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  1. From the list there are no allergies such as bee stings or blood sugar issues?  And this is for you and not others, 

    add some QTips and some eye wash for when you get something in your eye.  

    looks like your using this as you need it, so I would add some good medical tape and lots of gauge pads.  For emergencies I would have some large squares of cloth for slings and a space blanket

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  2. 15 minutes ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Not sure what your situation is, i have LP already and just bought a Rinnai 38,000 btu direct vent wall furnace, cost 2200 bucks with the remote thermostat kit. Add another 5-600 for installation, it is clean, efficient and does a tremendous job. Lots of energy saving features and settings. I can go away for a week in the winter and not worry. You are going to be all of that into a pellet stove and you still have to babysit it. 

    I wish we could get cheap propane,  these units would be great. Right now propane is more per gallon than diesel or gasoline 

  3. We have had one for almost 15 years, and have been happy with it.  Having said that, it is not always saving money.  I found a price per BTU calculator online, and when fuel oil is cheap we turn the pellets down to just more comfort, and we crank it up when fuel oil is high. Some times other fuels are cheaper, by a lot

    it’s a lot cleaner than wood, I do not have access to good fire wood (we can chose between spruce or birch) and I just do not have the time for cutting wood, so it’s a pellet stove.  I pick up a half dozen bags on my way home when we need them.

    Not all stoves are equal, mine will burn almost anything, my FIL is picky and needs to be cleaned daily if he is burning pellets that make a lot of ash (his was cheaper and has a thermostat, mine is manual set). Then some are automatic and others run at the feed rate you set.  

    I have replaced blower motors over the years.  But after running 24/7 for 5 months at a time I can’t complain.  We will replace this one sooner than later, and I hope to keep burning pellets

  4. 1 hour ago, Tonys 300 Utility said:

    Just recently bought a Dewalt leaf blower. The cost of the tool wasn't bad but I just had to buy a couple of 5ah batteries to run the tool and it set me back $190 with taxes in. Good tool but, "Ouch" on the batteries. My old 2ah battery didn't last very long, and I couldn't finish the laneway on one charge.

    They almost give you the tool, and then show you the batteries and ….

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  5. On 10/20/2021 at 6:30 PM, bitty said:

    235/85r16 on the 81 dually we had . Speedo said 80 mph . 454, .456 rears and a turbo 400 . What RPM would that be? Truck had no tachometer

    Best guess, but I am a bit tired






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  6. I am getting tired of looking backwards. Anyone have pictures of a front mount snow plow on a 460 or done it them selves? I am hoping to mount a truck snow plow to the front of my wide front 460 in place of the loader, just looking at where I would tie in the frame and how it’s been done before

  7. Well, some of you might remember we were growing peonies for selling cut flowers, deal was they bloom here late enough for the June wedding season and they were selling to the lower 48.

    we quit harvesting a couple years ago and we’re only maintaining our plants, they are really huge now.  Well a year ago the Coop closed, which was not a surprise since it had some very serious management challenges 


    today the growers association made it official 




    the price for each stem has fallen to 1/5 or less and the shipping costs have increased a lot.  When the price hit half we quit harvesting and just waited, when it fell further we pulled out.  Guess we can pot the plants and sell them at the farmers market.  We did have a good time, figured some things out, and did not risk anything unrecoverable.  Life goes on



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  8. On 8/23/2021 at 4:37 AM, lorenzo said:

    I have seen a couple of those that looked like a cobbled up complete disaster of poorly welded  chunks of angle iron and other assorted pieces of scrap iron that happened to be laying around. I have yet to look at one that looked factory built or OEM looking. 
    We’re any of these factory built?

    I agree, I look at some of these and it really blows me away that some one would use it.  Tony’s 350 is home built, but it’s not cobbled. It really is nicely done, thought out, and for lack of better words, completed.  

    even more ironic, his came from just about an hour (or so) north of where this one is selling

  9. 1 hour ago, zleinenbach said:

    It’s a three footer...when I was ending tenure on my own HVAC/ plumbing business, I sold damn near all my tools and just HAD to keep that. Been used I think on a Reese hitch nut since that day in 2018...

    got one laying around here that has the chain vise backup built in (steam lines) That’s for when you are NOT concerned about collateral damage. 


    I have one of those myself,  last step before the gas axe. They just work

  10. 49 minutes ago, mader656 said:

    They had the front idler off and said it was ate out but seems like it could be rebuilt if a guy could find center perfectly... I know a decent fab guy....

    I would believe it could be welded and bore out, but it might not be a back yard repair

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  11. 2 hours ago, oleman said:


    Might be a guy with a heck of a sense of humor.  Big dodge mirrors, stack out the back, you think he is making fun of maybe a 20 year old with a crazy diesel?


    Or he could just be an or ornery cuss being an a$$

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  12. Very sad, and the poor family,   

    Most safety supply houses rent a simple meter, will let you know if there is enough O2. People can also wear a simple fall harness with a rope to the door,  but you usually need some way to pull them out. 


    confined space entry is a huge danger and we train for it at work a lot.  They say most of the victims are would be rescuers. Lots of training out there, ask your local fire department 

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  13. LOL, Yeah, you had a bad day, and it sure could have gone either way. Sure seems like there was plenty of players upping the last one. Glad you got the rant out.


    I would move on, or maybe take a break from the store for a month.  And if you find the owner give them the why



  14. 2 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Intrastate Excepted which as i recall limits you to essentially day travel with  in state stuff, my manual is out in the truck, i didn't read all the exceptions to not needing a medical card but it was pretty limiting. 

    Unless your in a state like Alaska. If you have a CDL you must have a medical card on file with DMV or your license is suspended.


    but your state may vary

  15. Thanks for the McMaster lead, ordering some now


    FYI, I have ordered those pins from Steiner a few years back, maybe 4 or 5 now that I think about it, at the same price so they have been selling them that price for years.  The difference between them and McMaster is the pull ring.  The Steiner ones have a heavier ring like original OEM, McMaster has a split ring.  So they are probably a custom order that Steiner did

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