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  1. Picked up a LP tank at an auction today, tag says IH 1961. Is this a 560 tank? Supposed it could be from a truck?
  2. I believe those pressed steel are IH wheels. Alot of the later 560s has 18.4 34s one those 5 spoke wheels.
  3. That’s not as bad as Chip Foose’s 4020, but close!
  4. I agree, they are purty!
  5. I buy and sell a lot on EBay. I don’t care for the high selling fees but I do sell a lot of stuff that would prolly get thrown out otherwise. Sold a tractor last week to a guy 700 miles away. Had it listed for a year and a half for $850 on Craig’s list couldn’t get it sold, listed on EBay for $1200 and it sold in 3 hours. Might list another tractor later this week.
  6. My family has a couple kayaks, we really enjoy them. It’s nothing like a canoe they glide through the water very easily, very little rowing gets you good speed. My sons started when they were 7 and 8 and they had no problems, my 70 year old uncle goes out in it also with no problem. They feel a little tippy to begin with but like a bicycle once you get your balance nothing to it. A lot of places rent them, I would recommend renting for a afternoon before buying. Very relaxing not really work at all!
  7. Tires are worn down purty good in the FFA picture, musta got some use.
  8. Find someone with a nitrogen plastic welder. Any GOOD body shop will have 1. If you have it all cleaned up it wouldn’t take more than 10 min. to repair.
  9. I have had several of them, don’t have any right now. When you find one, be shure to check the sides of the roof. For some reason the roofs rust out where it meets the drip rail.
  10. ‘36 Ford
  11. Any body shop has the equipment to aim headlights. The shop I work at aims the headlights on every vehicle we fix the front end on.
  12. That’s great, by 6:30 pm everybody is tired of walking around and not anything going on anyway. Great Plains does put on a good show, I hope they wave some of their fees though and will be more inviting to some of the nonmembers that might want to pull.
  13. I have a 1940 H that I’m thinking of parting out that has that style pto, where you from?
  14. Did this tractor come out of South Dakota? I looked at a 544 gas hydro demo with a standard drawbar 10-15 years ago. Still kick myself for not buying it!
  15. Great to hear! Always good to hear when one finds grandpas tractor, so many people looking for a specific tractor and most prolly never find them.
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