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  1. Yeah, a T-handle spring puller would probably help but, as I said, the initial problem I seem to be having is that the coils of the spring seem to be hitting the back of the solid hook before you can pull the spring loop far enough to clear it. Trying to figure out if there is a way to do this that I'm not seeing or if some level of disassembly is required. FT
  2. I'm sorry, guys... Apparently, I was in too big of a hurry and didn't think about how this pic related to what I was asking. I'm not trying to remove the springs on the seat in the pic.. I'm trying to take them off of another junk seat base and put them on this one. I know it has overall some wear but I just need it to get me by for a while. I need to know how (if possible) to get the GOOD springs off of the OTHER base and put them onto this one. Does it have to be disassembled to do that? TIA FT
  3. Can these 2 main springs on the bottom be changed out without tearing things apart? I thought it wasn't going to be a big deal until I started messing with it... πŸ˜’ Problem seems to be that the body of the spring hits the frame hook before you can get the hook of the spring off. I'm hoping I'm just doing this wrong... -FT
  4. Well, it's not pretty like most of the others in this thread but here's the project I bought this Summer. It's a '77 Transtar II Eagle with a non-running 350 Cummins & 13spd. I'm currently seeking a 350 Big Cam to get it back on it's feet. -FT
  5. https://www.mecum.com/lots/GF0413-150423/ih-350-lp-u/ -FT
  6. Thank you again to all here who offered their assistance with this. The Tractor HAS been picked up and should be arriving tomorrow morning, thanks to one of the members here on RPM. πŸ‘ -FT
  7. Thanks, Lorenzo. I THINK I’ve got it worked out... If everything works out, it will be picked up & delivered this week. Thank you also to ALL of those who have volunteered their assistance with this. I really sincerely, appreciate it. I’ll try to remember to keep you updated on it’s arrival. (And, of course, pictures) πŸ˜‰ -FT
  8. He's actually the one who put me on to it so we're good there. πŸ‘ -FT
  9. It's at an auction place but, no, it wasn't on Big Iron. -FT
  10. Yeah, I talked to them the other day. They didn't sound thrilled and said they'd like it out of there before too long. -FT
  11. It's already paid for... I just needs to be picked up. If your deal works out, please check in with me. Thanks. -FT
  12. I'm already past my 14 day window, so I'll be lucky if they aren't charging me a daily storage fee. πŸ˜’ -FT
  13. Thanks. It's an 826 with cab. It's a little on the shabby side but runs/drives. You're welcome to let anyone know about it. I just didn't want to call people, myself, & ask b/c that puts them on the spot and I don't want anyone to feel obligated in any way. That's mainly why I chose to post here... Someone can offer their help if they want - or not. If someone is interested in hauling, that's something I'd also consider. (looks like about 240 mi) -FT
  14. Hello, all. I've been away from RPM for quite a while due to all the issues I was having with accessing/using the site. (but that's a separate story) I was wondering if there might be someone here in the vicinity of David City, NE that might be able to lend a hand. I recently bought a tractor out there and have not yet been able to get it moved. It's sitting on a lot and, unfortunately, I'm running out of time to get it out there. My regular hauling guy can't get to it for a while and I'm currently without a trailer, myself,... so borrowed one from a neighbor last week... only to find that it had no brakes at all. (not a wiring issue) Of course, this leaves me in kind of a bad spot so I was wondering if anyone hear might be close enough to at least get it off of the lot and to a secure location. Appreciate any help of leads. TIA -FT
  15. My cousin recently bought a one-owner 766D and is trying to fix up some of the odds and ends. One of those things is the top link holder. He asked me whether it should have the tube type or the loop and I wasn't sure. My guess would be the tube but I don't really know. When did they change from one to the other and - did they change all of them or just, say.. large frame tractors..?? TIA FT
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