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  1. I agree. Rip ma’am. And like Catech said, a family lost someone. I really think she as a feminist wanted to retire and leave the appointment of a female justice for Hilary. Or not. Who knows
  2. Wow. That was a good read. And good on them
  3. Yeah. It’s a privilege, not a right.
  4. Tony has a reversed 300 or 350 with a loader running on the funny gas. Neat rig for sure, was a farmers project
  5. Your neighbor a Ham radio type? That looks like the antenna hams are buying now a days
  6. Oldest daughter was in high school when my boys were toddlers, she was expected to help out and pick them up from grandmas after school. She got to have a Kia to use for school and later work. So she worked to earn the use of the car, we also had her in a school without bus service so she needed a ride to school, and with me being on the road for months on end it was easier for my wife My boys are getting to the age they will be driving soon. We have not decided how this is going to be addressed, but I should start watching for old Toyota pickups (without campers, yikes) The best answer to your question from my family, is We work darn hard, We can provide a vehicle for the kids, We may want to, why not? And they are my kids
  7. Regarding snow plowing, local guy has a set price for a set number of plow visits. After that he bills each snow fall
  8. So is the tractor supply oil ok in my hydro? Will a chrome stack improve the horsepower of my diesel how innovative is JD? anything but COVID, please
  9. I get it, I do the same things with boilers and plumbing. But now I am looking at getting into the business I really believe the mower thing could be a snag, but you know the people
  10. Good grief. I was trying to eat while typing that What I was trying to say is take what you earn an hour at work, estimate what each house will take a month in time, combine the two
  11. Cash or are you going to get a 1099? Different deals. Insurance and bonding? Just to CYA? i would take what you make at work, and decide how many hours. As for the lawn mower, use your own, otherwise it will be a problem, ran when parked ect
  12. And the white PEX will be put right when he gets the walls built
  13. Spent a couple afternoons and got my buddies boiler work going. This is the second of three A lot to go yet, he bought a house that was tore apart for a remodel. House was gutted, tore apart, full of stuff for the remodel (piles and piles of new, used, and who knows), and from the 50’s. no heat and it’s getting a bit cool. Should have heat on next week also headed north in the morning, repair work north of Atigun pass for a couple days
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