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  1. Been in some very cold weather working, seen extreme wind chills. But you will have that in the Arctic. This morning it’s -13 F here, and not to bad. someone is always colder and someone is always warmer
  2. Those hot wheels plastic race traces were brutal, whew.
  3. @ny bill o I have family that are Wakeman’s. Can you tell me why you call that barn the Wakeman barn?
  4. Wish it was for the guys, it’s not. They don’t want the weld to be in the elements
  5. We get special fittings that are split in half, we fit them around a live line, weld them together, then to the pipeline. They can then mount a valve on the new branch, and a tapping machine outboard of the valve (it’s a huge hole saw). Open the valve and tap the line, retract the saw and close the valve and you have a new branch. they also have plugs that go in the branch called stoppel’s. Allows them to stop flow for maintenance google TD Williams stopple.
  6. Yes, at least I was. Work in the office more now a days
  7. Preheat, first we do it to avoid hydrogen issues. What this video if the link works The preheat allows the weld to stay hot longer and allow the hydrogen diffuser from the weld. Second, preheat slows the cooling of the weld so you have less stress on it. Think of dumping cold water into a hot glass, it can crack from the sudden change in temperature. So can your weld there are more reasons to preheat, but what it really comes down to is if your using higher strength steels, alloys or working in a critical application preheat is a good practice. finally. Knocking the sweat out of it, or preheating the steel. If you use heat sources that don’t produce water vapor you don’t get the water. just a couple observations to consider.
  8. It’s called induction heating. there are newer ways now but some still use blankets and “chick lets”. We use Miller Proheat 35’s at work all the time. Not cheap but very effective and powerful. Ours use Litz cables and we wrap the pipe, but we do have some blankets
  9. AKwelder


    Never new flange wizard made them, hmm. Used the curv-o-Mark and liked it. Is really handy for mitered cuts on pipe and mitered copes on beam. looking good Finney.
  10. This, it’s way more complicated than people realize, and you can still be good people over it, but you need to know what your agreeing to
  11. Turn up the pressure on your fuel gas is the normal fix, but maybe I am missing something
  12. Work is offering shots in the near future. I have no doubt it will be required in order to be at work or have a job in the not so distant future. I am also sure there will be exceptions for medical reasons. Just like the others vaccines. I also predict there will be travel requirements, shot record or proof I order to travel to some countries, maybe two years
  13. Yep. Uncle re-roofed the machine shed with this steel. Seems to work fine
  14. My grandmother always had bird houses and feeders out. She taught me a lot about birds and I enjoyed it and cherish the memories. When she passed I sent a donation to the National Autobon society (however you spell it, spell check is not helping) in her memory. I get mail all the time begging for more, it’s been years and more mail comes every week if the NRA would have a no contact I would donate, but they seem to spend more money than I donate asking me for more. Here is my money, list my name and I will contact you when or if I ever want to donate more
  15. The “Internet of Things”. IoT getting to be crazy and out of hand,
  16. Quit worrying about the mule and keep loading the wagon
  17. Price may be directly related to how much the shop wants to do a 6.0 R&R and warranty the job.
  18. FYI. have heard stories of the injectors failure being such that compression escapes thru the injector. So I am skeptical of the diagnosis from your shop, but who knows
  19. Get in touch with @SMiller, he lives in central Florida near Orlando and loves it. I would offer that areas like Tennessee, Northern Alabama, and similar latitudes all the way across the country to the Rockies might interest you. Check if work has fill in program and travel?
  20. Yep. Extra-tuff were the only boots to buy. Fishing industry didn’t wear anything but, almost every Alaskan had them, kids got them and handed them down to siblings. They moved to China, now your better of buying cheap rubber boot from the box store. They will outlast extra-tuff another iconic brand ruined by a new CEO fixing things. Now the only people who wear extra tuffs a trendy girls trying to look outdoors
  21. Maybe they are part of a sickle mower? I think they used to be replaceable
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