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  1. It’s your family, so what ever your comfortable with, but the test kits can show false positives, or show it from such a low level of lead that it’s not truly a health concern. We used to go by an actionable level that was defined by several bodies. Then a law was passed, not based on science but passed because of a politician , that decided zero was the only allowable level. The brass used in your plumbing was more than zero but still considered safe, not any more. And you have been washing your dishes with water that flows thru those brass, so if the kit is so sensitive enough? curious what you get if you test your kitchen water
  2. Were the same way, not much snow and very dry. Had less than 1.3 inches of rain as of the first of May. If we get started it will be pretty bad around here.
  3. I would agree with others, they are not set right for you. I have had several pairs of regular and safety glasses that were progressive. Some have been great, others drove me nuts and I couldn’t wear them. It appears that it’s all about when they take the measurements. i would go back and tell them you issue. unless your in you recliner with you feet up and your tv is almost on the floor?
  4. I agree. The positive able across the top has been a problem for me
  5. Each stack is still one hive. As they build up stores of honey they need space and the keeper adds boxes. when they are in the almonds they are coming out of winter with only brood so it’s only a single deep tall, they build up brood in the almond Pollination in feb and march and they add deeps(boxes). Those look like they are making honey and have had more added for the homey. Regarding spraying, I would offer to notify, share what your spraying, and try not to spray with the wind going towards the hives. You might check what the state rules are just to be sure. You might be surprised when you research the effects of the spray on bees. Some are nothing, others are toxic
  6. I found some electronic copies of International manuals on eBay. I just don’t know what quality they are and haven’t tried them yet. Being able to search a PDF is very handy. Having pictures of an old manual isn’t.
  7. It’s soap so you use water. I take a little dap of soap, get some water on my hands and work it around
  8. Over the holidays we went to Costa Rica and stayed at a AirBnB. So we went shopping for groceries and picked up a tub of paste dish soap. I liked it and ordered it from Amazon when we got home. it’s dried out some since no one seems to put the cover on. But I started using it to wash my hands. Works better than almost anything else. I highly recommend it this might be the amazon link https://a.co/d/irvALP6 I searched for Axiom dishwasher paste
  9. From the rock shaft to the valve block on the left side. Good luck
  10. Congratulations to the young lady. It’s amazing how much and fast your girls have grown since you started this thread
  11. found that Bates had them on the shelf, not very cheap but they had them
  12. Update as of this afternoon I got all the parts off eBay to change to a linkage style system. I want the Tele-a-depth system working just because. so while going thru everything I found this so I need a new gear. Anyone have any leads?
  13. I have some packages of bees arriving tomorrow to start my year off. I envy those of you who can keep hive year around
  14. Find one with a cloth covered cord. It will outlast your children
  15. I hadn’t thought of that, I don’t have rear remotes, they are all up front. But it would get me running again. Thanks for the idea
  16. Perfect. Thank you for the information. I think I found everything needed and it’s on the way. The only piece that could be a hiccup is the little piece that goes on the end of the bell crank. But until I have the parts here I just don’t know which version is coming.
  17. Ok, the connection between the cylinder and the bell crank explains a lot thank you
  18. After looking, I found many of the parts to switch from cable to the rod linkage on eBay. And a book. and a picture from an earlier post showing the spot next to the clutch anyone have a picture of the connection to a rock shaft area?
  19. Regarding the condition of my Tele-a-depth before yesterday. It would raise and lower, but was not correctly. If I went too far either direction with the lever the hydraulics would complete the stroke, deadhead, and whine. It was very much in need of repair and would not move to the same height when the lever was any petictular position. Being so far north my options are slim on finding the part to rebuild the Tele-a-depth in the short term. So I will need to look at abandoning the valve and using a manual set up. It sounds like I should be able to find a replacement valve, and put it in the line up for a reasonable cost, and have a working tractor until I can get all the parts for the tele-a-depth set up.
  20. Well, can I swap out the hydraulic block with one like this and at least be operating? Or do I need a lot of other items?
  21. Well, my 460 has the hydra touch and today I snapped the aluminum linkage at the rock shaft. item #37 in this drawing mine has already been fixed several times, and it snapped at the thinnest point. It’s done. And the hydra touch had been working poorly since I got the tractor. One of many items on my list to rebuild. So, is there a lead on buying replacement parts ? Or have they become un-obtainium? If I end up going to a standard hydraulic valve and giving up the hydra touch for now, how hard is the switch? What do I need to order for parts beyond a valve?
  22. Yep when me and the wife started dating she already had the daughter, and they ate a lot less meat. It just wasn’t the main focus. When they did have meat it was well done. Then along came me and, eventually, my spawn. The daughter became a believer and is very much a medium rare steak kind of gal now. The boys are, well teenage boys, so it’s like a wolf pack on a carcass around here at diner time
  23. I wasn’t sure, looked like gravel/rock. They had come across the tundra (they use the low ground pressure quad tracks for travel on the tundra to limit disturbance to the environment) and were headed in towards the main camps.
  24. They sure are something. The owner said he was 220#, and being at the hotel he had been around lots of people. He had some great stories
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