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  1. Having a hard time understanding the book !I have a service and parts book still unclear on what to do !Pic is left or drivers side of 1066 is this two piece ?Have a small seep here trying to dry up.Just by looking it seems to be two ? Where to go from here ?
  2. Well just have to make one and see how we like it got a couple 66,s we use to do a little hay with .Stick it on one of them .Thank You for the replies !
  3. Is the chrome throttle lever that hangs over the steering wheel still available from anybody ?Usually try to stay factory stock but thinking may try one see how we like it .Thank You !
  4. Had two repaired there .Very happy with both !
  5. Disk is nice . but the truck is awesome !!!!!
  6. It happens .I lost several dollars year or so ago to a man in California.He posted a original 66 series muffler with correct part #.Also sent postal money order.Waited and same no answer on phone .I left him a message that my wife worked for IRS and would track him down .Hope I worried him a little bit !!
  7. Fusilade seems to be the go to herbicide here for it .I have no row crops just hay and when it starts to be a problem on second cutting I keep those fields mowed for a couple years and try again at least keeps it manageable.
  8. As the owner of a 5288 that I play farm with the pics posted on this forum alone show if you lose the gamble it,s costly .I can install a sentry myself in a few minutes the other option a different story !
  9. Gave a grand for mine .From a parted 5088 no exchange .Fastenal shipped Or you exchange from Abilene machine and a few others,but may be some issues with bearings .I,M sure others will know more.
  10. Thanks guys I will check the serial plate .Just a straight m model.Thanks again for the information never would have thought of that !
  11. Neighbor brought this home .Was it a High Crop at one time ?Both sides are the same .He is happy with it were just curious .Thank You !
  12. Congrats .No better feeling than being proud dad !All the new stuff is trouble we have 5 different brands all have had def and elec issues .We keep a couple of mid 80,s so we always got one that will start and get home !!!Again Congratulations
  13. Thank you for your help .Tape says I,m at least a 1/4 short just trying to look correct and not have spindle showing .Both of these had several holes in them .Nothing but a little bit of race left in either one .I welded both up and cleaned up before realized I was way short ! Live and learn Thanks Again !!!
  14. Working on an abused 966 .They ran it with the thrust bearings completely gone which now I found out ate the bearing grease cup down quite a bit anything to do other than new knees ? Thanks !
  15. Still sits today at Gallatin Airport just North of Nashville Tenn .
  16. Found a pic of me pulling a F-4 Phantom to a gate guard stand a while back !Spent its life as a Nasa test plane many of the pilots had signed the inside of the nose cone and dated !Had the Aluminum Overcast stop by on dedication day and one of the pilots that flew the F 4
  17. I am in the same boat I guess 25 a roll 4x5 roll net wrapped 3.50 a bale for small square on my trailer !Got stung too many times waiting on buyers to show to pick up so we pull a wagon and just load it .Middle Tenn, Ky Line
  18. Vanstractors

    JX 80

    I have a J X 75 If it has manual shuttle like mine the start interlock became so stiff could not get into or out of gear.It is behind the fuel tank and very difficult to get to spray lube on !Just a thought .
  19. Here in middle Tenn weather has been great ! Lots of sun and wind .Doing all my one can show can handle .
  20. Thank You for your reply I should have said these go on the line itself between bowl and tank.
  21. Wrong color but anyway Got a 185 Allis had to change sediment bowl anyclue as where to get some allis parts looking for rubber gasket -washer between tank and bowl .Any place to search like Case IH has ?Thanks Steve
  22. Thanks I have the rear up on blocks found a clean 55 gallon barrel thought I just pump into it and use hand pump to refill
  23. Draining Hyd fluid to upgrade tp dual pto .Drained 3-8 ths plug in bottom of axle housing didn,t get but a few gallons .Quit and thought I would pump through one of the remotesThis housing is apparently somewhat separate from the main supply. It will fill itself I hope when I refill main supply ?Thank You !
  24. Mcmaster Carr has several styles of plugs Ive got a few that still in tractor I( think ) are original some are steel and some are cork ? I chose cork for my restore but they have several styles
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