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  1. The biggest problem I have is getting back on American soul. Every time they want to unpack my truck and get creative. But I can pull out of my driveway, and be in elk river mn right next to CatTech in 80 hours. 3300 miles give or take.
  2. You can get a "pardon" from Canada for a fee. It's online somewhere under Canadian counselate or some such
  3. Yeah. I got sent here with the USAF for a 3 year tour in 92.
  4. If you ever want to ride, check the weather report and come on, i got an extra or two and we got room,
  5. The 460 on its way home this fall
  6. last winter sledding in the mountains
  7. You should try. Got a truck and camp gear for you if you ever do. Always welcome
  8. Today I was working on my 460, I picked it up just before winter set in and it needed some TLC. Yesterday I replaced the battery and changed to cables out with heavier ones. She fires right up now. So today I got out the manuals and read up on how to adjust the T/A. It's been getting stuck in gear until I pull back on the T/A and when I push in the clutch it would not free roll down a hill. After a little bit of scratching my head I think I got it. I can't get it to slip in low range, and it rolls on a hill when the clutch is in. So maybe I got it right Weather is calling for 6-12 inches of snow tonight so I may have some work for the tractor tommorrow.
  9. After enjoying Troy's post so much over the last year I thought I would start an Alaskan post. Nothing much but some photos of Alaska as I raise my boys, work on my tractors and try to keep life's merry-go-round spinning
  10. In the 70's dad bought a Chevy in MN where I grew up, he got a topper that filled the tailgate area when he bought the truck, so he took the tailgate off and put it in the rafters of grandpa's brooder house. About 10 years later the topper was done, and the truck was rotted out from salt. Dad rolled his eyes and went to grab his "new" tailgate thinking it was going to really look odd. ALAS, no worries. The tailgate was just as rusted as the rest of the truck!
  11. Kind of interesting. I just notice in the last month all the Darigold got new packaging, all new colors and a new look.
  12. Is this big storm they are talking about going to do anything in your corner? We are 20 degrees warmer than normal
  13. Troy,The feeling is mutual hopefully you and I never meet unless it involves you bring me $15 million to buy me out. CheersWe should go for a beer at the Conway tavern....is it even open? Well that could happen easy enough someday the hard part will be getting Boon in there to buy the beer. And that is 1000 posts
  14. congrats, been watching and wondering when it would happen Thanks for the topic/post
  15. Was rolling threw the forums this morning with my coffee. Saw TD posted at 1am, what in the world, so I had to see, this thread has been great, I look for it every morning BEFORE opening the news and seeing what's going on in the world. Thanks for your efforts Troy And DLS is a pain, and it's worse in the spring for me. It gets to the point I can work on a couple things after diner and then they move the clock and it's dark after diner!
  16. Dishwasher here just failed ind got water under the flooring. Structure is still good. But we are going to be remodeling. I just asked her to do it while the weather is nice enough for grilling. It's going to hurt when the bill comes, but she cooks, not just dump the box in a microwave. She cooks every meal and we eat at the table. And the kids tear it up like Troy says, they can break an anvil with a feather duster, I don't know how, but they could do it.
  17. Me and the wife were out and we drove through the car lot. She said "sure, get a new truck, do you like these?" Or words to that affect Pulled up beside a king ranch, diesel, dually, and said I really like it, could she run over and check the price. She didn't say a word for a while. The told me "you can't have that one!" I asked why, said her first house wasn't that much. Sticker price was was over 80k
  18. Well if you must know my wife drives a 2006 Buick Rainer, I think we paid 18k for it in 2008 with 24k miles on it. I don't think we will get off that cheap next time we purchase a vehicle. Some SUV vehicles seem to have such long sloping front windshield I hit my head getting in so that's the first box to check off the list when looking at new or used stuff. The little jap cars I can get in too ok, it's the getting out part is where the problem starts. Sorry. Didn't mean to offend. Just was totally surprised and shook by the thought of 20k only being a down payment on a car.
  19. Down payment? What the he!! are you driving?
  20. Nice dealer, i sure would go somewhere else.
  21. I am envious. I would love to have such a tractor and a job for it.
  22. is that what he needs the flotation for?
  23. ouch, the fields should be So fun with that
  24. My boys really get my wife wound up when they act just like her.
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