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  1. Called my buddy and he is going to have it towed over here so we can do it in the warm shop, I am getting spoiled. Picked up a puller kit today, and started cleaning out the last project for some room thank you for the reply’s, guess we will hit it Friday night
  2. My buddy called, could I check out his rig. It was making noise and vibrating. So I stopped by and after checking found the harmonic balancer had let loose. The outer ring was loose and spinning wild. Ok, so we can fix that. Off to my iPad and google. In the video the one guy took out the radiator? Others are whining about needing to hold the flywheel to stop the engine from turning over. You got to be kidding? So, has anyone here replaced a harmonic balancer on a 97 Ram 2500 with a 5.9 gas ? I figured sure, take off the fan shroud. But pull the radiator? And use an impact to pull the nut, it’s not left hand thread is it? Vague memories of my youth about Mopar and misery are returning thanks for the replies
  3. Old timer showed us that he heated, and soaked it with Howes diesel treatment, and rinsed and repeated. Made a he!! of a lot of smoke. Seems the heat draws the oil in, further and further. I think you could use any penetrating oil and try this. you can also heat the blue blazes out of it, and then hit the inner threads with a upside down can of computer cleaning air and super cool it quick. Works well
  4. Yeah, that’s all you will find in the oil fields, guys. Antarctica has a more varied menu, but most are what I would call hippies, good luck
  5. Buddy of ours had chickens for years, below about zero he had a heat lamp that gave them 15 minutes on every hour or so. His theory was it would let them warm up and shake off a chill. The wife had one of the lil buddy propane heaters and would warm it up to 20 or so at night. You would be surprised how much warmer just being in an insulated coop helps, for the most part, they will be fine for short periods with bedding and food if they are healthy, but your egg production will probably drop
  6. I think the way people make money while working on Antarctica is they have free room and board and don’t spend any, which isn’t the case if your wife is at home with an Amazon account. We have had several coworkers that have done hitches on Antarctica, nothing extraordinary. There are two types of shifts from my understanding, go down for a summer work season, which is the most common, and go down for the overwinter caretaker crew, which seems to pay more. if you want the adventure without the extended stay look into Alaskan oil field jobs. They are shorter hitches and you get most of the excitement
  7. Thanks for your input, I have been looking at what I would get, if the stars align. from other reply’s, without quoting bucket edge, I rented a Deere a two years ago to dig the foundation of the shop. It was great for bucket visibility. I was able to shave the grade as I went, it was great. price. Cat has never been cheap, but they sure are big on dealer support, and you always seem to be able to get parts for old machines. But it sure costs you
  8. Seen a lot of videos with farmers plowing with a single rear on one side, and duals on the other. I get you can’t have duals and still get the tire in the furrow, but are the duals on the other side that much better? Or did they just not take the second dual off to plow? Just pondering, thank you for the reply’s
  9. Thank you for the details. Very interesting. looking forward to hearing more
  10. Curious on why you wouldn’t own the Kubota for business, I keep hearing people rave about them.
  11. I believe non-standard use of propane has gotten people banned from lots of places
  12. We get only #1 or #2 diesel or heating oil here. No mixed, bio, or blended fuels. For the most part we see very limited fuel problems. When it’s cold, like 30 or 40 below it really stress tests the filters and everything else. And we are a dryer climate so the water in the fuel is not so much of an issue. the big issue we are facing now is they are stopping the sale of #2 heating oil due to emissions problems, and they require the sale of #1 heating oil. Less particulates hanging in the stagnate air during cold snaps
  13. Here big game has to be guided for out of state hunters (there is a kin clause) and they offer everything from bring your own tent and food to the full glamor. Guy at work goes out to work at a lodge that has $25,000 a week moose hunts. But on the other end my buddy went to a fly in hunt, he had to bring everything for himself (tent, food, water, and kitchen) and saved a lot. The glamor places just advertise more. If you start snooping around some of the hunting forums and even around your home town you will find the level and price tag your looking for. I think lots of the good hunts are booked way in advance here, at least before covid they were if you do get a guided hunt, do some research about the tip, it is a big part of what’s going on.
  14. When I was in the military we had a pre-heat unit made by Espar called a swing fire. The were gasoline and essentially worked like Colman stoves, here is a picture of one Each vehicle had a sleeve we put this in that was water jacketed and had a pump off the vehicle batteries to circulate the coolant. The exhaust was routed to a shield around the oil pan and it warmed the engine oil. You would use the vehicle electrical system to power the igniter, pump up the fuel system like a stove, get it running, put it on the jacket, slave the vehicle for power if needed, and warm them up. They were slick. And expensive
  15. I don’t know why, but the way my windows and everything frosts over when I pull the truck out of the garage on a real cold day, I believe it
  16. Starting to see the moose on the roads more. We need to go sled some paths for them. Ice crust and 4 foot on the ground
  17. Have not had the sleds out much for the last few years. I lost the urge, which is sad since that was my hobby for many years. Maybe I will see how they are.
  18. Was looking at the weather summary, up to about December 15 we had a little over 13 inches of precipitation for 2021, we ended the year well over 18 inches. So we basically got 1/3 of our years precipitation in the last few weeks, in snow and rain. The state has called the national guard out to help get to stranded and snowed in people, they have just about got the power mains back on, but there are lots of people who had issues with the power to the house and that’s on them. The roads are not plowed very well but getting better every day, hope they can get it better but with the rain the ice is one the roads for the long haul. and now we are getting cold, it’s -15 below here now and that’s supposed to be the high as we head into really cold weather
  19. Well, we lost power about 3pm Sunday. More snow, and then 8 hours of rain. Started plowing here at the house Monday, dealt with several equipment issues, and got our place open. Set an alarm for every 5 hours to refill the generator. Didn’t have enough power to run the well. The town was in rough shape, roads are pretty bad and they are not getting them open yet. got power about 10 on Tuesday morning. Got everything returned to utility power. Went out and and plowed out my Father In Law and the brother in laws. It was snowing pretty good by the time I made it home. got up to maybe 10 inches this morning, and rain forecast. Pretty ugly out there. Neighbor called, he plowed his driveway Sunday before the rain, it’s a skating rink. He was stuck and his kid was in the ditch down the hill. Got them out. Now to start digging out all over, on ice hope the rest of the guys here in state are doing well. I would guess @Twolines is out of power for a few more days, and we will hear from him later. At the height of the outages about 1/4 of the interior of the state was out of power, did we make CNN? reports are in from Delta Junction that the roof on the grocery store collapsed, the roads are maybe one lane and not passable between here and there
  20. Not very fun, I was thinking I would leave the snow until tomorrow so the rain doesn’t soak the hard pack. Then I would have to deal with it for the rest of the year. my brother had to go out, he said the roads are not very good, no plows yet
  21. And I forgot to post the shortest day a wee bit dark
  22. Got the blade repaired, or thought I did. Found it had cracked on some box tubing. More to come And speaking of more to come, we have heavy snow coming with rain afterwards, so they forecast,
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