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  1. We used to have an #85 8 row 30 inch front mount on a gas 1961 706. Never had a problem. Just bought an 8-30 rear mount to cultivate point rows. You won’t have a problem.
  2. Rip. What a great guy. Lots of IH knowledge lost. 🙏
  3. Brian long. Here is a set that is painted black. I assume they came from an 88 series. I have them on the Free IH auction site.
  4. 460 grove that I restored several years ago. Ertl used this tractor to make the toy
  5. The tractor belongs to Rodney K Miller from the tv show Small Town Big Deal. I have the alternator shield for him. It has a replacement engine. Rodney just did a complete tear down of the 10 and rebuild. It belonged to a good friend of his. He took it to stews so that he could pull with it.
  6. On my original 666 it’s under the platform on the left side. If you look real close you can see part of it by the back tire under the platform
  7. Chrisny. I have owned chevy and ford diesel since chevy had the 6.2. First gas pickup in a long time. Don’t pull a trailer much any more. It’s the new 6.6 gas. Like it so far.
  8. Bought new 2020 gmc 2500. Traded a 2018 2500 Chevy. The 2020 Chevy 2500 are just flat ugly My gmc has the crazy tail gate. Only thing I don’t like it is kinda heavy when you put it back up. Really nice when you want to climb in the bed or get something that’s up front. Tony. Don’t think You are going to like your painted bumpers Neighbor has 2 new gmc Denalis . Both of his bumpers already have chips in them. I bought the slt so that I got the chrome bumpers.
  9. I own both a gear drive and a hydro 234. Fun little tractors. Have a tenancy to get hot if you work them really hard. Just use ours for work around the yard, spraying.
  10. Took these photos in Racine Wi at the case IH factory. They were building the pro series along with the Steyer tractors
  11. We do an x pattern. You just need to make sure you are where the birds fly thru.
  12. We use clear fishing line. Was at an outdoor restaurant that had a bird problem. They used the clear fishing line. It stopped the birds from landing on the patio. We have an out door deck that is covered. Birds were pooping on the grill and hand rails. Decided to try the fish line. It worked. No more birds on our deck. Might work in a machine shed
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