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  1. Steiger disk

    There has been one at half century of,progress. I believe the late Darius harms owns it.
  2. birthdays 2-7-18

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Had a great day. Went out and eat with the wife then put new starter on 666
  3. Are 2250 Loader Brackets Universal?

    We had an original set of brackets copied that came off of a 666. Made several sets. I think smoker got a set. Probably should get some more made.
  4. Got my Red Power Today

    Mine came today
  5. IH Split Rear Wheel Weights

    Yes the 366 109 will not work on a wedge lock wheel. U need a 400078r1 or r2. Yes u can put 366109 on top of the 400078 but they look like crap. They will not fit tight. Even if u hav 400078r1 and 400078r2 they won’t fit very good together. The center hole is bigger on the 400078r1 and even bigger for the 400078r2.
  6. IH Split Rear Wheel Weights

    Need to know what u are trying to put them on. If u have wedge lock wheels you will need a split weight with either a part number of 400 078 r1. Or a 400 078 r2. You can not mix and match rear weights. Some will say you can and yes they will bolt together but are not the same. If your split weights starts with 366 109 r1 or 366109 r2. They will not fit on a wedge lock wheel.
  7. fender mount radios

    This is one I bought last summer. It is new in the box. Don’t know what I am going to do with it. I have several fender radios setting on the shelf
  8. Devon's Tractor Parts - Awesome Customer Service

    Devon is top notch I will guarantee you that if u have a problem he will fix it. One of the good guys 👍
  9. Happy birthday Tony in Ca.

    Happy birthday
  10. 766 Gas to Diesel

    766 gas
  11. 240 - Large or Small point

    I have owned 2240s and they were both large points, I suppose maybe they were both ways
  12. 240 - Large or Small point

    The 240 was a large point
  13. Air Conditioning for ICB Cab

    Have a friend who has a ice cab with factor air. Marty are u out there.
  14. Different Sizes of Split Weights?

    The 400078 R2 came out in 1975 when the 1566 was introduced. It has a larger center hole than a 400078R1 which came out when the original wedge lock wheel was introduced
  15. wheel weight

    Full weights will work on any cast center that is not a wedge lock. Not all split weights are the same. The early split weight has a part number that starts with 366. Can't remember the rest of the numbers. The next split weight was used with the wedge lock wheel and it's part number is 400078R1. The next split weight 400078R2 has a larger center hole yet and came out when the red cab 66 series was introduced. Fits 1566 cast centers. There is also a 400078r3. To my knowledge I have never seen a starter weight or a part number for one and I have handled a lot of weights.