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  1. Would like to find the correct manual for my planter, it is 6 row 30” semi mounted. Is this an odd ball, because I’ve searched and can’t come up with a manual for it? Thanks Jason
  2. I have one installed in my 5488 with tilt, the only thing you have to do is modify the anti-rotation bracket. The down side is your wheel won’t be a tilt any more until u take the pin out. I haven’t fully used it yet but calibration was simple and seems to work good the little I’ve played with it. This is the flex unit. All it took was a piece of angle iron to modify it. If you have questions let me know.
  3. We have a Hesston 1170 hydro swing windrower which is the same as a CaseIh 8380. The Hesston book says to run 15w-40 oil in the hydraulic reservoir, the sticker on the tongue says SAE 20W SE oil, my question is what is everyone running for oil in them? We had to replace the tongue due to a leak so we are starting fresh, don't know for sure what it had in it when we bought it but had been topping it off with SAE 20W SA oil, which after doing some research probably wasn't right. Any help would be appreciated. TIA Jason
  4. Replacing the drive in my starter on the 1486, my question is should a guy take the plugs out and put a little oil on the felt pads? If so I assume just a few drops of oil on each pad? Any special oil? Thanks Jason
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