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  1. Snowomobile trip

    Awesome pictures, glad to see someone is hitting the powder.
  2. Take that Canada!

    Has anyone seen the lady skier that is just average? Seems she played the numbers game and got a Olympic spot.
  3. Is this not discrimination?

    Agreed. It is not discrimination at all. It is a marketing campaign, and if we don’t like it we should go elsewhere. I hope to limit my spending with companies that support political efforts that I disagree with, a right they have and so do I. So far I am sure I have done nothing of consequence to these huge companies. But let’s change the approach a moment, how would it be taken if a company discontinued a relationship with the AARP? Would the people who are aged be calling discrimination ? Maybe so, and I am sure some news somewhere would be supportive weather it is leagally so or not now let us change the organization being dropped the NAACP, does anyone think the news report would be less than a call of discrimination?
  4. Isn't it great.

    Yes it is,
  5. 450 Diesel project

    Wait? What? Another thread please
  6. Old wakashaw engine

    That is great, and I bet it has another lifetime ahead of it how many Kw is it pushing?
  7. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    And let’s learn from this all. Have an email or phone number so we don’t loose each other.
  8. Isn't it great.

    Well just for your information, you and your 4 year old can be escorted out of the zoo, along with the rest of the family, when he pulls a toy snake out and throws it on the sidewalk in front of the monkey cage. Good grief things got exciting, the monkeys and mothers with the strollers all took off Fear of of snakes is apparently universal and common
  9. Is this not discrimination?

    Yes, and I do. Although the list of where I won’t shop is getting to be bigger. I allready dropped USAA, won’t use Verizon, and haven’t set foot in Walmart in years.
  10. A paid for buisness doesn’t always pencil out as good with a payment large enough for the previous owner to afford health insurance and make a living, and then like Art and others have said, how helpful was he going to be? I don’t know how much this is a sign of the youngsters as it is of the economy and buisness climate today
  11. Allis tag

    One spread up on the slope still runs a Allis side boom. They made a lot of construction equipment
  12. Forum issues

    Well I have everything up to snuff and good to go at home. At work I used to check in at lunch. Not working
  13. Wire Harness

    I have ordered small items from both Porch and Brillman, they both are good companies and I ahave noth8ng but good to say about them, and I think they will both sell you the materials to build it yourself. If not, take some time to gather what you want to use and enjoy. and we like pictures if your doing it