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  1. I just had New Hydraulics out of Wisconsin make me some fuel lines .I was pleased with the results !
  2. If i remember correctly that side has to come comepletely out shaft and all PTO out to get to Draft sense arm .More than likely bushing is worn which in turn got the o ring.Long story short you will have both sides apart to get to the right side .Perhaps posting in Technical Forum will catch some of the sharper ones on here if not pm me i help you with it .
  3. Not sure about authenticity but this works for me .I use a jam nut under the cover set to cover to level with rubber blocks on top of the battery to clear the posts .Then tighten the wing nut down snug has worked so far for me .
  4. Looks great ! Thank You I ended up with some shielding that is labeled for 2000 Degrees stuck on the side shield similar to factory .I have a blanket like that as well if i see any sign of distortion it will go on as well .Fall pasture clipping or a Plowday only work this one may do .Thank You again !
  5. Thank You one more visit from the Brown Truck should be able to button it up and decal it !
  6. Great thanks meant to fashion something before paint just forgot .Tractor will never work other than maybe plow day or mow co to just play.Thanks again !
  7. Finally showing some progress .Anybody ever try some sort of turbo wrap or shield to protect the side shield paint ?
  8. Finally MCV issues behind us steerable and drivable complete overhaul on engine .First warm run of engine cylinder temps were around 320 on the ends 350 towards the middle of engine .After about hour and half at 1900 temps were around 275 280 on most no dyno around these parts to load it .This sound about right ?Thank You !
  9. Kinda depends on what you want to end up with .The more you take off the better though.If you want a show tractor you must take it apart .Even an occasional worker will seep you have to grease it fan blade sucks dust and dirt etc.Steps platform and pedals will show usage no matter how careful you are .I bombcan all the insides put it together and then paint it with a gun .In the end your call your tractor .
  10. This one is in Middle Tenn. Steve Vantrease
  11. Thank You .The best part is having a son that enjoys coming by and working on it with me !!
  12. Getting there engine done and first start been done .All sheet metal painted .Minor setback as soon as it started top right corner of MCV Valve gasket let go! Figure out what i did wrong there .
  13. Was hoping to be farther along by now but fenders were a problem had to settle for some in pretty rough shape .My son does my tig welding so had to repair on his schedule waiting now on the braces for the two post mounts that go on them .Did get to pull F-4 Phantom to the crane for our gate guard local airport !
  14. Found a set that are still attached to an original two post and canopy .Got to get some shipping from Pa to Tenn
  15. Congrats on your find !That model still on my to find list !And Tony you are spot on about them taking over !!
  16. New Sneakers ! A couple sets weights inside .Still waiting on Head and looking for Fenders .
  17. Hopefully i have some located but thought that before what you looking to get for them and you willing to ship (maybe fastenal)to middle Tenn ?On my dime of course .Thank You

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    2. Vanstractors


      Maybe i misunderstood thought you had some fenders you might sell ?

    3. m.c.farmerboy


      yes I do , they came off a 1066 and are in good condition.

      can send photos if you want and can take to fastenall near me 

    4. Vanstractors


      Great what money you need from them ?Thanks Steve 

  18. Looking for a set of fenders to finish this restoration .My usual sources don,t have any that at least with my body work skills can make look nice .Thank You for any leads or help !
  19. First 15 was a little tough shafts come out opposite sides each other .I tacked a couple of nuts in the old bushings to drive them out .Then used retaining gland and old steel bushing with four guides to pull in the new composite ones .If the right wheel is in tight going to be tough .Like always i got a lot of help from this forum ! And Thank You !
  20. Torsion Bushings done,Lift Arms Extend now ,Roll Bar,Motor Done Waiting on Head .
  21. Thank You !My youngest son (28) has taken a real interest in the Black Stripes We have several MTA,S AND 54 SUPER H,S That we showed and had fun when they were younger .Our goal is to have one of all the Black stripes.(Someday) !!!!!! You Tube Nathan V Square Baling We were fortunate to get to be a part of new gate guard for our local airport gave us a chance to pull a F-4 Phantom to it,s perch
  22. Thank You keeping it slow and fun .Have a couple of part orders be here in a few days ,like a kid waiting for christmas !Meantime clean a few small parts paint them get them ready to go back on.
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