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  1. They kill a man for an alleged counterfeit 20 dollar bill ? Mpls Police are out of control!
  2. I have a 800 cyclo with a Cyclomiter III monitor the seeds per rev and drum revolutions has stopped working everything else works fine including the seeds feature. It isn't counting. On scan it goes thru all the row numbers as it should I 'm suspect of the drum revolution sensor. Any ideas ? Thanks CJL
  3. Looking to purchase a new to me haybine Does anyone here run a JD 820 Found a pretty nice one in my price range Tell me the good the bad about them I have had a 1209 in the past Thanks CJL
  4. Getting the 1086 ready for spring 6994 hrs Engine never apart .1979 red power with a B engine What are some of the other tractors out there with records like that or maybe even better.
  5. I have never changed a gauge wheel tire on my 800 cyclo Two tires need to be changed Any tricks to take them off and on? Thanks CJL
  6. I have a parts 800 4 row next to my shop.Bought the whole planter just for the pump
  7. I would like all this plastic crap gone.
  8. Most people don't realize that Amtrak uses Freight train track
  9. 435 square baler those IH knotters are terrible
  10. I hope you get it done I finished corn on Sunday 98 day corn planted May 14 still 28 % rented a roller mill and bagged it . I still have about 4 acres of beans that won't get harvested I live in your neighborhood Kimball area Good luck . Is that a 5088 FWA ? CJL
  11. What is the difference between a 12.5lx15 and a 12.5lx15 SL ?
  12. Took the combine out to run some corn thru it about1 Month late Didn't go far to realize this corn is even wetter than I thought 24.8 points I have never left corn in the field till spring but this looks like the year Temps are going to be very cold single digits at night Has anyone left corn in field to dry ? At 3.47 per bushel the gas bill will be way too high Thanks CJL
  13. Here in central Mn It is wettest spring I can remember This will be the 41 St crop I have planted never has it been this wet.
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