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  1. What are your plans for the c200? I have a 544 with a bad crankshaft and could use a parts engine. I would love to do a diesel swap like you are, please keep us posted on the progress!
  2. Why does the add say to call before removing the tag?
  3. You have the 2 dealerships from Alcester in Minnehaha county, Alcester is in Union county.
  4. I’m ready for summer WITH tractor pulls every weekend!
  5. Might want to coated bolts any ware the bolts touch aluminum. You never want steel and aluminum touching or you will have galvanic corrosion.
  6. I also have a 544 row crop, bought it from Highmore Sd
  7. I also have a 544 row crop with a reverser. Bought it from Highmore Sd, SDmans territory, prolly 15 years ago. Have also seen 4-5 others around South Dakota. Vince, I sorry I wasn’t able to find the manuals you asked for on yesterday’s tractor but sounds like you got it covered.
  8. Bought a pallet of parts on a farm sale and this shield was on pile. Anybody know for sure what models it fits? Going out to put up for sale just wanted to make sure I get all the models right.
  9. Picked up a LP tank at an auction today, tag says IH 1961. Is this a 560 tank? Supposed it could be from a truck?
  10. I believe those pressed steel are IH wheels. Alot of the later 560s has 18.4 34s one those 5 spoke wheels.
  11. That’s not as bad as Chip Foose’s 4020, but close!
  12. I buy and sell a lot on EBay. I don’t care for the high selling fees but I do sell a lot of stuff that would prolly get thrown out otherwise. Sold a tractor last week to a guy 700 miles away. Had it listed for a year and a half for $850 on Craig’s list couldn’t get it sold, listed on EBay for $1200 and it sold in 3 hours. Might list another tractor later this week.
  13. My family has a couple kayaks, we really enjoy them. It’s nothing like a canoe they glide through the water very easily, very little rowing gets you good speed. My sons started when they were 7 and 8 and they had no problems, my 70 year old uncle goes out in it also with no problem. They feel a little tippy to begin with but like a bicycle once you get your balance nothing to it. A lot of places rent them, I would recommend renting for a afternoon before buying. Very relaxing not really work at all!
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