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  1. Wow you sure went head first on that one !Congrats looking good !
  2. Excellent start please keep posting pictures as you progress !
  3. Plowboy equipment on e bay has them nice zinc coated .I got the eight or so shanked bolts in the nose from bates corp (he probably has them all )if you want original look you want 9/16 head zinc heads (some are 1/2 bronze )Mother case will send you zinc 1/2 inch heads .The rubber washers under them i source local .Looks great BTW !!!!!
  4. I just had New Hydraulics out of Wisconsin make me some fuel lines .I was pleased with the results !
  5. If i remember correctly that side has to come comepletely out shaft and all PTO out to get to Draft sense arm .More than likely bushing is worn which in turn got the o ring.Long story short you will have both sides apart to get to the right side .Perhaps posting in Technical Forum will catch some of the sharper ones on here if not pm me i help you with it .
  6. Not sure about authenticity but this works for me .I use a jam nut under the cover set to cover to level with rubber blocks on top of the battery to clear the posts .Then tighten the wing nut down snug has worked so far for me .
  7. Looks great ! Thank You I ended up with some shielding that is labeled for 2000 Degrees stuck on the side shield similar to factory .I have a blanket like that as well if i see any sign of distortion it will go on as well .Fall pasture clipping or a Plowday only work this one may do .Thank You again !
  8. Thank You one more visit from the Brown Truck should be able to button it up and decal it !
  9. Great thanks meant to fashion something before paint just forgot .Tractor will never work other than maybe plow day or mow co to just play.Thanks again !
  10. Finally showing some progress .Anybody ever try some sort of turbo wrap or shield to protect the side shield paint ?
  11. Finally MCV issues behind us steerable and drivable complete overhaul on engine .First warm run of engine cylinder temps were around 320 on the ends 350 towards the middle of engine .After about hour and half at 1900 temps were around 275 280 on most no dyno around these parts to load it .This sound about right ?Thank You !
  12. No drilling was planning on overfilling to see if we could cover the o ring (that may or may not be bad ) and get them working then drain and repair correctly.
  13. Kinda depends on what you want to end up with .The more you take off the better though.If you want a show tractor you must take it apart .Even an occasional worker will seep you have to grease it fan blade sucks dust and dirt etc.Steps platform and pedals will show usage no matter how careful you are .I bombcan all the insides put it together and then paint it with a gun .In the end your call your tractor .
  14. Yes we did all new everything .Gauges and fittings on the way ,probably be zero no oil or air coming out of plug on bottom back .Three point stays up but is spongy has to have air somewhere .Gauge on remote goes to 500 immediately climbs slowly to 1800 whining starts under seat i assume relief opens as it drops around 13-1400 builds up repeats.Dipstick right on full line oil level is right at bottom of hole where filter attaches .Going to pull relief and check number but seems like i,m sucking air somewhere .Maybe grease around filter cap or swap with another tractor .No mcv functions at all unless plugged to a remote.
  15. 1566 MCV Valve and pump. Bought 1566 arrived with very firm steering ,Been a complete restoration over several months with fluid drained .New mcv pump and kit upgraded to 12 gpm and higher relief in an effort for better steering in the process fast forward start engine no hydraulics whatsoever .Pulled hydraulic filter back out nothing unusual Engine start Hitch pump works fine .Pull plug in mcv supercharge from remote all brakes seat clutch cooler lines all good but zero steering .Pulled steering motor had rebuilt tried today .Nothing .Put supercharge line back heavy whine from hitch pump under the seat area but did have very stiff steering seat raised etc .After a few minutes must have lost hitch pump prime no mcv functions at all three point jumps both up and down indicative of air. At my witts end with this thing . Pic is of old and new pump old on the bottom .Any suggestions are appreciated and welcome Thank You !!
  16. Top Plate should have the indentation for rear dipstick as well.Shift levers should be Black
  17. This one is in Middle Tenn. Steve Vantrease
  18. They look awesome sir !!The Black Stripe makes them stand out but they are tough to get on straight ! At least i have a tough time .
  19. Obviously i,m biased toward the Blackstripe Family !The 15 i,m working on now was sold to me as runs great ,But like most 15,s it too was rode hard and put away wet !Air Filter full of dirt ,Radiator stopped up with dirt discovered worn bearings burnt pistons .Have to at their age just plan on worst case when you buy them unless you know some history .I like all the 66,s just like the Stripe Family a little better !
  20. Higher PSI Relief was included in the MCV rebuild .It was recommended to upgrade the pump as well.
  21. Just for easier steering when we bought the tractor steering was stiff at low rpm .Replaced everything in the front end .Rebuilt MCV valve when ordering all that it was suggested to upgrade so i did ?
  22. Okay Thank You the old one is a TRW which i assume maybe original to the tractor new one is aftermarket which is why i was concerned maybe i was missing something i needed .
  23. New MCV Pump arrived but doesn,t have the oil galley the old one has .Use it or send it back ,Assume it,s there for a reason ? New is a 12 GPM verses a 9 original.Going on a 1566
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