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  1. Hmm. Three new fires around town and now an earthquake. Just a 4.2 a few miles from here
  2. Yep, a tradesmen that shows up, does the job correctly and moves on to the next job is money well spent And the references are important, just like you, we need to know you or how you got my number.
  3. yep, Sounds just like all the business classes and service industry. All the tradesmen I know that are successful do it by word of mouth. The only exception used to be phone book adds. I do a few boiler installs and plumbing. Like most here i turn away enough work, why would I want more? Seems like the customers that are reached by this type of advertising are not the ones you want, but this advise is worth the same amount as your in-laws
  4. heavy tractors tear up the lawn, and you can't have that. Also they never are willing to buy what they need to weigh the tractor down to do the job, they are more interested in ordering the tractor with a stereo with blue tooth that syncs with there phone instead of wheel weights
  5. Lots of people complain about the low quality of imported low cost stuff, and then turn around and complain about the high cost of American made stuff. Hard to get low price and high quality made in the USA. Sorry to see the SK name move offshore, but I for one can not find a local dealer to buy them from, or to get warranty claims honored. To me that makes it no different than offshore already so I stick with Snap On, i can find a dealer, they are USA made, and I can get my warranty honored, and yes that costs me more, but it is available
  6. AKwelder

    Yard art

    Yeah. A perfect corral (the correct wire, capped fence posts for safety, and so one), a pasture that is organic and has no weeds, a fully enclosed barn with heat and water, hay with nothing but timothy grass, filtered water, and all the other must have items for horse owners.
  7. And another big caribou
  8. Been real bad here for fires, had one burn 35k acres just out of town. More fires burning out of town, like these
  9. Back at work, up in the Arctic had some visitors at camp this morning
  10. AKwelder

    Yard art

    Lol. When the wife bought a horse she was being led down this path by some of the others. Lots of gals doing Dressage. We had a major course correction real quick. We kept our horses like the livestock they were, and from that point they could pamper the critters all they wanted. We avoided the Golden Corral syndrome.
  11. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  12. Those work very well, and last a long time. We have some of them for welding, stout and useful FYI, they will break,
  13. Thank you gents, what a year it was, seems like they get faster as we go
  14. Hm. Quit wearing Levi’s when the leg seams would twist around my leg. Quality had been dropping, the move offshore, and I had enough. I have been wearing Carhart for years since. Now they are getting cheap and discontinuing the carpenters jeans I wear (I like the heavy denim, single layer, and the leg pocket for my phone). Main reason I went to carhart was the 100% cotton jeans, shirts, and turtlenecks. Welding for a living it really helps to not melt your clothes to your body. Now all the new models are synthetic mixed cloth or not very well made for a construction worker. So when I bought my last jeans they were wranglers, but they are to thin and I am not very impressed. Some of the guys at work are talking about 1640 jeans, but they are way to expensive for me. I just don’t know which way is next. I am personally not impressed with Ariat, or some of the others. We shall see
  15. Most pumpers run a cleaning plug, it’s a sponge, through the line backwards. Some push it with water, but it cleans out the line,
  16. When she had horses we stacked on pallets under the car port tarp deals we bought on Craigslist, worked very well, just don let the snow build up
  17. There is a lot of good information here, and great ideas. I would just offer that what ever you do be factual. The old stories that were told to scare kids just made liars out of the parents, and then they ignored the rest of the deal.
  18. Everywhere is different, here we install drip irrigation lines and inject fertilizer as needed. If you have samples of the soil and the trees checked they will tell you exactly what is needed. Might surprise you want adding some minor nutrient to your crop will do
  19. Lol buddy of mine has a few welding machines, tools, and such. His wife was asking about it one day, his reply was something along the lines of they pay the rent, the mortgage, and the grocery bill so there can never be to many
  20. You might find that a steel line has better flow. Copper can be thicker walled and have a reduced area. By the time you put a 3/8 fuel hose, push in a barb, and all the rest, the center hole isn’t going to be much larger than 5/16 tubing. So what are you gaining? If this is your pulling rig and your not going to be farming with it you can drill out the center of the adapter fittings. Or even go larger on the carb inlet as for Swagelok, you might prefer buying plywood. It will be cheaper.
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