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  1. Yea that’s him I frequent the page and thought I could help I sent him your email
  2. Also it had tool boxes on both sides on the side frames
  3. So I am trying to help my cousin track down his later father in laws 1066. Last we knew of it it was traded in 1987 to Lincoln supply in Somerset pa. The back rims was widen from 16 to 20 inch. I don’t have the serial number yet trying to find that. Also looks like it had a mw pyro in the one pic .
  4. I know where that tractor is I seriously doubt it’s in a vineyard. Unless the vineyard is in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania.
  5. Pull the shaft put some punch marked on pin and lock tight and center it in shaft
  6. It’s still would have a thrust they would be tight if they forgot to grind the thrust on the crank could have already spun the bearing thus the oil pressure issue
  7. On the thrust bearing its the bearing with flanges. On oversized German diesel bearing the thrust has to be ground to allow for a wider bearing. Does engine turn over easily by hand? Should be number 7 main cap.
  8. Was the crankshaft turned down remember the thrust has to be ground on a German diesel
  9. Yes correct that’s why I thought if you drift it in neutral with clutch pushed it might narrow it down to transmission area
  10. If you coast it down a hill in neutral with clutch pushed in does it make the noise? Thinking it could be pilot bearing on end of pinion shaft
  11. Maybe it’s the bull pinion housing I’m thinking about
  12. Your right it is the 666 686 don’t have a bearing at all. But I remember trying to pull them and they hit the bull gear somehow. Maybe I’m thinking wrong.
  13. The inner bearing the inner race of the bull pinion won’t clear bull gear that’s the problem trust me been there tried that.
  14. You can remove the bull gears by pulling the pto and putting a wooden wedge under bull gear. And removing snap ring it is doable. Bull pinion won’t com out till axle is pulled. The bull gear should roll back brought to get bull pinion shaft out
  15. Funny you said you needed a triple bypass if jody is the one that bought that tractor he owns the pulling tractor triple bypass
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