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    Formerly Dairy Farmed with 3588, 1066, 1206, 886, 560, 450, and AC Wd, 815, 915

    Now working as Electrician

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  1. Not sure if this is on your list of 2+2s.  My 3588 is S/N 8866.  It was my big tractor until 2 years ago.  Still use it to plant & sidedress N with every year.

    It does not have the 2+2 badge in front of the cab, just a 2+2 decal sticker.  I am the 3rd owner, but confident tractor has never been painted.  So I think this is original and unique to the early ones. 

    It was originally sold new in Huntington, IN. Original engine still running strong.  Past tach trouble limits accurate knowledge of original hours, but original tach has 8800+ hrs on it.  So I assume it has close to 10,000 hrs on the tractor.

    Mark Montel,

    Claypool, IN

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    1. 856 Custom

      856 Custom

      3588 #10152. TRIPLE REMOTES. DUAL PTO 18.4X38s

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