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  1. The resovoir will not keep oil in it .When we pulled it off a couple of the metal tubes were sticking out of the resovoir including the drain which i understand has to be in to keep oil level to a point to feed brake cylinders .Question is what keeps them up in the plastic resovoir ?A slight shake and they come right back down ?Thank You !!

  2. Have an 886 we put new TA,Clutch ,Mcv Pump in (left actual MCV alone )Hitch pump fine steering brakes clutch fine .Ta seems to be in low will not shift .Have gauges showing zero lube pressure as well as zero from the bottom relief plug .When i pull relief and install gauge i lose steering ?Put relief back in all fine again but still no lube pressure .Am i running on pressure from supercharge line only ?Top relief stuck ,we did fool with this for a year or so ?So been down a while .Thank You !!

  3. Thanks to all .Pump was in time after all .After paying better attention i now have 1 timed ,pump is timed ,should be good to go .My lesson just go ahead and pull valve cover and see where number 1 is to start with !Again Thank You to everyone !

  4. Inherited a problem or bought a problem (one of the two)Bought from neighbor know it,s been running, pump was leaking from head like a lot of them .Pump was backyard repaired. .Tractor and pump came seperate to me. Timed 18 BTDC, pump timed no start ? Very little smoke .Thought maybe pump 180 out ,sent to bonified pump shop was infact timed correctly .Everything checked okay it,s on it,s way back to me .Pulled valve cover on 18 BTDC both valves closed and pump timed should start right ?Only done three so certainly still lot to learn any ideas ?Thank You !

  5. We have several from 4 lug to 8.The 8 lug 335 is a big jump up from 330 .Plan on going through the front end tighten up pivot points these all pull 40 ,45 well a couple do fine at 50,55 ! All faster than the tires are good for !Last two pics are 330 and 335 big hub difference

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