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  1. Thank you for filling in more than a few blanks. I also researched NFPA 58, which governs propane. Seems the 100/120 gallon tanks for sale on market place have no data plates, and they don’t say anything about the dates, stamps, or papers
  2. A pickle barrel, or that's what they are calling it here, is a 100-gallon upright tank.
  3. You are very right about the BTU content of each fuel. We did some math, and it's not just about the content. When you look at my shop (in floor heat and a 1000 sq ft) and then add the efficiency of the boilers for the application there are some advantages and disadvantages for each fuel. My shop has a max BTU load of under 40K BTU depending on the number of air exchanges the wife has her chickens set at (a part of the shop is her chicken coop), and an outside temp of 47* below. Since it is rarely that cold, we normally have a much lower heat load. My Fuel oil boiler runs at 89K BTU/hr. and must be at full temperature (above 140*) to avoid condensing and corrosion. It is very common for the boiler room to be above 110* from the waste heat. If we are breaking 80% efficiency I would be impressed. An LP condensing boiler can run at the temp the floor heat needs (80* to 100*) based on an outdoor reset input and it can modulate the boiler down as low as 8K BTU/hr. when the heating load isn't as high. Like in the fall and the spring. This makes for a higher efficiency, if my math is right. Additionally, I am planning to pipe in BOTH boilers so I can switch between the two as price, weather, heat loads, and temperature change. It also helps that I will install the boiler myself and lots of the parts are remnants from jobs.
  4. Things have changed around here lately. The cost of heating oil keeps climbing, and now we have a propane dealer that will deliver for a reasonable price. So, I took the plunge to change the shop over to a propane boiler. Current plan is to lease propane tank from the delivery company, and its tanks because i need two 100 gallon tanks in order to set them behind the shop and so on. This broght up the idea of purchasing a tank, but a question for any than may know, are they now requiring tank inspections on stationary propane tanks? I remember tanks when I was a kid that had been in place for decades, some were from the 50's I think. They never inspected anything. What about DOT rated tanks like the pickle barrels? I see some pickle barrels for sale locally, but it's not a great deal if they are not refillable, or they expire in a few years and I need to spend a bunch of money re-certifying them. FYI, Here fuel oil is $4.43 at the pump, $5.20+ delivered, and Propane is $4.05 delivered (some vendors are over $7) Its expensive at the end of the road
  5. Congratulations Mader. and yes, I would limit the use of “waddle” to people your not married to
  6. Thanks. We shall see how it holds together. This did show me that I want a newer torque wrench. They count degrees
  7. Well I got the engine back in and it’s alive Moving on
  8. Took a couple days and went for a moose hunt with a buddy didn’t see anything legal to shoot, oh well. Still had a great time with a friend
  9. Are you using a single acting cylinder? if so mine will do that on one connection, but work when hooked to the other.
  10. Different costs for different regions. The cost of food, electricity, and other essentials is higher here than Arkansas. But you have to spend more to build a store here (insulation, snow load means stouter, trucking supplies in, more needs to be inside). Also there are not the economics of scale here. you results will vary
  11. It’s great when that works. I just have reservations. It’s very much a niche and doesn’t take much to get upside down.
  12. The new Subaru are not like the old ones. They have issues. This one always has, and I might have a worse opinion that VT. She needs a Toyota
  13. Well, picked up my new backup generator and got the daughters Subaru in to the shop. Turns out there was a story that leads to extreme overfilling the engine with oil. The intake had puddles of oil in any low spots. Oil everywhere. After a compression test, I pulled the motor. pulled the heads off since it was out, will check them and clean it up and maybe reassemble
  14. Did the graph says produced? Do they purchase/import any electricity? That’s the math used for California’s success at green energy
  15. Never heard that about water, maybe.
  16. I appreciate it. But I no longer weld, just keep the paperwork and logistics in line for the welding crew.
  17. Original was U shaped river weights set on top. 9 tons a piece.
  18. There was a 1* over bend and the sleeve would have stood off the pipe to far, so it’s three sleeves with two bridges making a continuous sleeve around the curve
  19. It’s going under a river, we are in the gravel bed next to the river. Lots of weights on top of the pipe to keep it in place. I don’t know if it’s lost the title, but the Trans Alaska Pipeline was the largest privately financed construction project for a long time. Only governments spending other people’s money topped it. Cost 8 billion in the seventies when that was a lot of money. yeah Buddy, the generator was burning 650 gallons of fuel a day powering the main pumps
  20. Sure would. They also started pumping while they were still digging and had coating and then slurry and back fill after our work, so they pumped for over a month.
  21. They were pumping 6 to 12 million gallons a day out of the hole by the way. Varied depending on weather
  22. The smart pig (an in-line inspection tool they run to ensure the pipe is sound) had a hit, they dug up the pipe to inspect it, found it to need a repair (code calls out actionable criteria) so we welded a sleeve on it. Now she’s as good as new
  23. Been working a lot this summer Was up and down the line, and just got home again last night couple pictures of this last trip driving home yesterday also did my Bees And used my fire ring
  24. There is talk of the native corporations suing the state over damage to the salmon fishery here. But that went away
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