit, guess we will wait and see
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