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  1. The one in this photo,but if there's one Oliver 99 there then there's probably two,are you near this outfit? I'm pretty sure I could get up there and grab one or two,if they're free,my wife is going to slap me silly,but it's worth it...
  2. I'm trying to get ahold of them on the Tractor,I'd pick it up,not sure what it is...Do you know? Look a little like my Dad's Super 99
  3. How much you askin for that t-20?

  4. Could not help but notice the LGP tractors,you run around down in Antartica? My Uncle was a SeaBee and tells me all kinds of stories about that.

  5. Palouse, Welcome aboard. I'm new too. I knew Johnny Musik, the IH dealer at Denton very well, 25 years ago. If you go down to the construction equipment area and look up my crawler stuff there (TD-18 & TD-40) you'll see me dragging some green stuff too. Gary http://www.dongreytak.com/ Have to admit I'd never heard of Don Greytak the artist but after searching up this website I see he does some very impressive work showing some real farm and ranch type activities and machinery. Had to smile at the one showing the JD 105 combine unloading grain into a truck with the endgate open. Been there, done that, more than once, and shovelled more than a few bushels back onto the truck by hand. Loadstar, I haven't been on Don's website for a long time, but I've given that one of the JD combine to my son. The grain running out was the "story" he puts in each picture. The hitting the barbed wire fence was the one of the WD-9 I discussed. Don grew up on the Havre farm and understands the perils of agriculture. He works that into each picture... from experience. Another I gave to my son was one of about a 12 year old boy inside the cab of an early 1950s Chevy truck, the boy clutching the wheel and trying to start the truck while his dad is stopped with a grain tank full of grain, waving his cap, in the distance. There's always a story. I think he is one of the finest agriculture, farm life type artist to ever hit our just past generation. I still like Charlie Russell too, however. Charlie used to ride through our place to Cottonwood, Montana after my granddad homesteaded in the Judith Basin in 1881. Greytak has captured the mechanized generation on the farm. I have all of his steam and threshing pictures too. Gary Glad you liked the pics. I've got loads of them, will try to post some of the more interesting ones. Most are scanned from 50 year old slides, so color and resolution may leave something to be desired. The 403 was photographed just last Labor Day at the county fair threshing bee. The two hillside 141's were photographed by my dad around 1960. The two scared drivers were my brother and my cousin. The brakes on those hillside conversions weren't that great and the straw could be slippery. The four way leveling systems were designed and built in Moscow Idaho for the 141's. Later models- 151, 403 and 453-were built by IH. With the coming of the axial flow combines, they got away from the concept of four way. More to come as I sort and edit them. Looks like some of what I hired on to help farm out between Genesee and Julietta ID,farmed some stuff that was pretty near vertical.
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