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  1. And yet they are still showing Titan adds, hmm
  2. That sounds great. our teachers have to be trained on all kinds of stuff. CPR, how to address X and Y, harassment and bullying, and on and on.
  3. Guilty here, we turned it on a few weeks back. 34 this morning. Looking at a high just below 50
  4. Cobalt, lithium, and other rare earth metals are normally mined overseas, not in our back yard, so the problem isn’t here. fun fact, they have found a supply of rare earth metals in northern alaska, and there is some permitting issues with the mine.
  5. Refinery work is big business with small margins. So the economics of scale apply and the huge companies that manage them want large refineries. Then there have been attempts to build new refineries, most have had not been successful with the permitting and the NIMBY (not in my back yard) issues
  6. Oil is a traded commodity, and its price is based on market speculation. Adding oil to the market pushes the price down. The rest of the discussion would be political.
  7. Vet bills can be large. My deal is if we take on a pet we owe it reasonable care. So if we can afford it we pay. And oh have we paid over the years. Just last week the wife’s dog she deeply loves had an swollen infection on its head. Right now it’s walking around with a shaved spot and a tube hanging out, and that wasn’t cheap. I don’t even know what that one cost but the wife is having a tough time and the last thing she needs is to lose her dog baby.
  8. I don’t know if I would keep offering this challenge.
  9. Yeah, we had a small cold snap and frost, but it’s been warmer since
  10. Very nice, I have been looking for one for awhile now
  11. Z may have a better take on this, we have extreme heating needs and it has a lot of an effect on my heating systems If you use a boiler that allows it, An out door sensor adjusts the target heating temperature the boiler is trying to reach, so when it is 20* outside it might be making for 80* water for your floor. But when it’s -35* it might be making 100* water for your floor. If your boiler is only making 80* water, and is a high efficiency modulating boiler, it make have exhaust that may only be 120* ( or some such, this varies). This means you waste a lot less BTU’s going out the stack. More efficient, less cost a combi is a combination boiler and hot water heater. In my opinion they make lots of compromises to do both. I do not install them, others swear by them. If you buy a modulating boiler I recommend you buy a fire tube model of a common brand in your area, something that all the supply houses carry. Here we see Lochnivar, NTI, and IBC. They all make some very small boilers like the 85k btu models, which turn down to less than 10k btu when the heating load requires it.
  12. Well spoken sir ^^^This is good information, from someone in the trade.
  13. I seem to remember that between the Cuda and other models they only made a combined 24 (give or take since it’s been 30 years) Hemi convertibles. Definitely one rare bird.
  14. So I got home from working out of town, and made a run to Costco for a few things. To my horror they had the Christmas lights and trees out already. Unbelievable why waste time putting them away, they are dang near out 6 months at a time
  15. Working on the line. A bit more remote Just out the window on our drive to the site
  16. All it takes is a garden hose after dark
  17. They need drivers, but they are not increasing the pay, or hours. Well here’s your sign. Then they keep adding to the difficulty of being a bus driver, kids being a$$es, fights, complaints, parents being busy bodies, and on top of all that you only get a couple hours in the morning and some in the afternoon. If your stilling willing to be a bus driver you need a passenger endorsement on a CDL and then get the please of driving our city streets with other drivers texting while you try to get the screaming brats to school. Yeah, they don’t get paid enough
  18. And they canceled half the busses, and the vocational high school canceled all buses. They can’t come up with drivers, and they can’t afford to offer more money
  19. All students start Thursday here. Teachers start today
  20. He wants 1500 for the lot. But is frustrated and wants to sell the whole lot, said come out to North Pole and look. Seems to be high, unless there is to much to carry
  21. So which model RCBS would this be? The guy wants to sell everything as one lot, press, dies, and including some primers and powder
  22. Lots of wifi based systems out there. I would check how private they keep your internet. Some are a bit more intrusive than others. a friend had one of the Ring cameras, he like it. Got a beep on his phone every time it sensed motion
  23. I appreciate the offer. My hunting partner was on his way south yesterday and stopped in, but they are closed on Mondays. I will be getting there soon to check.
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