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    Waste oil

    It’s amazing how much work they are, and how inefficient they burn. Everyone sees the BTU in waste oil, but never the efficiency of the boiler. So much heat going up the stack. Then there is the fact that people think if you can wash it into the waste oil barrel it’s gone, no more work! So in to the barrel goes solvent, antifreeze, chewing tobacco, muck and grime. All to end up in the boiler. Really the only benefit is they reduce a waste stream that costs money to dispose of
  2. AKwelder

    Waste oil

    I have worked on a few waste oil boiler and furnace set ups. They sure seem take a lot of work. My good friend swears by his, but I think he could use the time he spends with the waste oil elsewhere in his business and be money ahead.
  3. Well shoot, winter showed up I would say better late than never, but I’m not sure
  4. And now they are obsolete. This double deck was the cats meow, you had relay and auto-reverse and more. Top of the line in the 80’s/early 90’s. This in my stereo rack, awesome. Now I don’t even own a CD anymore. It might as well be an 8 track progress, lol
  5. I always wondered if it was a regional thing. If a model came out the same year(s) of of poor crops in a region, you probably won’t see many of that model in that area? Or am I off?
  6. Just saw this on face book, good luck
  7. A friend called and told me to check out this listing https://billings.craigslist.org/grd/d/ralston-1941-international-td6/7691881648.html Screen shot of post a bit expensive, but … each there own
  8. Just curious, are you sticking food in your pan, and then washing/scrubbing it clean and repeating?
  9. I put the WiFi in the shop for computer access (Utube and checking on repairs) and so I can set up a camera that alerts my phone if someone goes in the shop. I have also connected my boiler so I know if it trips the reset or has an issue. Since it’s there a TV may be in the future. Snow here in the interior has been very light, we only have about a foot on the ground. It has also been above zero so far. Very warm and mild winter for me so far. Anchorage has been pummeled, back to back storms and more came in November. I think by the 10 of November they had already tied already match the record for the month. I have heard there is good snow in the mountains
  10. Installed WiFi in the shop now I might put up a TV.
  11. I liked the line in the movie Independence Day, when the president asks where all the fancy alien research facilities came from, and Judd Hirsch looks at him and says something like “You really didn’t think they were buying $500 toilet seats and $1100 hammers did you?”
  12. Well, I think I am now 7 weeks into my afternoon project Got the plow pump mounted on the old truck and the plow itself mounted There has been a long list of small and large issues. Everything from stuck and busted bolts to fuel filler necks not working with the service bed. but, we got 5 inches las Monday and we got to plow with a cab. Now I just need to get the heater fixed and finish replacing the wiper motor. anyone have the correct pin out for a 90 f250 blower switch?
  13. Wow, lots of faith in that box tubing. but sure would be handy for me
  14. Cowboy clamps here never heard that one, how far back in the woods did you get?
  15. Glad he wasn’t hurt. Sounds like it could have been lots worse. sure sounds like a steam flash or water hammer. I would be curious if the pop off valve was still working
  16. If these details were in the post I missed them, but gear ratio, tranny and tire size will greatly affect the truck in the hills. Old mechanic at a dirt spread changed the tires on one of the end dumps to something smaller and really woke up the truck. if your putting the wife in a truck with 1/5 the miles, more and maybe better brakes (10 wheels instead of 6), and you may only be able to haul 50 bushels more? Seems like a win to me, and if you can haul more even better.
  17. eBay and the internet are your best bet. Then somewhere there is a site devoted to those lead sleds. Maybe look on the used parts sites for other intake parts and call them?
  18. I was taught that they are intended to use 10 amps. You can also ohm the plugs while installed.
  19. Not a successful hunt. But a great time with a good friend.
  20. Sounds like you have listened to Peter Zeihan interesting stuff
  21. Brings back memories for me, my family put hay up that way into the late 80’s great grand dad fritz only had one kid, a daughter, and didn’t have the manpower for bales. So he went into loose hay blown into the barn
  22. No one else involved, last weekend was moving the Kubota from the yard across town to the house so I would have it for snow removal. She was loaded on the trailer behind the ford and we were going up the hill to the house where the road is cut into the bank when I spun out on the ice, and we went sliding backwards. I tried finding some traction or steering, I hoped to get it in the shallow ditch on the right, and then she jack knifed on the left. We went into the ditch on the left sliding backwards and Jack knifed. I had time to figure this was going to hurt, and hope she didn’t roll. Corner of the trailer jammed into the bank and we whipped around until I was facing down hill. I drove out with no damage I got dang lucky, and have since reevaluated my priorities regarding purchasing new tires for the ford.
  23. If you have a three point then I assume you do NOT have fast hitch. I would look at putting a fast hitch hydraulic valve and linkage on the tractor, and convert your 3 point to hydraulic. In the end I think you will be happier. The cultivator lift works, but they never seem great at fine adjustments. But your results may vary
  24. From what I am seeing here I sure would check the cost of energy before going anywhere. Electrical costs and propane/nat gas/heating oil.
  25. It’s great when you see it, and it pays its way. I would buy from them
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