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  1. We have several from 4 lug to 8.The 8 lug 335 is a big jump up from 330 .Plan on going through the front end tighten up pivot points these all pull 40 ,45 well a couple do fine at 50,55 ! All faster than the tires are good for !Last two pics are 330 and 335 big hub difference

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  2. 86 Series Clutch Booster  Second picture as of yet don,t see how to remove stem from barrel ?Do i need in there anyway to replace anything ?The manual albeit off brand is very vauge .Thank You !



  3. Seems to be a multitude of kits with different parts on the market ,a first time repair for us .Anybody have any thoughts on one or the other ?Our Hi -Lo Shifter bottoms out up and down. low side is worst.Thank You !Have the TA Housing out and need to fix it while i can kinda get to it .Thank You !!.

  4. Thank you it was bought used and has been a great tractor.It,s just time to show it some attention it will get everything other than paint to be like new .We have done a couple of TA,S ,This one has the sloppy shifter syndrome is the kit available pretty much straight forward to install ?

  5. BB Only pic i have now 7,9,10 The 14 is so original can,t bring myself to decab it ac works factory IH AMFM 8 Track (works) was a one owner planter tractor .Cab kit and leave it alone i think.I am very lucky to have a son that shares my interest in them so keeps him coming to visit often , Have to spend this winter on a couple 886,s we hay with .But we are presently out of Blackstripe raw material anyway !Will get an updated family pic before winter layup .Thanks again for all the nice comments !

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