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  1. Playing in the barn with my cousins was a good way to spend a day! That and a day out in the woods.
  2. I think I saw a Schramm air compressor years ago based on an M engine - ran on 2 cylinders the other 2 compressed air. I know for sure I’ve seen a construction air compressor based on a V-8, one bank ran the engine the other bank compressed air.
  3. What type of drawing? .pdf, tiff, .jpg or ? And what is it of? Machine part or civil engineering? Or?
  4. My F-20 has a smooth cap, no lettering.
  5. I’d like to put that engine on a dyno……and I’m with ‘acem’ about pressurizing that carburetor.
  6. Shutting the engine off by using the choke may have put enough carbon on the plugs to prevent them from firing. Easy to check.
  7. I think the C-22 mower is for the Cub
  8. My 1944 M has the starter button on the side of the steering post like an H, I think it is factory but I’ve never seen another one.
  9. Yep, this works, done it twice - use hacksaw blade clamped in pair of Visegrips. A little slow and try not to get too far into the manifold threads.
  10. He and his brother have about 8 acres.
  11. He does hay and stores some of it in my barn. I had posted a picture of it earlier hooked to his baler but it just looked so nice I felt it was worth another picture!
  12. From May, my young neighbor, hobby farming hay. I do the tedding and raking while he works his day job.
  13. Very noticeable here in SE Pennsylvania, as mentioned by ‘Jacka’ it looks like humid haze and you can smell the smoke.
  14. I’ve always wondered about some things that are odd on my M. First thing is the gearshift knob - it’s a metal casting, looks to have a part number 9837D. I’ve never seen anything but rubber ones. The shift lever itself has only one bend, down near the platform like an H has, all the other shift levers I’ve seen on an M have a second bend to the right to put the knob closer to the steering post. The starter button is on the left side of the steering post, again like an H. Most M’s I’ve seen have a foot pedal or a pin through the bottom of the steering post to activate the button mounted at the bottom of the gas tank support. There is a hole through the steering post that the pin would fit if the button was mounted on the tank support. I wonder if these items are due to it being a wartime build?
  15. Interesting topic - I had a really nice Ash in my front yard, had to have it taken down with a crane in March of ‘21. Didn’t have the stump ground because it would have involved taking out a fence section plus they did nice job of cutting it flat and low to the ground. The ‘volunteer’ tree showed up last year, just going to see what happens.
  16. My favorite is ‘needs restored’
  17. My favorites were the ‘Gas’ class cars - Mazmanian, Stone, Woods & Cook, Mallicote Brothers and Charlie Hill’s ‘Filthy Forty’ driven by Porky Zartman. The cars I just mentioned would be unknown to most folks under the age of 70 that were not big fans of drag racing.
  18. I was at the Nationals in Indianapolis in ‘61, ‘62 and ‘63 on Labor Day weekend. Labor Day weekend in 1964 I was at Fort Jackson, South Carolina……😀😀
  19. Can't get the coupler off the pump shaft - yes I used heat.....
  20. Replacing a pump on neighbors vineyard sprayer. The shafts on the pump and driveshaft are 3/4” dia with ‘flats’ on them. The coupling is 3-1/4” long and has 4 set screws that go on the ‘flats’. 2 of them are corroded so badly that the hex sockets stripped when I tried to turn them out. I was able to remove the pump with BFH….but now I need a coupler since those socket head set screws are not coming out. Problem is I don’t know what to call it when looking for a new one. I can find couplers for keyed shafts, hex shafts and even 2 piece compression couplers but so far none for flat shafts. Any ideas on what to call it - it seems to me to be the most basic shaft coupler there is but I can’t find one.
  21. Yes, same unit fits H or M
  22. Thanks for all the replies - I will try the copper sulfate.
  23. Okay, it’s really algae but my little pond is severely infected!! Pond is about 100’ X 50’ and 3-1/2’ deep; it is concrete lined but the concrete is fractured and broken with about 6” of silt on the bottom. Water supply is a combination of a pipe from a spring house and runoff from a small field that is fallow and gets no nutrients. Anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of the stuff? Had the same problem years ago, it was suggested we get a certain breed of fish that likes to eat algae - fish was $50, dead in 3 days……
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