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  1. Are you needing a ready-to-run motor, Danny? I have one that came out of a TD9 tack loader. I was a decent motor that I bought for the turbo setup. It's bee lying on a pallet in my building for prob 5-6 years though so may need attention before use..? I guess I'd need to verify age to, too, come to think of it.. FT
  2. Thanks. Is this yours? If possible, I'd like to add a little more specific description and an owner phone number and email. Feel free to either message me or, better yet, email me. (farmalltom@ yahoo.com) -FT
  3. So I've been away quite a while... I don't even know how long but it's been a long time, I'm sure. There are a variety of reasons, which started out with an inability to get this site to work correctly. (all other did but not RPM, for some reason) It seems that the site must've gotten some updates at some point b/c it seems fine now. Beyond that, life has marched on and, sadly, we've had to say goodbye to some family members over the last year or so, which has put a further damper on my tractor enthusiasm. We're slowly getting our feet under us again so I hope to chime in here once
  4. Hello, everyone.. Sorry so late to the conversation. I've been away from RPM for some time on something of a hiatus, due to life and other issues. I only happened to see that I had a mention notice in my inbox. I do keep the 1468 & 1568 numbers, as well as those for the 1456's. However, I'm sorry to say that for probably most of 2020, I've been remiss in those duties. I've added this number to the list but it would be more helpful to have additional information to go with it: Serial Number: β˜‘οΈ Gold Demo: (y/n) Ciy & State: Description: (cond
  5. Yeah, a T-handle spring puller would probably help but, as I said, the initial problem I seem to be having is that the coils of the spring seem to be hitting the back of the solid hook before you can pull the spring loop far enough to clear it. Trying to figure out if there is a way to do this that I'm not seeing or if some level of disassembly is required. FT
  6. I'm sorry, guys... Apparently, I was in too big of a hurry and didn't think about how this pic related to what I was asking. I'm not trying to remove the springs on the seat in the pic.. I'm trying to take them off of another junk seat base and put them on this one. I know it has overall some wear but I just need it to get me by for a while. I need to know how (if possible) to get the GOOD springs off of the OTHER base and put them onto this one. Does it have to be disassembled to do that? TIA FT
  7. Can these 2 main springs on the bottom be changed out without tearing things apart? I thought it wasn't going to be a big deal until I started messing with it... πŸ˜’ Problem seems to be that the body of the spring hits the frame hook before you can get the hook of the spring off. I'm hoping I'm just doing this wrong... -FT
  8. Well, it's not pretty like most of the others in this thread but here's the project I bought this Summer. It's a '77 Transtar II Eagle with a non-running 350 Cummins & 13spd. I'm currently seeking a 350 Big Cam to get it back on it's feet. -FT
  9. https://www.mecum.com/lots/GF0413-150423/ih-350-lp-u/ -FT
  10. Thank you again to all here who offered their assistance with this. The Tractor HAS been picked up and should be arriving tomorrow morning, thanks to one of the members here on RPM. πŸ‘ -FT
  11. Thanks, Lorenzo. I THINK I’ve got it worked out... If everything works out, it will be picked up & delivered this week. Thank you also to ALL of those who have volunteered their assistance with this. I really sincerely, appreciate it. I’ll try to remember to keep you updated on it’s arrival. (And, of course, pictures) πŸ˜‰ -FT
  12. He's actually the one who put me on to it so we're good there. πŸ‘ -FT
  13. It's at an auction place but, no, it wasn't on Big Iron. -FT
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