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  1. Lol buddy of mine has a few welding machines, tools, and such. His wife was asking about it one day, his reply was something along the lines of they pay the rent, the mortgage, and the grocery bill so there can never be to many
  2. You might find that a steel line has better flow. Copper can be thicker walled and have a reduced area. By the time you put a 3/8 fuel hose, push in a barb, and all the rest, the center hole isn’t going to be much larger than 5/16 tubing. So what are you gaining? If this is your pulling rig and your not going to be farming with it you can drill out the center of the adapter fittings. Or even go larger on the carb inlet as for Swagelok, you might prefer buying plywood. It will be cheaper.
  3. I had the same issue with my new loader bucket on the B8200. I honed the hole very lightly and it worked
  4. I can see where varying the distance will mess it up. We had a set line and still had a poor average axes were dirt simple, but it’s all you need i guess
  5. We got 8 people for an hour for $100, and had a half hour of instruction before they started the time. been a cold spring, finally staying in the 50’s at night. Really hurt the flowers and everything is about three weeks behind here. If they don’t get a late fall things will not be good
  6. So get this, the government, in and effort to ensure all races are treated equal, makes every effort to quantify what race people are and doing what. Somewhere there is a building full of government employees that are tabulating data to see what percentage of who does what based on race. go ahead and check them all, see how it goes. It normally upsets the bureaucracy
  7. I rolled my eyes, but then we had fun. Guy was nice and taught the kids how. I wouldn’t have chosen it, but we might go back adding alcohol? That seems like a good way to be called stumpy
  8. Get some thicker paint, it helps me a lot
  9. Busy couple weeks. Came back from out of town. My wife had scheduled us to take out son out for his birthday. We went axe throwing and to the drive in at the drive in a few guys came in, just a few pictures had a great night, lots of fun. So my son tried knife throwing on his own today go figure.
  10. It has come about because some states were really getting lazy with issuing ID, like show up with an electric bill and you can get an id in that name. Some places were really bad, including areas of Alaska. And, if they are going to ask for ID to vote, shouldn’t it be more than a joke?
  11. You think he looks big from that angle? I bet he looks a **** of a lot bigger from laying on the pavement with a 12 gauge pointed in your direction
  12. The cat 962 loader at the yard at work ran 12 hrs a day 7 days a week or more. I don’t know how many rebuilds or what it went through but it had some astronomical number of hours, I think they had it for almost 15 years before replacing it. It may have gone over 60k if memory serves. now we got a new loader with emissions and its over 20k and becoming temperamental, sigh they want the customers to come back, sooner than later, so they are always engineering it to be just so
  13. Very nice. Looks like good rubber to. I think the guys are right, keep the mower
  14. the Golden Eagles I have seen up close are huge, but it may be a regional thing.
  15. Friends Not all the wounded died in battle. Many came home and died from the battles later, not all wounds are physical. They still died from the wounds suffered serving their country. Recent numbers are 22 Veterans die from suicide each day. Please add them to your remembrance and prayers
  16. View coming out of the lodge two days ago view at work today this is screwy even for Alaska
  17. Saw this one at work today. 600 hp, 22 gpm at 10,000 psi. They using it to clean pipe
  18. And now more people are involved https://www.cbsnews.com/news/i-40-bridge-crack-2016-photos-kayaker/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab6a&linkId=119284816
  19. AKwelder

    Dog fighting

    Yeah, our one dog was involved in something that we never quite figured out, we got her from a rescue. She was laying in the corner of here kennel cowering, had 100’s of hole in her and a broken leg. Had recently had a liter of pups. Wife decided she was coming home That dog has been here over 10 years. Wonderful animal that has manners and was well trained. She has been fine around all the creatures my wife brings home, but if you make my kids scream in fear….it could be bad. If your just carrying out the TV and other stuff you need to pet her first so it will be ok. She is not good around strange dogs in the neighborhood. I can live with her quirks. Only issue is she sure is getting old.
  20. There is one up here, saw it ounce and never been able to find it again
  21. AKwelder


    Glad it worked out for you. this thread and coffee pot chatter at work got me curious, so I checked blue book on my 2013 tacoma. Wow, maybe it should sell and buy in a year or two?
  22. Lots of daylight notice last light and first light are no longer listed, cause the sun never goes completely away
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