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  1. First, if you unplug the battery charger all the noise stops? if so I would first try separating the two like IHfan4life mentioned. Moving it off the circuit, or far enough away so it doesn’t interfere may do the job second, try looking at ferrite beads or chokes. They can really help eliminate the radio picking up static.
  2. Very true. But I would guess that they know lots of statistics regarding all manner of likely outcomes for this same scenario. Somewhere a computer program has found out that when the value of a purchase reaches a certain point and a customer adds another sale to reach the free shipping the most common purchase value is X, and the cost of shipping is a percentage of X so they make money. They also are willing to absorb so many loses to keep customers and hope for a large sale later.
  3. Heard some plant wheat so they can have a period for the tile contractor to work the field.
  4. Guy at work sent an email out to a lot of people to discuss the waist and vent repair he was working on. Then continued for a week to update a large list on th e progress he was making with the waist and vent piping for the camp. yeah. I need to quite asking if they can get any worse. They appear to consider that a challenge
  5. You bought something else didn’t you? So it worked for them
  6. Saw a video the other day of Newport News laying down the newest Enterprise and starting to assemble her. if memory serves the Enterprise was the most heavily decorated ship of WW2, mostly because she survived the entire war I am sure. They won’t let her name fade into history
  7. Just tied a panel in place on the deck to stop the dogs from slipping out while we work on the stairs
  8. Silly question, is there a filter between the pump and the engine?
  9. Hard to beat ohms law. If you double the voltage you decrease the amperage with the same power. And with less amperage you can run smaller wires, and batteries have lower draw and work better in the cold. the military stuff is mostly 24v for commonality and powering radios. If everything is the same voltage they can jump start anyone. there has been talk of increased voltage in cars for 25 plus years, but that is a big group to change
  10. If I do it right the check to the undertaker will bounce. my kids will have to sell my stuff off, or buy it from the wife if she outlives me
  11. I see there were some bad wind storms in Minnesota last night. Zach Johnson(aka millennial farmer) posted pictures of downed bins and collapsed machine sheds. Anyone on here affected?
  12. I do have a 230, which needs a second valve added to it.
  13. If you do not have fast hitch adding the fast hitch valving would be the easiest way. If it does have fast hitch using a ratcheting style connector in place of the fast hitch cylinder and using the hydraulics and cylinder to provide a hydraulic remote seems like it would work great. I have wanted to add a selector valve to my Super C to allow the both of the above, a rear remote and fast hitch. Still need to get to that
  14. I buy the multi color batches of them and label things like plug wires, hydraulic hoses, and other lines. they will replace the zipper pulls As mentioned they work great on driveshafts to annoy co-workers
  15. There are some great sites that will walk you through troubleshooting the whole thing. First thing is to take your time and diagnose what’s the problem, it’s a lot cheaper than throwing money at it. People start throwing money at these things and get a bad taste for them. Most repairs are very cheap if you can do them yourself The HPOP does have to be keeping its prime for good starting, but it also needs the oil level to be correct or it will suck air and take some time to bleed out. Now it does not sound like it’s running that good to bleed. I would hold off on the HPOP until you can keep it running. the OBS engines did have under valve cover harness's that could fail, but there are very simple ohm meter tests you can use to help diagnose your problem. Check google or the powerstroke forums for the test. Another common failure that is easy to fix is the cam position sensor, they do all kinds of wierd stuff when the go, including similar to what your talking about, and I would change it on a new to me rig just because. you might try DieselOrings.com for parts. They are great regarding quality and I highly recommend them
  16. Our fuel costs are pretty close to yours in the bigger cities. But away from the large cities road diesel is rising. Had a road trip this weekend, $6.89 for diesel in Cantwell. Some of the very remote places are astronomical, but flying fuel in will do that. The larger problem these off the beaten path communities are starting to face is power generation, which is predominantly diesel. Seems solar has limited use here when the sun doesn’t come up for three months in the winter. Anyway, they are looking at over 40 cents a kWhr and rising.
  17. Wow. That looks like a mess. At least it was at home. We had snowblowers in the service with heated windshields, if they had a nick/chip in them they would shatter/explode sometimes. Maybe this and….
  18. From what I see there are already electric tractors on farms, dairy farms have electric robots and other type of equipment, the pivot irrigation runs on electric. The appearance of electric vehicles on the farm may be different from our current views.
  19. Yes, MSI. I have been in and out of there all winter. They can not get out in the yard to get to the inventory, and your older rims are not stored inside on a shelf.
  20. Maybe look for used tires? If not Miller Salvage has more options I am sure, and if you can wait for a little more of the white stuff to melt you might be able to go sift through the pile they have. Right now they just can not get to their inventory. It’s a mess
  21. Wow, that’s the same valve I have on my Kubota, very nice. Now you have me pondering doing the same on mine, hmm
  22. Been a few years since we used them, at that time they did not take higher charging voltages well. So we had mixed results
  23. Unfortunately they don’t have much out to look at the last time I was there, but can set you up with anything. I would highly recommend the HAM testing, it’s what I did. There is a pretty active club in the interior, and most HAM UHF/VHF radios work as scanners to. In my truck I have a HAM mobile radio, and I can listen to the crews clearing snow , and the truckers on their “big radios”. And then I can talk with HAM guys that are out there
  24. It appears they took out the entire bottom cord of the cement beams on about 6 of the beams. Maybe it’s repairable.
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