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  1. I zip tie three way cords in place, replace as they get wore out. cheap, fast, and simple
  2. When I was a mechanic in the Air Force they did a lot of research on plugging in vehicles, this is what I remember after 2 hours your engine is as warm as it is going to get, being plugged in longer has very little effect. Wind may change that, but I haven’t seen that on vehicles with enclosed engines. We plug everything in on a timer block heaters (frost plugs) are the most efficient, and you use less electricity for the same result for extreme cold silicon pad heaters on the oil pan(s) and battery heaters offer huge increases in startinG. My diesel trucks have a 75w on the oil pan, 60w on the tranny, and a 60w battery pad under each battery. I also have added battery maintainers on newer vehicles (they have a small draw and it really drains the vehicle at 50 below). When I worked on the USAF fleet we also added them to the hydraulic system and some of the odd stuff got an element in the reservoir. Around here lots of people leave an old comforter over the hood to try and keep some more heat in, they see, to be happy with it, I don’t know your engine oils have a huge impact on starting, having the right oil for the weather I personally do not like the exterior heaters like those called tank heaters, but they do have there place. The huge Katz tank heaters we had on the dozers were really something, and had to be plugged into special 30 amp plugs. I have seen Katz block heaters at NAPA, and all the other National parts stores, and even seen them sold on Amazon good luck
  3. Katz seems to be the best ones around here, but it has been a long time since I did one
  4. Cheapest OBD2 reader option is to buy a Bluetooth reader and a cheap android tablet. Then download Torque Pro. I have way less than $200 into it It is not intuitive, but you can read and clear codes, check sensor data and information, and even graph sensor readings to watch for intermittent problems or comparison
  5. My Deere construction equipment dealer is not to be trusted. My Cat dealer is great, so that would make my choice. Your results may vary. and here, Cat equipment is king, the only problem is the price
  6. I wish they had a deposit like bottles, they are an eyesore
  7. The ones we’ve had were $800 for a used phone, $25 a year for activation, and over a dollar a minute for prepaid time (and the minutes don’t last forever, and they have a minimum purchase), and when you went over that time cost goes up. calls between sat phones are higher they have other plans but that’s the one the guys use for being in the back woods the Spot and other units are cheaper
  8. You won’t regret building the shop. although methods and equipment varies from area to area, that grader makes me wonder, just how big are you going?
  9. They also like to advertise local items, with palm trees in the background, pretty sure there are zero palm trees in Alaska
  10. Well, it’s official, we are going to have a winter I was hoping we had avoided it
  11. And this is why the officers in the USAF treat the enlisted much better than the other branches of the military
  12. Lots of apprenticeships have a good outcome with out the Colledge debt. Sure hope a few get that one @New Englander, thanks for sharing
  13. Cool. Way to big for me, although…..
  14. And I wish my super c had a dipstick, and not petcocks.
  15. I would guess that after a certain point all the engines that model had a dipstick, so if they had the motor replaced after the late 50’s it came with a dipstick
  16. The 230 I have has a dipstick, maybe it had an engine replacement late in life
  17. Another approach is to have a retirement fund, that pays your wife in the event of your death. And if you live you have a retirement fund. And if your self employed you probably have some options, and one might allow this added benefit. If I recall correctly your wife works and you have a new baby, could she survive if she was debt free? Or would she need a monthly income for the next 18 years to raids the baby? Or some middle ground.
  18. If they can get people. We sure cant
  19. Might be a Red Flag exercise going on, they change things up every now and again
  20. And yet they are still showing Titan adds, hmm
  21. That sounds great. our teachers have to be trained on all kinds of stuff. CPR, how to address X and Y, harassment and bullying, and on and on.
  22. Guilty here, we turned it on a few weeks back. 34 this morning. Looking at a high just below 50
  23. Cobalt, lithium, and other rare earth metals are normally mined overseas, not in our back yard, so the problem isn’t here. fun fact, they have found a supply of rare earth metals in northern alaska, and there is some permitting issues with the mine.
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