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  1. Took my boy to the local hardware store for a project he was working on, as we we leaving I pointed out the glass case of Starrett tools.  The counter guy said they might have to quit carrying them because Starrett has decided to only sell on Amazon.  

    Good grief

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  2. If the goal is to torque the bolts uniformly, buy what ever is cheap and in stock at HF or the local store.  If the actual torque value is critical (engine rebuilds) I might still use the cheap torque wrench but I have picked up a few more expensive ones over the years for critical work, and they do not get used for non-critical work.  You might be surprised at how much more important consistency is instead of a perfect torque.

    From the way to long class I had in the military decades ago most people use the wrench incorrectly and get uneven/inaccurate results anyways. We found that we had a variation of over 50% when we tried to test. After calming down and being consistent we closed that gap.  A few items such as always zeroing out the tench, pulling squarely with the wrench using the same grip, not jerking, only using the middle 50% of the wrenches range and a few more items make more difference that people realize 

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  3. 37 minutes ago, Mudfly said:

    Wife and I both have decent jobs, and yet we see people who make less than us or are unemployed with items that we  would not be able to afford.  Also see the same people eating out 4, 5, 6 nights a week, where I cook all our dinners at home for the wife and kids.  I just don’t know how some people live as high off the hog as they do.  

    Not jealous at all, I am happy with what we have and honestly wouldn’t want some of the things I’m talking about (sports cars, jacked up brand new trucks, RVs, ice castle fish houses, boats, etc), just makes me scratch my head.

    Forgot to add: I was once told by someone, “I either want less corruption, or more ability to participate in it”.  

    This is really got my wife upset right now, she is trying to figure out how to purchase here parents place, and is upset on us taking on that much debt. All the while there are people living a more extravagant life style than us while working less and spending more. 


    To bring the thread back to the original topic, it’s getting really bad, even the government is doing it.





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  4. I haven’t done much pipe fence.  I would try Finney’s method. It would be more forgiving and you can dress up the hole with a stone if you need to.  

     I have seen the chop sawing the ends like Bitty shows and it works after you get it dialed in.


    If we are cutting saddles for piping we normally make a steel template that slips over the pipe, which is what it sounds like you doing. I have an App that calculates my ordinate lines for saddles when we are doing one off versions

  5. I have a ford f350 that’s an old beater.  I use it for random hauling. The drivers window keeps having the metal track on the bottom come off.


    any recommendations on a new adhesive to use to keep it together?

  6. 10 hours ago, bitty said:

    I am thinking about getting a sharpener like this for the sawmill blades . If I can sharpen 10 blades 4 times each or more it's paid for instead of throwing the blades out ..... 


    Just one question, do those numbers assume your time is free?

  7. 1 hour ago, dale560 said:

    That is top notch work. The only thing I would worry about is algae in the water if it sits to long.

    Thank you.  I think a small dose of chlorine is needed to keep everything going.  Each there own

  8. There’s as many ways to do it as there are people to ask.  I recently did this for the guy down the street 


    small sink, several hundred gallon tank he pulls the hose to when he needs it,  small pump and 6 gallon heater.  Always ready to use, uses one 20 amp outlet

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  9. Yeah, Carhart was the working man’s brand.  They got a new manager and killed an iconic brand for a better profit. Just like Extra-tuff boots

    Around here Ariat has become very common, although I think they are to stylish. Still lots of Carhart, but they have lost many sales from construction and oil filed workers.

    I was at the local store that has carried Carhart since they were a niche brand.  The manager was helping me and she said she had been to some sales meeting Carhart holds.  They have realized they are losing market share and we’re planning to launch a work wear line.  To late, and to far off shore for me.  I still have been buying Carhart, but I am finding others and dropping them as I find replacements

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  10. 12 hours ago, New Englander said:

    Impressive mountain. I only got a view of it once and from a distance at that as most of our Asia flights were at night. What kind of plane were you riding in?

    Was on a small horizon air flight, I think it was an Embraur! Maybe an ERJ 175?



    in order to make it from fairbanks to Deadhorse we have to fly south to Anchorage and then north to Deadhorse 


    makes all kinds of sense 

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  11. Flew to Prudhoe bay yesterday.  Had a good shot of Mt McKinley (now it’s Denali) from the window for part of the flight







    Almost 19,500 ft tall


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  12. So I was on my way home from the store, stopped at a light and an over the road rig caught my eye.  It was a nice Pete with a trailer with the rear axle off the ground (drop axle for when loaded of some type I assume) and was obviously a lower 48 rig.  When I later pulled up next to the rig at the light I look over and there was nothing connected to the glad hands. Wish I had gotten a picture, but I definitely saw two glad hands on the front of the trailer with nothing connected to them.  Light turned before I could find and glad hands or light connector on the back of the truck.


    so is there a new way they are connecting the brakes and lights to trailers?  What was I missing ?

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