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  1. Forum issues

    Just popped on to see if things had improved any. Took nearly half a minute just to load this page. ^^That just took almost that long again to open the little window for that emoticon. ^^ This really bums me out b/c there is just no way I can continue using this forum with it like this. It'd take me an hour or more just to look at and read what I normally would have in five minutes. FT
  2. Forum issues

    Yeah - I don't use bookmarks for RPM so that eliminates that possibility for me.. FT
  3. Forum issues

    I believe you. You're the pro, for sure. I'm just saying that it has never made a bit of difference for me in the past and it has also made no difference this time. It took me nearly a full minute to open this thread and they get to this page. My internet connection, while not blazing, seems at least more than adequate for browsing. I just ran a test and got a result of 4.5 Mbps down. My machine is literally brand new so I doubt there is a problem there... I dunno... All I know is that something is different and there IS still some kind of issue here. FT
  4. Forum issues

    BJ, I don't think the problem (at least mine) is due to the cache needing to be cleared. (something that, personally, I can't ever remember needing to do at any time in the past 10 or so years) Over that last week or 2(?) I've tried to access RPM on at least 4 different machines/devices and it's a problem on ALL of them. The iPad just works away until it finally gives me the error message. Any of 3 different computers take anywhere from 15-30 full seconds to load each and every page. Any attempt to browse this site is so excruciatingly slow that I finally give up before I lose my sanity. IDK what's changed or what's wrong but I think I can safely say that it's not on this end. All of that said, I think that a large part of why this is so frustrating to so many here is because, as a general rule, the site is so well run and maintained that we are just "used" to it. Problems occur. We all know that. I hope that you are able to get this one sorted out. FT
  5. Truck titling - are there any options?

    Yeah, I've had some people tell me that you can title it as an RV. BUT... from what I am seeing, there are some minor details they are leaving out... such as it has to have at least 2 water sources like a since and toilet as well as some other technicalities. This isn't some full sized truck that a guy could add that kind of thing to, even if he wanted to. A 47/4900 isn't exactly a big truck. On the hydraulic brakes thing: My fault - I didn't say that very well. In my initial inquiries elsewhere, I had a bevy of well-meaning folks tell me that I should just avoid a truck with air brakes b/c then you don't need a CDL. I realize that the CDL determination is based on GVW of the truck and/or of the combined vehicle. They might be ok without a trailer but once they hitch anything to it, suddenly, they're not legal. To be honest, I was just trying to avoid that conversation again. (my fault - I should have realized that the overall knowledge base here is much higher! 👍) As for requiring and CDL or not, I don't really care b/c I already carry one with air. I guess the real question is whether there is an easier way for me to be able to own/use this truck without all the headache of someone running OTR. (and PLEASE forgive my ignorance here...) If I don't use farm plates, do I then have to run a logbook every time I get in it? Do I have to plate or get permits any time I'm going to cross a state line? Is there any difference in what have to do or have if I am never hauling anything but my own stuff? Probably things I haven't even thought of yet...? FT
  6. So, for a while now, I’ve been kicking around the idea of picking up something heavier than my SRW 1-ton pickup for pulling a trailer. I’ve looked at a few IH 4700 & 4900’s and found one I really like. This would be used almost exclusively for pulling a trailer, hauling my hobby tractors... My problem is - if it has air brakes, is there any way around it having to be classified as a commercial vehicle? I mean Farm plates would do me no good since I’d need to be able to go more than a couple hundred miles from home from time to time. There’s just no way I could afford to run it with commercial plates and with all the rigamarole that goes with it. Thoughts? PS - I realize that something with hyd brakes would eliminate the need for a CDL but I have yet to find any of those that are set up well at all for towing. -FT
  7. 15.5 or 14.9s on a M

    ^^ What he said! ^^ FT
  8. 15.5 or 14.9s on a M

    ^^ What he said! ^^ FT
  9. Something seems off here...

    There's just SOMETHING that seem just a titch off with this ad... I can't quite put my finger on it... FT
  10. IH on cereal box!

    Well the pics says it was from '75 so it was probably not very old, right? Also - I think this pic also provides me with a small amount of vindication in the "discussion" I was having with somebody a year or 2 back about water filters on the 312 motors. (they were adamant that they did not use them) Bottom line: Neat find & Cool pic! FT
  11. OK, lets see ya favorite tractor you own and use

    Dunno if it's my FAVORITE or not but it's one of them... FT
  12. Marshmallow Farming

    C'mon, Jass... Everyone know they don't grow that big... Those are just mallow bales. As I understand it, they don't sell the lower grade ones on the regular market. The lesser quality crop is baled and shipped to the mill to be made into marshmallow creme and the like... At least, that is my understanding. We don't actually grow them here in Iowa... If the pests didn't get 'em, the dicamba probably would.. FT
  13. Correct battery cable gauge

    As others have already said, undersizing your cables is never going to be a good idea. That said, I also can understand the frustration of dealing with with the larger cables. Personally, I still get my cables from IH but have found a nice compromise in that, one of the "local" dealers actually offers 2 different short (starter) cables. One of them is the C-IH company brand and is stiff and difficult to bend into a usable shape. The other they buy through some other company and, although they are he same length as the IH one, theirs is made using welding cable. It has very nice crimped ends and all but it's way easier to manage during installation. FWIW - On the tin-coated copper stranded wire that someone mentioned... I don't know exactly how significant of a difference it would make but tinned copper will have a slightly different (lower) capacity than regular copper. Just a thought.. FT
  14. Something you don't see everyday

    I just stumbled across this pic tonight, completely by chance but I just had to share it.. The caption reads: Unpublished Ames Tribune photo from June 11, 1976 Eight grain bins located just south of Wards Plaza on South Duff (today the location of Walmart) were moved by helicopter. The bins were taken to a new grain storage warehouse site at Cooper Miller, Inc., 2020 E. Lincoln Way. Owner Pete Cooper said the aerial move was necessary because of low power lines and traffic lights along the street route. All eight bins were relocated within an hour and 15 minutes. FT
  15. early 706 diesel on big iron

    Well, now that you mention it... not positive.. However, the gauge above the foot throttle appears to me to be an ammeter. FT