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  1. Head gasket for D-282, best one.........

    T.P. I got a check for you. when can I pick it up?
  2. Found this on Craigslist in Williamsport ,Pa. Poor old girl!
  3. farmall 140 starter fiel coil stud

    the starter has been acting up on my 140. thought I was going to find the brushes worn out but when I opened it up I discovered my problem is the stud on the field coil is worn out. This is the stud that the starter switch makes contact with under the little tin cover. The stud is to short and will not make contact with the switch. Question is what can I do or do I need to get a whole new field coil? Not sure how the stud comes out. but looks to be soldered to the field coil inside the starter. What's your guys thoughts? thanks again!
  4. 1066 needs more rear weight

    I know where there is some split weights for sale. pm me if interested
  5. $12K 274 Whew!

    that tractor is practically in my back yard. I wouldn't think it is worth more than 6500.
  6. $12K 274 Whew!

    where is that 274 located?
  7. Muddy Cornplanters

    Rain the rest of this week. Steady showers next week. There is going to be a lot of muddy corn planters here in the northeast. Is anyone getting any farming done or is everyone still in "stand by mode"?
  8. looking to mount loader on ih 284

    I don't know the model number of the Kubota loader I used. However I know it came off of a L285 Kubota tractor I used to have. With a little research you could find out what loader fit the L285.
  9. ih 674 glass fuel filter sediment bowl

    never mind guys I got it taken care of thanks you!
  10. Would anybody happen to know a napa cross to an IH 674 fuel sediment bowl?
  11. Can someone point me in the right direction for bleeding brakes on a 3500 backhoe. Not really sure where to start. brakes worked before but sat all winter an now I have nothing. Looked all over for bleeder screws but none found. Any help would be appreciated, thank you all!
  12. 340 s

    Here is some more photos of my 340.
  13. 340 s

    Here is a picture of my 340.
  14. Trip to pull town 2016

    I was there thurs.,fri,and sat. WHAT AND AWESOME TIME have been going for the last 8 years and wou,d not miss it for my own funeral. I always sit on the north side, that's where all the excitement is!
  15. ih 340 hot coil plege

    been having trouble with my 340 for quit some time now with hot coil syndrome. Just picked up a new IH 12 volt coil from Steiner and still same problem. I have been playing around with the resistor, Not sure if I need one in there for sure or not. When I install a 3.4 ohm resistor into the positive wire it only puts 7.5 volts to my coil and does not run. When I take the resistor out and put battery voltage (which is 14.2 when charging) my coil gets hot in about 10 minutes. My understanding is the resistor is to save the points but I am running electronic ignition so there are no points to save. Kinda at a loss here. My only thinking now is a need a resistor with less resistance to knock my 14.2 volts when charging down to 12v. Any ideas guys where I am going wrong.