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  1. If it was a Goldie I might just hate you! Jk! How long did it sit and how the heck did it happen it’s so flat there! Had to be running on its own power
  2. Never had too pull a head to get them I made a puller with a old Injector line and two jack bolts and a plate. Works well then use dremmel to slipt sleeve off
  3. Binder686

    Yar cab

    Put the confessor up front use one off a 86 series have to get oil cooler too. Did this on my 10 with honoree can believe it or not but I think the confessor off a Ih may work
  4. When your starting theses tractors everyday like I do to feed cows. No comparison on the two 12 volts are better. Starters last longer cables hold up better because the amperage is divided between two cables instead of one. If one battery happens to go bad it will still start. If you have two 6 one battery goes bad well guess what no start. So to me it’s a easy choice been around both setups and now out of 5 of these tractors they are all converted.
  5. Why are the pedals a different color?
  6. This is one of the tightest tractors I have been around I have seen ones with way more wear work flywheel was within spec and it’s a new overhaul all done two years ago and this problem has slowly got worse over the past few months
  7. Ok since we’re on this topic today I was trying to adjust the clutch on my 10 with hydraulic assist and I can’t quite get the engine clutch to fully disengage. I have 1/2 free travel on pedal all fingers are even with about 1/6 gap. My question is do the boosters leak thru and make you loose clutch travel it has the 15 spring heavy clutch. I am about to put a rod off donor tractor on it and see if I can’t gey it adjusted. It is just barley hanging jumps a little when you put it In low and hard to pop out of low when stopped on hill it’s not the dump valve I know that’s dropping out
  8. Binder686

    65 806D

    It’s never been updated should be a spring between the paw and fame cover and the rod should be non adjustable. I can’t get over how many of these tractors still haven’t been updated!
  9. I know what the fuel screw is but which one is the droop and torque
  10. Binder686

    3588 ac

    OK so working on my uncles 3588 trying to find a leak. I am a industrial hvac mechanic by trade but this one is kicking my butt. It still has York style compressor has any one ever seen the shaft seals only when clutch is kicked in? Funny thing is there is no signs of oil any where! not the dust seal under the clutch have top off roof soaped every thing and nothing. If I pull a vacuum and charge it in a week he is having trouble again. I took cab corners off as well and found no leak there either. Just looking for ideas I am about to replace all the hoses and start with that I know they can leak thru membrane sometimes and not show up. Thanks
  11. Here is a pic of a 1300a I removed the fans and condenser coil and used a condenser off a 1086
  12. Rust oleum has a color called canvas white it's darn close the white on the cab of the 856 is it
  13. We're at in pa is that other tractor
  14. Travis + Taylor sines oakland md
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