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  1. Well today i had to run up and back on the Elliot Hwy. Coming back south at 11:30 after recent snow i got some nice views Always nice when the temp is around zero and not much wind. Its been a really nice start to winter, above zero. Tonight i drug the kids sleds in, after our 6 inch snow they are all revved up and ready to go! But we got the oldest's Birthday party tomorrow so it will be in the dark. Guess that is why they have head lights. Tomorrow morning i will be changing oil and cleaning carbs. The wife will get woken up by the smell of Brakeen so another reminder that i need a shop!
  2. I was feeling like it yesterday. But no we are quite a ways south of the circle. . We are seeing a 10;30 sunrise and a 2:55 sunset. You need to be carful or you won't see the sun until you day off The had a guy lose control of a B-70 and jack knife it with a load. Ended up wadded up in the ditch. I will see if I can find a picture.
  3. It's only a 7ft wide, I have no idea of the yardage. The white out from a tractor trailer in new snow is a force to be reconded with. I drive the haul road on occasion and it is really touchy up there
  4. picture of the 460 in the snow funny, the picture seemed much better in the dark with snow falling, who knew
  5. I see that is a 460 gasoline! if it was a diesel you may have to take it in the house with you as I have heard the 460 diesels start harder than the worlds hardest starting diesel the 560 My father had spent time on a 460 diesel growing up in MN and warned me about the starting. luck had it that this one was a gas. I would be very surprised if there are two more in the state. But you never know
  6. Pipefitter. I work for the company that has the maintenance contract on the Trans Alaska Pipeline.
  7. I need to figure out how to post pictures from my iPhone on the mobile version. Plowed snow tonight with the 460, it was kind of like cutting butter with a chainsaw. So I used my lil kubota that has a rear blade. Nieghbor is away at work so I took the kubota down to help her out. She has a new baby and they are good folk. Got sucked into the ditch. Went and got my wife and the truck. No go. Fired the 460 up, it drug the kubota right out. At diner I reflected that I was happy with how it popped right out, with sheepish look my wife says it most likely would have been better if she hadn't had it in reverse. ?.
  8. Congress???? You got me there
  9. The National Weather Service has issued a severe storm warning here, came out Sunday night. 6-12 inches of snow. We have a grand total is 1/4 inch so far, and they keep saying "here it comes!" Wish I had a job that if I was correct 1/3 of the time they would be happy
  10. We see a lot of tourists and I end up talking to some here and there. From what I hear driving up the Alcan with an RV and not being rushed is the best. It's just the fact most people can not afford to do so. Other option is to rent an RV and fly into the state. I have no idea what thAt costs but I can see that it would be my preferred choice. A lot of people come thru with cruise ship tours, and I have worked around this and dated gals that were part of it. People have a lot of fun, you see a series of events. And they hook it to a ship. The one I remember came up from WA and dropped them off in Skagway. They were bused all through the state, took a river boat trip in Fairbanks. Wildlife tour at Denali, train ride south, and then a couple other stops. Then back on a ship and home. I am glad people come and have fun, but you can't hit the high spots here in an entire summer.
  11. Yep, 10 minutes down the road. I used to send my nieces and nephews cards from there, Santa answered thier letter with very exact details and a North Pole postage stamp
  12. The biggest problem I have is getting back on American soul. Every time they want to unpack my truck and get creative. But I can pull out of my driveway, and be in elk river mn right next to CatTech in 80 hours. 3300 miles give or take.
  13. You can get a "pardon" from Canada for a fee. It's online somewhere under Canadian counselate or some such
  14. Yeah. I got sent here with the USAF for a 3 year tour in 92.
  15. If you ever want to ride, check the weather report and come on, i got an extra or two and we got room,
  16. The 460 on its way home this fall
  17. last winter sledding in the mountains
  18. You should try. Got a truck and camp gear for you if you ever do. Always welcome
  19. Today I was working on my 460, I picked it up just before winter set in and it needed some TLC. Yesterday I replaced the battery and changed to cables out with heavier ones. She fires right up now. So today I got out the manuals and read up on how to adjust the T/A. It's been getting stuck in gear until I pull back on the T/A and when I push in the clutch it would not free roll down a hill. After a little bit of scratching my head I think I got it. I can't get it to slip in low range, and it rolls on a hill when the clutch is in. So maybe I got it right Weather is calling for 6-12 inches of snow tonight so I may have some work for the tractor tommorrow.
  20. After enjoying Troy's post so much over the last year I thought I would start an Alaskan post. Nothing much but some photos of Alaska as I raise my boys, work on my tractors and try to keep life's merry-go-round spinning
  21. In the 70's dad bought a Chevy in MN where I grew up, he got a topper that filled the tailgate area when he bought the truck, so he took the tailgate off and put it in the rafters of grandpa's brooder house. About 10 years later the topper was done, and the truck was rotted out from salt. Dad rolled his eyes and went to grab his "new" tailgate thinking it was going to really look odd. ALAS, no worries. The tailgate was just as rusted as the rest of the truck!
  22. Kind of interesting. I just notice in the last month all the Darigold got new packaging, all new colors and a new look.
  23. Is this big storm they are talking about going to do anything in your corner? We are 20 degrees warmer than normal
  24. Troy,The feeling is mutual hopefully you and I never meet unless it involves you bring me $15 million to buy me out. CheersWe should go for a beer at the Conway tavern....is it even open? Well that could happen easy enough someday the hard part will be getting Boon in there to buy the beer. And that is 1000 posts
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