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  1. My 826 has 18.4's and 9.5-15's on the front. I like the size pairing and, in fact, I just put new tires on the front. I also just ordered new 8x15" rims for my 706, which also has 9.5x15's on the front. They are 6 bolt and the price was either 60-something or 90-something per, depending on which offset you want/need. In my case, I wanted a 4" offset on the concave side so I needed the $90-ish ones. If you need/want pics, let me know. -FT
  2. Aaron, I don't think I have any Custer Imp items but, when I was probably 8-9, Dad traded in his Super M for a "BIG" 706 Diesel there. (I obviously wish I knew what ever happened to the SM but that's a different story) -FT
  3. That's exactly right on both counts. Year before last, I had to spray 3 times in order to keep the Water Hemp at bay long enough for the beans to canopy. I figure that if I can reduce that, if even by one application, I will have already paid for this rig. -FT
  4. Given the time of year, I expect I’ll do what I can to get it ready for next year and then take it off again. ??‍♂️? -FT
  5. I don't own this one anymore but it does now belong to another member here. He can chime in if he so desires... -FT
  6. Width isn't/wasn't the issue. All the holes are in the wrong places on the '66 brackets. I'd have to drill new holes (once I calculated where they'd need to be) and also do some welding to add on and then drill even more holes in order to be able to have an appropriate amount of bolt support. Fortunately, a member here was kind enough to get me set up with not only one set, but TWO! (Thanks, Matt ? ) That's actually why I came back to this thread... I wanted to follow up, in case someone needs the info for future reference. Here's what the '06/'56 brackets should look like: (according to my setup book, I THINK they may also fit 656,666,etc when using spacers) The one with more holes in it is so that you can use it on a 1456 or 1026: And - just for the record, here is what it looks like all mounted up: Once again, I appreciate all the help offered. Thanks. -FT
  7. I have a 1256 that someone torched the axles off of. ? I have a couple of 856 rear ends around here and am wondering if there is any difference in those axles. I realize that they are the same size, externally, but is there any difference that I might not be considering? TIA -FT
  8. Oh, I'd probably buy another one but not for anywhere near that price. ? I gave $200 for this one. -FT
  9. The front bracket pictured above is for the '06 & '56 series. There is a different bracket for the '66 & '86 series. Pretty sure that the correct side brackets for the '06's & '56's have extra thickness added to make up the width difference. -FT
  10. 468 is completely different. #78 had a high-mounted cross beam, unlike most of the others. This is the front mounting bracket for it. -FT
  11. Last Summer I purchased a #78 6R cultivator. Unfortunately, the seller couldn't find one of the frame rail brackets, so I set out on a hunt to find a mate. I found some that were identical but when I tried to mount it on my 706, I could not make it fit, no matter what I tried. I've been unable to find an operator's manual so I'm kind of flying blind... That said, after a LOT of screwing around, I've pretty much determined that my side brackets are for a '66/'86 series frame. (holes seem to line up fine on my 1466) Now, I'd be happy to be able to have that cultivator on about any the '06/56's or even my 656/666 but since I don't have anything to reference part numbers, I can't even tell what I need to look for. It'd also be nice to know which (if any) different series/sizes might have used the same brackets. If anyone happens to have brackets or even a manual, I could sure use a little help. TIA FT
  12. I have one of these that we bought probably 25 years ago at a dealer liquidation. It's been in the cabinet ever since and I don't think I've ever gotten it out once. Every once in a while, they show up on the FB auction page and every time I think I should run mine on there b/c they seem to bring pretty good money. -FT
  13. Are you needing a ready-to-run motor, Danny? I have one that came out of a TD9 tack loader. I was a decent motor that I bought for the turbo setup. It's bee lying on a pallet in my building for prob 5-6 years though so may need attention before use..? I guess I'd need to verify age to, too, come to think of it.. FT
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