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  1. Spring finally came

    Woke up this morning to 38*. I didn’t feeeze and we have 17 hours of daylight, here we go
  2. Carb problems

    So I have a 1973 1210 with a 345 and a 2210 carb with electric choke. Truck had set for a decade and was leaking, no problem i will order a kit. from Rock auto with the number on the carb everything crosses. wrong kit. the needle and seat don't work, not the right gaskets for some things, well that sucks. I monkeyed with the carb and changed the accelerator pump, and it leaks and i can't get it to run right. Ok, screw it, lets replace the carb. any ideas on what i can get? cause no one has one
  3. acytelene price increase?

    Heck yes, i have been doing this at the big box stores. I think i have a dozen tanks now
  4. Life in Alaska

    After enjoying Troy's post so much over the last year I thought I would start an Alaskan post. Nothing much but some photos of Alaska as I raise my boys, work on my tractors and try to keep life's merry-go-round spinning
  5. Carb problems

    and then there is this option https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CA6GX8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  6. Carb problems

    do you have a suggested year and application?
  7. acytelene price increase?

    Propane? I can buy 20# at Lowe’s for for about $32.
  8. Trailer best quality made to haul tractor ?

    I have a 12 year old H&H that has a tilt bed that uses a engine hoist jack, perfect for light loads like your talking. Trailer has held up well. No ramps and I can run anything on it regarding width. If I did it again I would have ordered a rub rail for tying down. The 1/2 dozen stake pockets always make me compromise how I tie down.
  9. Life in Alaska

    Ah yes, good point.
  10. Life in Alaska

    Your right, and I like the tractor. It is nicely done and the plow might be good to go. I was wondering if the linkage was a set up was for the vacuum/exhaust lift since I have never seen one in person. When it comes to the tractor, I want to build my shop first, and taking 2,000 from my shop funds is not what i am prepared to do for this tractor, maybe others, but I had a great time meeting him, starting his old tractor, and visiting with a fellow Minnesota refuge that got trapped here in the land of the midnight sun. He he asked me if I didn’t want it if I could recommend a fair asking price. And I thought you guys might be able to help. I am afraid that he will call me again in awhile, maybe in the fall, and ask for less than it’s worth. Everyone needs 3point, loaders, and hydraulics. This is a parade tractor
  11. acytelene price increase?

    I Yes, just be aware you will use a little more O2 than with Acetylene, but most people use thier regulators turned up to high and burn more then they need with both, the old American strategy of more is better
  12. Life in Alaska

    I was thinking that 1500 to 2000 wouod be fair. It is in good shape and he did a nice job when he went thru it. Not sure i need it though He has a pile of parts for the plow that came with the tractor, but he says he has never put it on the tractor.
  13. Life in Alaska

    What do you think it’s worth?
  14. Life in Alaska

    Here we go, pictures and the plow that is in the snow bank the motor has been rebuilt, it is a 47 model he believes, and there are no hydraulic anything’s. There is a linkage, but it is not attached to anything.
  15. Life in Alaska

    Oh, and we got three inches of snow last night. Yuck. Still 18 inches on the field and frozen 4 foot down I am sure. We have 350 more flowers coming Memorial Day, and we need to make raised beds. Gonna be close
  16. Life in Alaska

    Well, here we go. A few years back when I was headed south to seep Troy & Tony a guy in the airport wanted to sell me his super A, later the price was more then I was comfortable with. he called me the other day, I asked what the price was, he said he needed it gone so come make an offer. Pictures this afternoon.
  17. Vintage Ads

    There are more than a few old welders (the guys, not the machine) that would love to have those the belt drive units can bring some big dollars, they like them for tack rigs on the front end
  18. Life in Alaska

    If you can make it out, this definitely does not belong here you can can find the darnedest things off the beaten path
  19. Proud of my girls

    You just need to pick up a bag of lime. congratulations to the ladies and thier proud dad
  20. Continuing Education

    CNC anything, they are always looking for someone who has a work ethic and will show up drawing or drafting, as in CAD on a computer. A lot of places need detailers to take the huge design from the engineers and pull out working packages for the crews. Industrial safety is big, they hate sending a kid who is waiting to shave out to tell the experienced crew to be safe Inspections in the industry around your home. Here it’s welding, painting, and civil.
  21. Iowa DOT portable scales

    Yep, here the troopers will be kind enough to escort you to the scale and make sure you get a fair go on the certified scales. Whenever they have a spare moment. In the mean time you are red tagged and are not going anywhere.
  22. Continuing Education

    Go for it, education is great. Keep learning and exploring. Heck you might start a wonderful new chapter in your life, or answer a question about yourself you always wondered. I also believe that education is more than a college classroom, like was mentioned look into apprenticeships, certifications, qualifications, local vocational programs, and more.
  23. Life in Alaska

    They don’t sell much gasoline, I think they just charge the same to make it easier, and if you don’t like it you can drive 300 miles to the next station
  24. Life in Alaska

    Up on the slope working for a couple days. They stock only the best. but the fuel is a bit expensive
  25. Tariff ,Chess

    Please remember that we have a lot of bonds out there, and if the dollar drops to much they might get cashed in. And then we would go broke🤭