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  1. T 20

    The Dog Thread

    Mike, I titled this picture "Easy there, big fella." That's 'Old Blue' and 'Lucy'. He was a Lab mix, and she was a German Shorthair/ pit bull mix. She had a 2", perfect, white 'jet plane' centered on her upper shoulders. She would always bring her bowl every time it got empty. Best damned dog I ever owned. Unfortunately, she died of some kind of a bile duct blockage at age 6. He lasted until he was 16. Here's a couple of more picts...
  2. Hi there 1932TracTracTor, Somewhere in my files, I have a letter from IH headquarters of a letter dated August 1931 that directs that all T 20's are to be painted RED from that date on.
  3. Ken, Good luck with finding the hood panels. I've got a 'worker' T 20 that I made a blade for, and a 'trailer queen' that i display... Both have electric starters; I made brackets for a Honda starter and used a Toyota flexplate I'm always looking for T 20 picts, so, send more picts! Mo
  4. T 20

    New joke

    Regarding California... I live in Rough & Ready. When I order stuff by phone, they always think that I'm joking. Seriously though, Rough & Ready is where the men are rough, and the women are ready... Mo
  5. T 20

    H4 Magneto Repair

    I'm not sure where Friona, Texas is, but there's a guy there named Glen Schueler there that does mags. Mag Electro Service -- 300 FM 2013 -- Frinoa, TX. 79035 Phone 806-295-3682 or 806265-5106
  6. Have you posted the T20 electric start graphic on Red Power? 

    1. T 20

      T 20


      Yea, I posted it a long time ago, but I'll post it here fror you...



    2. T 20

      T 20

      Please email me if you want/need more information...


  7. Kevin, I can't really tell if I need anything else or not, as I haven't taken it apart yet... For now, just send me the valves. I have your addy to send you a check for shipping. Thanks Mo
  8. Kevingweq, I think I probably need an exhaust valve (I haven't taken it apart yet), but, if you could grind one of each and send 'em to me that'd be great. Let me know how much for shipping, and I'll send you a check, if that's alright with you. I'll need your mailing address to do that... Thanks, Mo
  9. Does anyone have any valves for a T 20? T 20 (aka Mo)
  10. Does anyone have any valves for a T 20? T 20 (aka Mo)
  11. Mike, I checked out my junkyard today... By 'driver's' side, do you mean 'left side?' I've got a right side one, (off the tractor) but it is slightly bent. I'm pretty sure it could be heated up and bent back to 'square'. It's only bent about five to eight degrees where to top roller mounts.. The left side one seems to be square and true. It's still on the track frame, so I'll have to torch the bolts off for you. Both of them still have a good roller and bushings already on them. If your rollers and bushing are in good shape, I can take the rollers off, but, it'd be better just to run 'em as the are, they're 'used to each other', so to speak. It would cost you a lot less in freight that way. Your call... Let me know what you want to do. Mo
  12. Mike, That sounds alright with me... Did you want both of 'em? (R & L) How soon are you wanting them? It'll take me a week or so to get to them. I also have other parts from the T 20's. I'll need your address to send em to you. Also, you pay freight. My address is: Morris Baumgartner P.O. Box 232 Rough & Ready, Ca. 95975 Glad to help ya out! Mo
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