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  1. lucky chucky

    520 case ih loader

    I have a 5250 maxxum with a 520 CIH loader. I have a very hard time to mount and even dismount the loader. I have read the directions in the manual but still have problems. Anyone have any advise? Thanks. C.J.L.
  2. lucky chucky

    Switch from 540 to 1000 pto.

    After switching the shaft manual tells you to also move the drawbar. I will check my manual today if you need more info.
  3. lucky chucky

    Fluid in tires get rid of it or leave it alone

    Get rid of it nothing but trouble .
  4. lucky chucky

    Anyone use bio liquid calcium and or quick roots?

    Snake oil. I don't listen to those Hefty Bros. They always have a answer that costs more money for you and what surprise they always happen to sell it.
  5. lucky chucky

    Graphite or talc

    I don't use anything in my 800 cyclo. I did for sometime in the past thought it was waste of$
  6. lucky chucky

    Has anyone been able to do any field work

    Nothing. At 5:00 this morning when I checked cattle 27degrees . Some are already talking Prev. Plant on corn. Thinking it is a better deal than late planted wet 3.00 dollar corn this Fall.
  7. lucky chucky

    5288 mfd

    What would be the wheels and tire size that a 5288 mfd would have came with from the factory? Thanks. C.J.L.
  8. lucky chucky

    My favorite International machinery.

    I had a 435 baler not the 445 in those pictures . Not my favorite but my least favorite .Those knotters were bad.
  9. lucky chucky

    Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Allis Chalmers 303 haybine ate bearings on the gearbox. I bought it when I first started to farm That was all I could afford. One year later bought a used 1209 JD. Much better machine.
  10. lucky chucky

    Any D17 Allis mechanics on here?

    I have a D17 series I ie no power steering . I have a IT shop manual If that would help you .Let me Know. C.J.L..
  11. lucky chucky

    Used 24.5x32 tires.

    I don't If I am violating any rules . but does anyone know where one could find a pair for my combine. I'm in MN. Thanks.
  12. lucky chucky

    coleman front axle for old international

    I don't Know what it is worth but I would like MFD on my 1086 .
  13. I live near Kimball

  14. lucky chucky

    Road trip to Minneapolis.

    You drove about 15 miles from my home . South on state hwy 15
  15. lucky chucky

    66 series, cab or no cab?

    I have a 966 with a custom cab ie. diamond cab I will never take it off. It makes me sick to so many being taken off and scraped. When I started to drive tractor in the Early 1970's I would have been in heaven to have a cab.