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  1. Thanks guys .Do my own paint which takes me a while !Fenders had several holes drilled over time that takes me a while to make nice . Real painter do in a couple hours take me two days !I still end up with a 10 foot paint job !Ten feet away looks good !!Hopefully down to the fun part of bolting on the goodies !
  2. Paint is done .Fenders mounted ,dash going back in new gauges etc .Sheet metal is ready .
  3. Just a couple local tractor pulls .Weighs 4400# empty Have 4000# of concrete to put in it.
  4. Blasted, painted ,bearings checked 13 new tires .Ended up plain old truck radials !2 or 3 times a year just can,t justify the slicks !
  5. Looks Great !Memories will make this tractor priceless .
  6. Yes these are two different ones 766 bottom view and others are on the 10 both from Leaman .
  7. If you want to be close to original I would check out Leamans tractor parts .I have two from there very happy with them !
  8. No . let me know where you want me to send the info .Have a 10 and a 14 as well
  9. You are correct that's it ! Painted the canopy today .Will get it mounted this week .Wheels are painted and ready sheetmetal all but fenders ready .Have to ad the brace in the fenders that goes in when you use the two post.Seat sent off to be renewed.
  10. Chassis painted Roll Bar On Wheels ETC ,Making Progress Trying for a mate for the 10
  11. New clutch rear main on the way to complete restore .
  12. Give Alderson Tractor in Sigourney Ia a call
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