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  1. Gasket part # needed

    The gasket number is 49547DA Mcfarlanes in Wisconsin shows stock 608-579-0882 Hope this helps Tom
  2. 500C spacer

    Try Anderson Eq 412-343-2300. Ask for Paul V
  3. When IH sold a power unit it was usually customized to the customer's specification as to add-ons. There were microfiche sent to IH dealers with the modifications made for the customer. If you can find an older IH dealer truck,ag or construction they might have saved the mod fiche. The numbers before the alpha determine what the part is. After the alpha R1 ( first edition) R2 (second) and it is a single part. If there are 2 numbers after the alpha R11 it is an assembled part where there is a advance on the part it is R12,R91,R92 etc. The R1 on the block is probably the casting number and the R11 is a short block.
  4. TD6 light bulbs

    Part number IH 272061R1 Mcfarlanes shows stock 606-579-0882 I think the industry number4478
  5. International td-20

    Hi, There doesn't seem to look like many parts are available for your carb. If worse comes to worser a new one is available for$350.00
  6. ih hough payloader transmission

    Do you know model you have? Big or small? IH parts books have pretty good illustrations. Email me and I will send you a picture. I can't get a picture up on this forum.
  7. That looks like the breather without the cover. Looks like you could use the strainer too. Cap 3136337R91 Strainer 3136336R1 Wengers of Myerstown shows stock on both. White House Equipment stocks aftermarket sheet metal for the side covers 615-415-3385 Tom
  8. I can supply all but the master switch lock. Sure are pricey but worth it if you have vandals in your area. E mail me and I will get you prices The lock looks like it can be easily fabricated
  9. Hough h 30

    You most likely have an H30B serial number 10BH2400 Where 10 means 4 wd B is the series H means an IH engine The dipstick number is 159208H2. Anderson equipment in Pa shows stock 412-343-2300. Ask for Paul Vighliotti
  10. radiator cap locking door 653099C91 fuel and hydraulic cap lock 628156C91 master switch 2 of 653937C1 sleeve instrument panel cover 621653C1
  11. I can't make an attachment that RP will accept. Send me a note and I will email them to you
  12. Hi, The suction filter is a wire screen. Basically you just clean it. Be sure to check it for metal or rubber (o ring, seal) when you clean it. Catching a small failure is a lot cheaper than waiting for a major boom
  13. TD-7E Winch

    Winches are easy to find. The adapter boxes are hard to find so make sure you buy a complete unit. Carco was the standard oem from IH Tom Dozer Parts Warehouse
  14. TD-14A Upper Trans Shaft Bearing R&R

    Hi, The The IH part number is ST370. A bearing house should be able to cross it to an industry number Tom
  15. I have a parts book. I first need the complete serial number to look up the seal kits