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  1. We are looking at building a lace across town. Most likely will be a rental. Footers and ICF to grade, then it’s up in the air. We will run the numbers and see what the cost difference is. Lumber is still crazy and moving, but then again so is everything else. Years ago I was on a crew putting the heating system in a Boys and Girls home for problem kids. They used ICF because it eliminated the broken Sheetrock issues, when you Sheetrock over the foam it is impressive. If they want to punch the wall, go ahead, the staff would take them to the doctor for a sore hand and the maintenance guy might need to wash the wall, no problems or repairs. anywhere they didn’t have ICF behind the Sheetrock they had to use vandalism proof rock. It was like the cement board behind tile with a good surface.
  2. Fairly common here. I would use them myself if below ground, and for select applications above ground. To answer you question, here they apply a membrane to the side facing the soil, I think it’s bituminous or some such. Its like ice and water shield. There are some paint on coatings available to but I haven’t been a part of that.
  3. Very true, it’s not controlled by any government, but it’s now traded and speculated on the open market, so there is a very good chance for a wild ride. Read an article recently on one of the computer pages, they did an analysis of buying and building a mining rig, setting it up and running it, and the pay out. Turns out they needed a lot of mining to make any money, and then it wasn’t much. So unless your using economics of scale or cheap energy for some reason it won’t break even very fast, or ever. A few interesting facts I found when I was reading about this (I wanted to rack together 10 raspberry pi units and mine) 1) The units are loud because they buy efficient and cheap equipment, and user comfort is not needed and would be more expensive. 2) China is supposedly mining currency on vast scales. 3) Since the available currency is limited, it takes more mining to get some, and that takes computers, power, and lots of bandwidth. All of which cost you money and returns the conversation to economics of scale. 4) since the currency is traded it’s value will change, and like any traded item it may be or could be worthless when you need it. 5) One guy is documented as buying with his covid stimulus money one of the new crypto currency’s at less that 50 cents a share. The value went up on the market. At the time of the article he was worth millions. I lost track of how it turned out Lots of stuff here, good luck
  4. AKwelder

    Buying parts

    I had two back orders come in for the same controller last week, normally I would have not bought them, and there is now way I would have kept them, but I did just that. They are sitting on the shelf, and I will eat the cost. so very true. Current tax law makes keeping inventory painful but those that do, or bulk purchase an entire seasons material early seem to be ahead of it all. But the counter argument with electronics is the whole market is constantly changing, and putting a large supply up could be out of date stock in just a few months. I sure hope they diversify the market to avoid this
  5. Yeah, and not very encouraging for the next couple years. I might buy a small pump so I can get it drained easier. Used a $20 drill pump last night and kept things fairly dry.
  6. Here’s a new one for shortages. There are a few buildings going up around here that they are on hold for the shower surround. Since you have to get it in before all the walls are up it’s a heck of a bottle neck
  7. That’s great. Glad to hear it. they didn’t raise the price of my raw land lots, guess it’s homes mainly.
  8. Yep. Bottom element was out. New water heater installed 7/24/21. waiting to see if I got everything working.
  9. Just saw they released the reported inflation for the last year 7.5%. Worst since 1982. Some items, like energy were over 20%.
  10. The raise in real estate sales is what drove up our assessments. It pushed higher numbers into the equation. Regarding how everything is bigger and more expensive, you can get a bigger loan. If they allow 7 year loans the manufacturer will make a product to max out the line of credit. Add to that no one under 50 remembers the 80’s, and I would guess there are very few left to remember the Great Depression, and that was really only ended by WWII. History repeats itself
  11. Same here, and now we got our property tax assessment, up. Talked with the assessor since they put the new shop on the wrong lot, and he said there was almost a 10% increase across the board. went over to the rubber and rigging store for hose, needed to fill my FIL fuel tank, the cost of the good blue hose was up 50%, but they were out and were not sure when they would get more. So I bought an even more expensive hose. Dang I have been reading lately, seems that your better off in debt, with 7% inflation and 4% interest it’s better to be in debt, you make 3% on your money. And that is screwy been a lot of business that cheap money made it easier to buy their competition than to become more profitable, seems like that is changing. Sure hope people are not carrying variable rate debt
  12. Well karma stopped by, I replaced the water heater in July, came home last night and my boy said there was no hot water, hm. Breaker was popped. Ok, here we go, so I reset the breaker and hoped. This mornings shower was short of hot water, but I need to check the timer and make sure it’s been on long enough. I will be checking elements tonight and see what that shows, sigh. Less than a year old
  13. AKwelder

    Buying parts

    I have been doing some boiler installs after work. My clients can’t get anyone and if they do it’s hard to find materials. Local store just had a 100% increase for glycol, when they can get it. Not good
  14. Delivered heating oil is $3.57 At the pump heating oil is $2.99 give or take propane delivered is $4.87 you win some, you lose so e
  15. I stopped at Home Depot for a few items, and they had Rotella T4 for $13 a gallon. So I grabbed enough for two oil changes on the truck and one on my Kubota. Wish they had T6, but at least I can change oil with what I have
  16. Grundfos does make some, so do others. They also make 3 speed units and smart units. Sizing a pump comes down to how many zones/loops and the longest length zone/loop. That size pipe/PEX has a head loss per foot. The circulator has a pump curve that will show you what your GPM output will be at a given head. There are calculators on line. or pm me, I can show you some links, or we can see if we can crunch your numbers
  17. Also very important is to size the circulators correctly, they are not one size fits all
  18. This. So 100,000 btu output with a good turndown Up here we always try to use outdoor resets and the unit runs more efficient with radiant heat. The way it works is if it’s warm outside the system runs at a lower temp, say 80* when it’s 35* outside but when it’s 0* outside the system may run at 105*. The lower the temp you heat the water the more efficient you are on fuel. I would do some research on the tankless domestic water heaters, some require a minimum flow rate, and if I remember you are hauling water or have a limited well. I don’t like the combination units for our climate, you results may vary.
  19. Was around them a bit when I was in the USAF, or at least the current model at the time, M936A2. I’m not sure I would want to climb on and off them anymore, my knees twinge just thinking about it.
  20. Yes, they do make some fittings with a bleed on the side. We get them from Swagelok, but I think Parker, Cajoun, and Whitey make similar fittings. My concern would be if the bleed screw loosens during operation it would sure make a mess
  21. Congratulations Our best wishes for your family.
  22. Yeah me to. All these hard tires going many thousands of miles, it would never happen here. Last pair of “Hard” tires I had I got out of the truck at the church, slammed the door and watched my truck slide down the hill and into the ditch, sigh Currently have a set of Yokohama Geolanders on the Tacoma. Not great for cold weather and ice so I won’t buy another set. The Michelin on the diesel are at 45k and done(past the wear bars by a few years), then the flatbed has 6 that are mismatched and suspect, and the RV has the same set from 2002. Guess we are buying tires this summer
  23. FYI. The companies here are not requiring VAX, but they do not have to keep you in the same position and pay if you are not vaxxed, because of safety. And the laws they are passing don’t mean nothing. Trust me as to medical records, you might want to read that release form your company has you sign, they have full access if you are still employed by a large corporation.
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