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  1. Passing 2 million acres by mid summer I would assume
  2. It’s been a rough spring Real smoky, hot and dry let me guess, they haven’t mentioned it on the news?
  3. Yes they were and did, but they also had a pretty bad odds of making it that long. I believe the 8th Air Force lost more men over Europe than the marines lost in the pacific during the entire war. In the early years not many expected they would make it home, and just like other combat troops they carried scars for the rest of their life.
  4. We have the added problem that the pot industry is trying to find places to put their cash, so they are buying homes. Flipping, rentals, and who knows When you want to buy a house it’s hard to compete with a guy with a suitcase full of used 20’s
  5. Can understand how he feels And yes here there is a bad shortage. Lots of landlords got out after not getting paid during covid
  6. It is in the Continental US, but not the Contiguous US and the shipping changes very quickly
  7. Costs can really run up when you have a building payment, insurance, inventory, special tools, company vehicles, and loans
  8. I think it the when you don’t have that’s driving the whole deal. very true
  9. They had the oil field surplus auction today. I didn’t go. A buddy went, said non-running 2015 Duramax we’re going as high as 18k, and over 12k regularly. Good looking 2015 duramax work trucks were as high as 40k. Very few under 32k. nucking futs
  10. Numbers are hard to fight, Califonia has a huge economy and large population. With that much of a market someone will meet the demand and sell what the people want to buy while meeting the laws. No matter what it takes, there is just to large of a market and to much money to walk away from. The trend that will develop is to produce goods outside of Califonia and ship them, and that will transfer the money, and over time the wealth that they talk about elsewhere. In essence they will develop a service economy, hmm. Sounds familiar
  11. Start using it yourself, it’s healthy. she will want it gone within the week
  12. The St Mary’s fire is what we are seeing. My brother was just there for work, sounds like they are evacuating the village and it’s getting really bad.
  13. I have came in and finally got online and done the same several times. No big deal
  14. I would very interested in how this goes. I have a 1100 trailer that I am trying to turn into a fast hitch model. I found the points and bought them, but need to decide what to do about the hydraulic cylinder.
  15. I would guess this was a tourist, we gets lots Asian tourist that want to see the northern lights.
  16. In Iowa https://globegazette.com/agriculture/100-acre-iowa-farm-sells-for-2-6m-at-auction/article_1fe8c105-43ac-58b0-b67d-5154ba84f1b3.html?utm_source=join1440&utm_medium=email i just can not imagine
  17. Are you asking if you can make a tub basically a wall outlet? Or are you asking if putting the tub on 2x4 sleepers will give you enough clearance to put the trap above grade before it goes into the floor?
  18. I have the special bolts, my other mower had a new bar when I switched to bolted sections. Guess I can try today
  19. And the 460 needs a clutch job, so there is that to look forward to
  20. Well, life has been busy. got some hives going had a small job up north, so I headed north winter is still here woke up to snow and people can’t drive rig mats on the road, for a coupe miles And things along the road got home, pulled the 460 out, dropped the loader and tried her out Question, can I bolt a new section onto a bar that had rivets? Needs some new sections, and since it’s just mowing ditches I was hoping to fix them as they fail man, that poor tractor needs new sheet metal
  21. To me it comes down to this, Kubota is still supporting my 1980’s entry level 19 hp tractor with parts, including a new bucket for the loader. Good luck
  22. Did you bring the parts to the dealer to install? If so I could understand this. if the parts were supplied by the dealer, I would think it doesn’t matter, fix it
  23. I quite carrying one since I always have my phone. oh well
  24. Try calling these guys https://www.testmetals.com/ they appear to be in Colorado, and this would be a starting point. Ask them for recommendations.
  25. Looks like a good day give my best to your father
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