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  1. farmer686d

    Holley carb adjustment

    start at 1 1/2 turns open, adjust to achieve highest vacuum and good idle.
  2. farmer686d

    1200 electric clutch

    Where is the best location to get the electric mower deck clutch for on the front of the engine? Model is a 1200 quiet line. I am out of adjustment and cannot stop the clutch from slipping anymore.
  3. farmer686d


    I'd lay money that the bearings are tight, I had similar issue this fall also, took the screen off, turned the shaft and sprayed bearings with a bunch of 'monkey piss' and it solved the issue.
  4. farmer686d

    Power beyond plate Farmall 656

    No room, the fittings will hit the rockshaft control lever.
  5. farmer686d

    Stock Air Intake vs Donaldson

    The Donaldson top spin is nice because dirt falls out the bottom, no bowl to maintain, Turbo 2 is similar. They improve filter life significantly, I have seen the SP forage harvester and New Holland used them for years on their SP windrower.
  6. farmer686d

    Power beyond plate Farmall 656

    It's the end plate from Bates Corp, in my ignorance I neglected to check how close the outside valve was the the rockshaft control quadrant. Looking for ideas.
  7. farmer686d

    Stock Air Intake vs Donaldson

    Companies have found cheaper ways to aspirate the air filter, whether through suction from the exhaust, or the cooling far draw, ans also now most machines have the no external air stacks.
  8. farmer686d

    Deleting double posts

    Any way for the creator of a posts to delete the post if the system creates two identical posts?
  9. farmer686d

    Power beyond plate Farmall 656

    Trying to put a power beyond plate on my 656, it has two remotes on it now. There is very little room to put the plate on due to it being close to rockshaft controls, let alone run the hyd lines out. Is there any recommendations for a way to move the rockshaft control quadrant out and extend the shafts that run to the levers? I know there are other places to tap into the system, but I am not interested in going that route.
  10. farmer686d

    1440 electro-hydraulic conversion

    I have read this. I really just want to be able to raise the corn head without letting go of hydro lever in the process.
  11. farmer686d

    1440 electro-hydraulic conversion

    yes it does.
  12. farmer686d

    1440 electro-hydraulic conversion

    I have a 1440 that is mechanical header float/header controls, I have a parts machine that is electro hydraulic. Can I put the electro-hyd valve in place of the current mechanical valve, install the newer propulsion handle with the switch, but still use the mechanical lever to control the float for the flex head, or do I need to find a Shaver kit to do this? Can you easily swap everything to do a full conversion to electro hydraulics?
  13. farmer686d

    Is it possible.....

    I haven't seen, but have been told. They take a 6 row head and lop the inside(left side) two rows off, this gives them the correct offset to still fit on the feederhouse without any modification there, and clear the tractor tires.
  14. farmer686d

    Learning alot, but want more info

    This a good quote, not forgetting though that the quad range was the same synchro-smash trans from the 4010 with a plantery shift infront of it and TREMENDOUS overlap in speed ratios. And the 90 series Case, which auto shifted back to '1' when the clutch was pressed, and sounded like a bomb going off in the trans when the powershift changed speed. They both were hard to change ranges, just like IH, and they both had trans technology that dated to the early 60's. And don't forget, Deere did not design the 8 speed powershift, that was designed by and outside group, was first installed in the Select-O-Speed Fords in the 50's. The 86 was a pain to shift, but there was only one ratio that overlapped, its a shame the TA couldn't have been more reliable.