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  1. Plowboy equipment on e bay has them nice zinc coated .I got the eight or so shanked bolts in the nose from bates corp (he probably has them all )if you want original look you want 9/16 head zinc heads (some are 1/2 bronze )Mother case will send you zinc 1/2 inch heads .The rubber washers under them i source local .Looks great BTW !!!!!

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  2. Looks great ! Thank You I ended up with some shielding that is labeled for 2000 Degrees  stuck on the side shield similar to factory .I have a blanket like that as well if i see any sign of distortion it will go on as well .Fall pasture clipping or a Plowday only work this one may do .Thank You again !

  3. Finally MCV issues behind us steerable and drivable complete overhaul on engine .First warm run of engine cylinder temps were around 320 on the ends 350 towards the middle of engine .After about hour and half at 1900  temps were around 275 280 on most no dyno around these parts to load it .This sound about right ?Thank You !

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  4. Kinda depends on what you want to end up with .The more you take off the better though.If you want a show tractor you must take it apart .Even an occasional worker will seep you have to grease it fan blade sucks dust and dirt etc.Steps platform and pedals will show usage no matter how careful you are .I bombcan all the insides put it together and then paint it with a gun .In the end your call your tractor .

  5. Thank You !My youngest son (28) has taken a real interest in the Black Stripes We have several MTA,S AND 54 SUPER H,S That we showed and had fun when they were younger .Our goal is to have one of all the Black stripes.(Someday) !!!!!!  You Tube Nathan V Square Baling We were fortunate to get to be a part of new gate guard for our local airport gave us a chance to pull a F-4 Phantom to it,s perch 

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