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  1. And the 460 needs a clutch job, so there is that to look forward to
  2. Well, life has been busy. got some hives going had a small job up north, so I headed north winter is still here woke up to snow and people can’t drive rig mats on the road, for a coupe miles And things along the road got home, pulled the 460 out, dropped the loader and tried her out Question, can I bolt a new section onto a bar that had rivets? Needs some new sections, and since it’s just mowing ditches I was hoping to fix them as they fail man, that poor tractor needs new sheet metal
  3. To me it comes down to this, Kubota is still supporting my 1980’s entry level 19 hp tractor with parts, including a new bucket for the loader. Good luck
  4. Did you bring the parts to the dealer to install? If so I could understand this. if the parts were supplied by the dealer, I would think it doesn’t matter, fix it
  5. I quite carrying one since I always have my phone. oh well
  6. Try calling these guys https://www.testmetals.com/ they appear to be in Colorado, and this would be a starting point. Ask them for recommendations.
  7. Looks like a good day give my best to your father
  8. Glad your feeling better and sure hope it’s just the caffeine and stress
  9. Thank you for sharing your bad experiences to, helps to avoid the sales pitch at the store I will be shopping at Air Liquide/Air gas or Mathieson. There is NO repair here, they ship everything to Anchorage, 8 hours south
  10. Other jobs buy more parts to cover it. Or you buy the parts with cash to.
  11. That’s my thought. After the first month I will maybe use it a couple times a month, it’s mostly an I want item. Now I use a thin cut off disk more than I like, and I don’t like them at all this is my thought. I rarely see anything over 3/8 and I can cut it at work anything to thick.
  12. Ok, looks like a good machine so just looking at my local welding supply stores web page Hypertherm 65 runs $3600 Hyprertherm 45 runs $2400 Miller spectrum 625 runs $2300 add consumables to the above and I have a $1400 up charge for the larger machine, is it worth it?
  13. So Hypertherm is the brand to buy?
  14. Wow, here cash is king. If your paying cash in advance you go to the front of the line and get a better price. I have been installing boilers to finance my tractor/old iron/farm fantasies, for those jobs parts are paid in advance, and 50% of the labor or they can call someone else.
  15. I do not have it at my shop. Going with 240 volt at work is a different story, and they buy things in a way different price range
  16. Well I am ready for a plasma cutter. I would prefer the opinions of this forum over the welding forums. Want to cleanly cut 1/2 steel and severe more (maybe 3/4). Starting to deal with aluminum more. I think we have plenty of air in the shop, 15 cfm at 140 psi, I plan on a dedicated air drop with filter/dryer We have limited dealer support here, so I need recommendations for and against. What to avoid is important when I am trying to use my local dealer
  17. I don’t know that is just the engineers. Having the bean counters and sales guys there doesn’t help. Now when the engineer says we really need X for the hoses, but the bean counter says “whoa, that will cost….” And the sales guy is upset because it will miss his sales price point and look like Frankenstein you get hoses in box tube. Then you get into the department design method. This is where one group does one system, and another group does the other and so on. Remember the mustang that the rear seat when you folded it forward to get in back hit the horn, classic example of this type of management
  18. we are hearing outrageous numbers here, and now they are discussing $400/ft, and it’s not a fluke. there are almost zero buildings going up here, and it’s the time of year they should be coming out of the ground and I don’t see any. This is scary
  19. First, if you unplug the battery charger all the noise stops? if so I would first try separating the two like IHfan4life mentioned. Moving it off the circuit, or far enough away so it doesn’t interfere may do the job second, try looking at ferrite beads or chokes. They can really help eliminate the radio picking up static.
  20. Very true. But I would guess that they know lots of statistics regarding all manner of likely outcomes for this same scenario. Somewhere a computer program has found out that when the value of a purchase reaches a certain point and a customer adds another sale to reach the free shipping the most common purchase value is X, and the cost of shipping is a percentage of X so they make money. They also are willing to absorb so many loses to keep customers and hope for a large sale later.
  21. Heard some plant wheat so they can have a period for the tile contractor to work the field.
  22. Guy at work sent an email out to a lot of people to discuss the waist and vent repair he was working on. Then continued for a week to update a large list on th e progress he was making with the waist and vent piping for the camp. yeah. I need to quite asking if they can get any worse. They appear to consider that a challenge
  23. You bought something else didn’t you? So it worked for them
  24. Saw a video the other day of Newport News laying down the newest Enterprise and starting to assemble her. if memory serves the Enterprise was the most heavily decorated ship of WW2, mostly because she survived the entire war I am sure. They won’t let her name fade into history
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