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  1. Thank you Want to get one that works the first time ! Thank you again !
  2. What puller works good on these ? Have several pullers none work for this . Thank You !
  3. This is our first TA replacement we took it to a reputable shop they replaced the TA in the housing (while we watched ) and left the MCV Valve to make it easier to line up to reinstall.Thet scotched the valve and plate .But hate to complain as they were happy to show us and we know way more than we did !!We are very comfortable clutch forward just never been anyfarther back !Have a lot of o rings left in the kit .Thank you for your help !
  4. Replacing mcv pump and unsure of proper o ring paperwork says this to be the one but doesn,t seem right to me ?Any clues ?Thank You
  5. Friday and Saturday for Son and I .And looking like we may have two extra tickets to Sat Noon and Night pull .
  6. Rubber band it is ! My kit has a lot of o rings may repost if not sure I have the right one !Thanks for the help !
  7. Ready to put center section back together after new TA and have been given a couple of suggestions of tape this bearing or put a rubber band around it and catch the remnants of either in the filter !Neither sound appealing ?What do others do ? Thank You !
  8. IF you are looking for IH Tractors look at Nathan V [766 -1566 -1466 -5088 etc }All tractors are IH and Case IH
  9. Great looking tractor ! Lot of work in that one .
  10. 966 Blackstripe Restoration It seems have a bad everything !
  11. Utility worker here in Tenn off today working on TA removal 966 !
  12. Going all new flywheel, clutch,rear main seal,ipto shaft kit,oilpan gasket,valve cover gasket etc and on to the ta !
  13. Time to learn I guess also have two 886 ,s one is about the same as the 9 TA stays in low after clutch is depressed sometime but has always gone back to high .The other will slip in low if pulling hard and lower rpm .Have all the manuals just nobody to look over my shoulder !!! Was hoping that I read in service manual that if power steering was leaking and this was bad it would disrupt the mcv valve ?
  14. They are very few decent teeth left never understand how it started for us .TA did hesitate a second or two before engaging when going in low side .That being said had good leak in steering motor and this tractor still had IH branded hyd filter and positive it was not hy-tran !New steering motor is on and will get complete drain and new hy-tran hoping for a tractor mostly barn queen maybe square once in a while parade etc all it will ever do .Never been past where I am now with the ipto shaft .Comfortable engine forward though !Doing a sister for the 7 and 10
  15. Starter looks fine.Was recently replaced assuming to fix starting issues . We only started it a few times from purchase to tear down ,started fine .Was bought with known clutch issue ,It is a 12 inch clutch with massive wear on flywheel .Ipto shaft is down to slivers .Serial number 31365 seems to be late 75 .Hydraulic filter was still an IH brand !Owner admitted other than engine oil didn,t do any maintenance. Been on a manure spreader on a medium size horse farm last 15 years.Front end never saw a grease gun and was completely shot .Major overhaul kit in frontend .
  16. Check out what my son and I found inside of our 966. She will be repaired back to factory new.
  17. Still showing on Case IH website New part number 121525C1 56.00 Bates Repop 45 Have 5 66,s some original some repop consider myself picky I personally do not see any difference .
  18. Having a hard time understanding the book !I have a service and parts book still unclear on what to do !Pic is left or drivers side of 1066 is this two piece ?Have a small seep here trying to dry up.Just by looking it seems to be two ? Where to go from here ?
  19. Well just have to make one and see how we like it got a couple 66,s we use to do a little hay with .Stick it on one of them .Thank You for the replies !
  20. Is the chrome throttle lever that hangs over the steering wheel still available from anybody ?Usually try to stay factory stock but thinking may try one see how we like it .Thank You !
  21. Had two repaired there .Very happy with both !
  22. Disk is nice . but the truck is awesome !!!!!
  23. It happens .I lost several dollars year or so ago to a man in California.He posted a original 66 series muffler with correct part #.Also sent postal money order.Waited and same no answer on phone .I left him a message that my wife worked for IRS and would track him down .Hope I worried him a little bit !!
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